Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers

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TDLR recently added a new form, #005 WWD, Manufactured Screen Waiver (15KB PDF). This form can be used to waive the landowner’s option to have a manufactured well screen installed in a domestic or landscape irrigation water well. According to 16 TAC Chapter 76.78, when completing a water well, a driller must use a manufacturer’s well screen, and select the correct slot size for the screen in the well for domestic or landscape irrigation use, unless waived in writing from the landowner or the person having the well drilled. Form #005 WWD must be used for the waiver. The waiver must be signed by the driller and the landowner (or the person having the well drilled), and presented to the landowner. Download Form #005 WWD, Manufactured Screen Waiver (15KB PDF)

The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation adopted amended rules regarding the Water Well Drillers and Water Well Pump Installers program (16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 76, §§76.1, 76.10, 76.20-76.22, 76.24-76.26, 76.30, 76.62, 76.65, 76.70-76.72, 76.74, 76.76, 76.101-76.106, 76.108, 76.110 and 76.111, repeal of current §76.100, and new rule §76.100) The effective date of the rule adoption is September 15, 2014. The updated rule chapter is available online.

The Water Well Drillers Advisory Council met August 11 in Austin. The agenda is available online. The staff reports are available online. The meeting was archived and is available for viewing via RealPlayer.

A Water Well Driller drills, bores, cores, or constructs a water well. It includes an owner, an operator, a contractor, and a drilling supervisor. A Pump Installer installs or repairs well pumps and equipment. For more information about the Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers program, e-mail TDLR at water.well@tdlr.texas.gov.

Abandoned and/or Deteriorated Wells - Abandoned and/or deteriorated wells not only serve as conduits or channels for contamination to reach groundwater, but these wells can also be a hazard to human and animal life.

(1) "Abandoned well" means a well that is not in use. A well is considered to be in use if:

(A) the well is not a deteriorated well and contains the casing, pump, and pump column in good condition;

(B) the well is not a deteriorated well and has been capped;

(C) the water from the well has been put to an authorized beneficial use, as defined by the Water Code;

(D) the well is used in the normal course and scope and with the intensity and frequency of other similar users in the general community; or

(E) the owner is participating in the Conservation Reserve Program authorized by Sections 1231-1236, Food Security Act of 1985 (16 U.S.C. Sections 3831-3836), or a similar governmental program.

(2) "Deteriorated well" means a well that, because of its condition, will cause or is likely to cause pollution of any water in this state, including groundwater.

More information about abandoned or deteriorated wells is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page. For more information about the Abandoned Well Notification Program, e-mail TDLR at abandoned.well@tdlr.texas.gov.