Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
AB Result Listing

The following data reflects some of the current information available to the Department for the referenced construction project and may include corrections to the original registration. This document can be used in lieu of the AB Project Confirmation Page as verification of registration.

Project Number: EABPRJB9801068 Estimated Start Date: 12/01/2018
Current/Last Action: Ras/cp Inspection - Disapproved Estimated Completion: 04/01/2019
Status: Inspection Process Estimated Cost: $3,000,000.00
Plan Review By: KELLEY, JEFF Job Class: Renovation
    Owner Class: Private

Project Name: Biolife Plamsa Services Center
Project Address: 7555 Northwest Loop 410
City: San Antonio     Zip: 78245    County: Bexar
Scope of Work: Alteration to the former Staples building for a new BioLife Plasma Services Center with new interior and new exterior fašade.
Building/Facility Name: Military Crossing
Owner: Nooner Holdings Ltd
Design Firm: Onyx Creative Inc.

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