February 3, 2009 9:00 a.m.

E.O. Thompson State Office Building
7th Floor Public Meeting Room
920 Colorado
Austin, Texas


If you require auxiliary aids, services or materials in an alternate format contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation at least 5 working days prior to the meeting date. Phone: (512) 463-3173, FAX: (512) 475-2874, E-MAIL: kay.mahan@tdlr.texas.gov, TDD/RELAY TEXAS: 1-800-relay-VV (for voice), 1-800-relay-TX (for TDD).

Listen to the meeting on Real Audio at http://real.license.state.tx.us:554/ramgen/archive/commeet/cm020309.rm?usehostname

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call and Certification of Quorum

Approval of Minutes - Meeting of December 16, 2008

C. Public Comment (any person wishing to address the Commission should complete a Public Comment Form and submit it to the Executive Assistant)

D. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Tommy Corea, Docket No. ACR2007000108C (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Tommy Corea).

E. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Clint W. Stephenson, Docket No. BAR2008009104D (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Clint W. Stephenson).

F. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Hien Van Nguyen, Docket No. COS2007002234D (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Hien Van Nguyen).

G. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Adama Mbengue, Docket No. COS2008005924 (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Adama Mbengue).

H. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Rene Orellana, Docket No. ACR2008006104D (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Rene Orellana).

I. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Aquilino Rojas, Docket No. ELC2008007632C (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Aquilino Rojas).

J. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Thu Pham, Docket No. COS2006004216C (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Thu Ha Thi Pham)

K1.Contested Cases – consideration and possible action (heard before SOAH)

Tab Docket Number Respondent
1. ACR2007003134D/452-08-4243.ACR Stephen Sparks d/b/a Mr. Washing Machine
2. BAR2008007019D/452-08-4300.BAR Demetrius M. Long
3. BOX2008007062D/452-08-4348.BOX Natanael Chavez
4. COS2008002575D/452-08-4062.COS Linda Thao Tran
5. COS2008004642D/452-09-0508.COS Hong Pha d/b/a 10 Nails

K2. Default Cases – consideration and possible action

Tab Docket Number Respondent
6. ACR2006004058I CB Plumbers, LLC
7. ACR2007001826M Jerry Aldana
8. ACR2007002666C Jay McRee d/b/a Affordable Appliances
9. ACR2007005418C Marcos Mendoza
10. ACR2007005425C Marcos Mendoza
11. ACR2007005630C Bobby Ray Patterson
12. ACR2007005760C William Dale Marshall
13. ACR2007006028C Billy Jones d/b/a Energy Efficient Services
14. ACR2007006583C Kenneth Henderson
15. ACR2007006586C Hooshang Rahnemaie
16. ACR2008006624M Carlos H. Prieto d/b/a Air Comfort
17. BAR2007003074D Tommie Joe Reeves d/b/a Million Dollar Hair Cuts
18. BAR2008000134D & BAR2008008183D Cheryln A. Swain
19. BAR2008002403D Luke Norwood d/b/a Luke’s Barber & Beauty Shop
20. BAR2008004536D Edwin Sidney Steward d/b/a Sid’s Clip Joint #1
21. BAR2008007817D Arnold Von Perry
22. BAR2008008727D William Anthony Wood d/b/a Settin Trendz
23. BAR2008010110D Joseph Hayes
24. BAR2009000659D Helen Blake d/b/a The Haircut Factory
25. BLR2008005726D Kate’s Cleaners
26. COS2007001777C Ruben Garcia
27. COS2007002216D Khoi Van Tran
28. COS2007002266D Khen Tran
29. COS2007004169D Linh Tran d/b/a Legends Nail
30. COS2008001609D Marie Laure Kouame and Gilbert Kouame d/b/a Mary’s Braid and Salon
31. COS2008002353D & COS2008003267D Thanh T. Vo d/b/a Pretty Nails
32. COS2008002665D Maria Chirino d/b/a Adonai Beauty Salon
33. COS2008002988D Harly Nguyen d/b/a Q Nails
34. COS2008003043D Jacqueline Buhl d/b/a N 2 Stylz Total Concept Salon
35. COS2008004375D Dien Le d/b/a Ultra Nails
36. COS2008004813C & COS2008004820C Rosslyn Y. Allen & Joseph Allen d/b/a Tight Ends Hair Studio
37. COS2008005060D Cam Thi Nguyen d/b/a Golden Nails
38. COS2008005188D Maria Gutierrez d/b/a Mar-Lu Beauty Salon
39. COS2008005319D Josefina Gutierrez
40. COS2008005469C Teresa P. Nguyen d/b/a Houston #1 Nails & Facials
41. COS2008005567D & COS2008005577D Thao Nguyen d/b/a LQ Nails
42. COS2008005925D Amy Dawn Short
43. COS2008006356D Lan Pham
44. COS2008006392D Arneatha Torry d/b/a Executive Looks
45. COS2008006600D Hoa Hoang d/b/a The Pure Massage and Salon
46. COS2008006712D Julia Harris d/b/a Juliah’s Beauty Shop
47. COS2008006714D Margo Sarette Bridges
48. COS2008007084D Jane Pham d/b/a All About Nails
49. COS2008007218D Maria Marquez d/b/a SW Nails
50. COS2008008111D Adolfo Rodriguez
51. COS2008008191D Carlos F. Estrada
52. COS2008008292D Marquinn L. Middleton
53. COS2008008327D Thanh Thuong Thuy Tran
54. COS2008008336D Loan Thanh Lam
55. COS2008008345D Tuyen Thi Ngo
56. COS2008008426D Institute of Esthetics Salon and Spa Institute
57. COS2008008427D Jenny Hutchins d/b/a Hair Studio
58. COS2008008494D & COS2008009791D Gloria Carrizales d/b/a Prestige Beauty Studio
59. COS2008008566D Uyen Le
60. COS2008008650D Constance Warren d/b/a Poohshae’s Coiffeur
61. COS2008008933D Rosa A. Gallegos d/b/a New Fancy Cuts
62. COS2008008937D Laura Susana Lamas
63. COS2008008964D Natalia Hernandez d/b/a Natilia’s (Nelly’s) Beauty Salon
64. COS2008008980D Woodrow Fillingim d/b/a Renaissance Salon of Dallas
65. COS2008009006D Maria Estrada d/b/a Hair Control Salon
66. COS2008009033D Linda Marie Dorety
67. COS2008009106D Rosa Duran d/b/a Rosy’s Fashion Cuts
68. COS2008009442D Esmeralda Osborn d/b/a Tuxedo
69. COS2008009666D Tan Huy Nguyen
70. COS2008009717D Julie Catalina d/b/a Polished Perfection
71. COS2008009881D Alejandrina Macias d/b/a Macias Hair Creations Unisex
72. COS2008010039D Llamna Munoz d/b/a Llamna’s Beauty Salon
73. COS2008010042D Edna Pina
74. COS2009000543D Ramona Alaniz d/b/a Chateau Royale
75. COS2009000970D Debra Bearden d/b/a Alluring Nails by Lynn
76. COS2009001698D Thanh Hung Huynh
77. COS2009002076D Gabrielle Kouame
78. COS2009002517D Thai Thi Nguyen
79. ELC2007003351I Daniel Nicoletti
80. ELC2007005014D Manuel Flores, Sr.
81. ELC2007005023D Manuel Flores, Jr.
82. ELC2007006512C Edward W. Johnson
83. ELC2008001870C Toby Hecker
84. ELC2008002954C Robert W. Milner d/b/a Northstar A/C Electrical Contractors
85. ELC2008005240D James Bradshaw
86. ELC2008007021S Raul Zamora d/b/a Texas Handyman
87. ELC2008007637S Jerry Baker
88. ELC2008007644S John A. Bruyere
89. ELC2008007648S Dave Fredrick
90. ELC2008007662S Vince Ramacca
91. ELC2008007664S Carlton Norman
92. ELC2008007670S Tim Cordova
93. ELC2008007674S Rolando Guillen
94. ELC2008007676S Daniel Nicoletti
95. ELC2008007677S & ELC2009000089D Anthony Daniel Messa d/b/a Messa Home Services
96. ELC2008009845L Robert C. Buckley
97. ELC2008010077L Justin W. Lyness
98. ELC2009000765L Joel Escobedo
99. ELE2007004225D Elgin Hospitality, Inc. d/b/a Holiday Inn Express
100. IHB2008002931D Arrowhead Industries, LLC
101. SCP2007004753D & SCP2008002293C Ultimate Warranty Corporation
102. TOW2008005556D & VSF2009003077D Terry Carboni d/b/a A.J. Towing of Dallas

