These forms are available for download in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Acrobat Reader is necessary to view .pdf files. If you need to obtain a copy of this program it is available as a free download for Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Please note the following policy regarding the filing of forms which collect a person's individual information:

"An individual who completes and files this form with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (the Department) is entitled to the following from the Department:

(1) to be informed about the information that the Department collects about the individual, upon the request of the individual and subject to a few exceptions;

(2) to receive and review the information, under Sections 552.021 and 552.023 of the Texas Government Code; and

(3) to have the Department correct information about the individual that is incorrect, under Section 559.004 of the Texas Government Code."

Advance Notice Form (28kb download)

Form BOX001, Professional Contestant Application, including Physical and Eye Exam (88kb download) revised September 2014

Form 002LIC, Criminal History Questionnaire (69kb download)

Form BOX005, Combative Sports Promoter Bond (26kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX006, Combative Sports Bond For Gross Receipts Tax (includes Amateurs) (26kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX009, Combative Sports Promoter License Application (67kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX011, Combative Sports Manager Application (33kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX012, Licensing Requirement for Referees (39kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX014, Licensing Requirement for Judge (45kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX015, Licensing Requirement for Matchmaker (33kb download) revised May 2014

Form BOX016, Licensing Requirement for Second (33kb download) revised May 2014 also en espanol

Form BOX018, Amateur Combative Sports Promoter Registration Information (48kb download) revised May 2014

Form 021BOX, Contestant Identification Card Application (17kb download) revised August 2013

Form BOX024, Registration for Combative Sports Event Coordinator (34kb download) revised May 2014

Form 025BOX, Amateur Advance Notice (13kb download) revised August 2013

Timekeeper Qualifications and Availability Form (235kb download)

Ringside Physician Qualifications and Availability Form (235kb download)

Promoter Fact Sheet (12kb download) (can be used for estimating the costs of promoting a combative sports event)

Form 007All, Complaint Form (7kb download)

Form AP-152, Texas Application for Payee Identification Number (51 kb download from the Texas Comptroller's Office, will open in a new window)

Request to Executive Director for Expired License Renewal Form (33kb download)

Disciplinary Action Questionnaire (13kb download)

Criminal History Evaluation Letter

Military Spouse Application (24kb download) - see Military Spouse Frequently Asked Questions