July 28, 2008 1:00 p.m.
July 29, 2008 9:00 a.m.

E.O. Thompson State Office Building
7th Floor Public Meeting Room
920 Colorado
Austin, Texas


If you require auxiliary aids, services or materials in an alternate format contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation at least 5 working days prior to the meeting date. Phone: (512) 463-3173, FAX: (512) 475-2874, E-MAIL: kay.mahan@tdlr.texas.gov, TDD/RELAY TEXAS: 1-800-relay-VV (for voice), 1-800-relay-TX (for TDD).

Listen to the meeting on Real Audio at

July 28th http://real.license.state.tx.us:7070/ramgen/broadcast/commeet/cm072808.rm?usehostname

July 29th http://real.license.state.tx.us:7070/ramgen/broadcast/commeet/cm072908.rm?usehostname

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call and Certification of Quorum (any person wishing to address the Commission should complete a Public Comment Form and submit it to the Executive Assistant)

Tab B Approval of Minutes - Meeting of June 20, 2008

C. Public Comment

D.Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Alfredia Womack, Docket No. EAB2007002007D (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Alfredia Womack)

E.Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Jackie Sue Clifton, Docket No. COS2008000356D (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Jackie Sue Clifton)

F. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Toan Cong Tran, Docket No. 452-08-1299.COS (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Toan Cong Tran)

G. Consideration and possible action on a Motion for Rehearing filed by Trinh Trong Nguyen, Docket No.452.07.3404.COS (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation v. Trinh Trong Nguyen)

H1.Contested Cases - consideration and possible action (heard before SOAH)

Tab Docket Number Respondent
1. COS2007003556D/452-08-1303.COS Ilkka Mikael Pyy
d/b/a La Vang Nails
2. COS2008000585D/452-08-2310.COS Tien Van Nguyen & Phoung Le To
d/b/a Da Vi Nails
3. COS2007003320C &
Thuy Loan Tran
d/b/a T Nails
4. ELC2007004950L/452-08-1099.ELC Jorge L. Silva
5. ELC2008000434L/452-08-1733.ELC James D. Cundiff
6. ELC2008001358L/452-08-2110.ELC Larry Granado
7. ELC2008002020L/452-08-2455.ELC Michael S. Williams
8. ELC2008003556L/452-08-2966.ELC Ray R. Luera

H2 .Contested Cases – consideration and possible action (Respondent did not appear, heard before SOAH)

Tab Docket Number Respondent
9. BOX2007005645D/452-08-1298.BOX M&M Promotions, Inc.
10. COS2007003124D/452-08-0433.COS Trang Thi Ngoc Thanh Nguyen
11. ELC2008002122L/452-08-2264.ELC Christopher Arms
12. ELC2008003841L/452-08-2109.ELC James C. Smith