L. Discussion and possible action on the adoption of proposed amendments at 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 84, §84.70 and §84.73, which would require the discount health care card program operator to be identified on all program membership and advertising materials used by program operators and their marketers.

M. Discussion and possible action to approve the penalty matrix for Discount Health Care Card Providers to be included in TDLR’s enforcement plan.

N. Discussion and possible action on a request for additional capital authority for public meeting rooms renovations at the North Campus.

O. Staff Reports - Briefing from staff and discussion:

Executive Office

    • Legislative update
    • Update on review of TDLR fees
    • Recent developments

Compliance Division

    • Update on inspection activities
    • Trainings and speaking engagements
    • Recent developments

Customer Service Section

    • Call center statistics
    • Recent developments

Education & Examination Division

    • Examination statistics
    • Update on education providers
    • Update on examination vendor solicitation
    • Recent developments

Enforcement Division

    • Enforcement case statistics
    • Recent developments

Financial Management Section

    • Update on budget
    • Recent developments

General Counsel Office

    • Update on rulemaking
    • Update on collections contract
    • Recent developments

Human Resources Office

    • Update on personnel changes
    • Recent developments

Information Systems Development Section

    • Update on programming projects
    • Recent developments

Licensing Division

    • Licensing statistics
    • Recent developments

Networking Section

    • Update on data center consolidation
    • Update on networking projects
    • Recent developments

P. Advisory Board Reports - Briefing from staff and discussion on the following advisory board meetings and the subjects discussed and actions taken in the meetings:

    • Cosmetology Advisory Board meeting 12/01/08
    • Weather Modification Advisory Committee meeting on 12/08/08
    • Property Tax Consultants Advisory Council meeting on 12/19/08
    • Advisory Board on Barbering meeting on 01/12/09

Q. Approval of appointments of members to Advisory Board:

    • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Advisory Board
    • Board of Boiler Rules
    • Electrical Safety and Licensing Advisory Board
    • Property Tax Consultants Advisory Council

R. Executive Session

  1. Consultation with staff attorney pursuant to section 551.071, Government Code wherein the Commission will receive a briefing from General Counsel and Department staff concerning pending or contemplated litigation and settlement offers.
  2. Under section 551.074, Government Code, discussion of personnel matters.

NOTE: The Commission may adjourn into Executive Session to consider any item listed on this agenda if a matter is raised that is appropriate for Executive Session discussion.

S. Action on items discussed in Executive Session - Discussion and possible action on items discussed in the Executive session

T. Discussion of date, time and location of future Commission meetings

U. Adjournment


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