H3.Default Cases – consideration and possible action

Tab Docket Number Respondent
13. ACR2007000108C Tommy Corea
d/b/a C & C Services
14. ACR2007000689I Timmy Lee Saxton
15. ACR2007001133D Curtis Herrmann
16. ACR2007005831M Elbert Lawrence
17. ACR2008000159S Francisco H. Sauceda
d/b/a FAS Mechanical Services, Inc.
18. ACR2008000609C Jim Ward
19. ACR2008003754S Mike Sims
d/b/a Home Work Handyman Service
20. BAR2008000067D Warrick Lathon
21. BAR2008000545D Brian Earl Jackson
22. BAR2008000550D Gerald McKinney
23. BAR2008002437D Damion Henderson
24. BAR2008002761D Billy D. Watson, Jr.
25. BAR2008003027D Jacqueline Sykes
26. BAR2008004563D Toussaint Washington
27. BAR2008004629D Desmond A. McAfee
28. BAR2008005205D Orlando Ramon Kiser
29. BLR2007002658D Curtis Berry
30. BOX2008005680I Roy Jones
d/b/a Knockout Boxing Promotions
31. COS2007000606D Delia D. Zavala
d/b/a Boots Beauty Boutique
32. COS2007001751C Ngoc Nong Nguyen
33. COS2007001949D Bay Thi Le
34. COS2007002163D Thanh-Tam Thi Tran
35. COS2007003452D Maria M. Ordonez
36. COS2007003978C Margaret Finn
d/b/a The Spotlight Salon
37. COS2007005368D Thu Nguyen
d/b/a Regal Nails
38. COS2007006168D Sylvia Castillo
39. COS2007006422D Darlene Austin Lang
40. COS2008000620C Hoat Nguyen
d/b/a Neon Nail
41. COS2008000987C Vu Thanh Pham
42. COS2008001054I Hoang Dang
43. COS2008001310D Susane Ho
d/b/a Donna’s Nails Salon
44. COS2008001429D Tu Dinh Tran
d/b/a Perfect Nail-Spa
45. COS2008001736C Thai Van Nguyen
d/b/a 1st Class Nails
46. COS2008001983D Maria Perez
47. COS2008002046D Wilson Allimi
d/b/a Brodas Hair Cuts
48. COS2008002062D Jesse Sanchez
d/b/a Jessiye & Company Hair Salon
49. COS2008002101D Roy Melendez
d/b/a Unique Image
50. COS2008002389D Beatrice Dominga Rodriguez
51. COS2008002419D
Jacklyn Pham
d/b/a ML Hollywood Nails
52. COS2008002640D Tonya Nicole McDonald
53. COS2008002707D Heather L. Rigoulot
54. COS2008002808D Jesus Ortega
d/b/a Xxremes West Salon
55. COS2008003081D Deborah Ann Johnson
56. COS2008003152D Carlos Alonso Ruiz
57. COS2008003213D Nancy Thu Thi Nguyen
d/b/a Fancy Nails
58. COS2008003586D Kimberly Nichols
59. COS2008003799D
Alicia Ortiz
d/b/a Alis Beauty Salon &
Alis Beauty Salon 1
60. COS2008003804D Martha Negrete Reyes
61. COS2008003833D Miriam Navarrete
62. COS2008003836D Esmeralda M. Arellano
63. COS2008003977D Kyle Butler
d/b/a Basic Trends Salon
64. COS2008004069C Man Hoang
d/b/a Quang Thanh Corp.
65. COS2008004265D Nga Thi Truong
d/b/a K Nails
66. COS2008004289D Pauline McCrory
67. COS2008004415C Tam Thanh Huynh
68. COS2008004441D James Gray and M. Timothy Clark
d/b/a Town Village Ridgmar
69. COS2008004451D Jessica M. Lacefield
d/b/a 7th Street Villa Day Spa, LTD
70. COS2008004707D Tomica Booker
71. COS2008004763D Tuan Van Hoang
72. COS2008004920D Tan Fo Ha
73. COS2008005179D Aaron Joseph Phillips
74. COS2008005381D Aminata Diagne
75. COS2008005386D Rockaya Gaye
76. COS2008005390D Yama Jobe
77. COS2008005409D Amadou Sy
d/b/a Fatima Hairbraiding
78. COS2008005435D Maria Zai
79. COS2008005720D Mai Thanh Le
80. EAB2006003950D Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
81. EAB2008001948D IWASMLP & ISA
82. ELC2007000076C Curtis Herrmann
83. ELC2007003415D Jorge L. Moncada
84. ELC2007005547C Tony D. Snodgrass
d/b/a All Around Maintenance Repair and Improvement
85. ELC2008000177S Jose Aguinaga
d/b/a Jose’s Multiservice/General Handyman
86. ELC2008001019C
Antonio Urquidi
d/b/a Direct Electric, Inc.
87. ELC2008001356D Glen C. Perkins
88. ELC2008001586S Prabh Charen
89. ELC2008002236C Steve Usleton
d/b/a Steve Usleton Remodeling & Roofing
90. ELC2008002851D Roberts L. Cates
91. ELC2008003721S Shon Brunswick
d/b/a Power Trip
92. ELC2008003723S Michael Holmes
93. ELC2008003736S Raul Torres
94. ELC2008003751S Mike Daley
95. ELC2008003753S Mike Sims
d/b/a Home Work Handyman Service
96. ELC2008003776D Daniel Furman
97. ELC2008004456D Richard Ross
98. ELC2008004648M Randall Roberts
99. ELC2008004758I David L. Anderson
100. ELE2008001176D Home Depot #509
101. TOW2008002591D Lois Corley
102. VSF2008002585D Shaun Stucky
103. VSF2008002648D Doyle Ray
104. WWD2007004778D
Leroy Franklin Spear

I. Approval of agency’s Legislative Appropriations Request for
Fiscal Years 2010-2011

J. Consideration and possible approval of penalty matrices for Tow Trucks and
Vehicle Storage Facilities, to be included in TDLR's enforcement plan.

K. Staff Reports

L. Advisory Board Reports

M. Executive Session

  1. Consultation with staff attorney pursuant to section 551.071, Government Code wherein the Commission will receive a briefing from General Counsel and Department staff concerning pending or contemplated litigation and
    settlement offers.
  2. Under section 551.074, Government Code, discussion of personnel matters.
  3. Annual review of job performance of the Executive Director.

NOTE: The Commission may adjourn into Executive Session to consider any
item listed on this agenda if a matter is raised that is appropriate for Executive
Session discussion.

N. Action on items discussed in Executive Session Discussion and possible action on items discussed in the Executive session

O. Discussion of date, time and location of future Commission meetings

P. Adjournment

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