Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
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Fill in as much information as known in search boxes to narrow your search, otherwise you may have many records returned. Search by not entering anything will return the entire database. Once in results page, choose Down Load option to download the coma-delimited files. 

Normally, searches are done for an exact match of the name or number as entered. If you are unsure of  the spelling, you may choose to search for names or numbers beginning with the letters/digits entered.

For example, searching for names beginning with SMI would yield records with SMIT, SMITH, SMILEY, and others, and searching for numbers beginning with 123 would return records like 123456, 123456, 123555, and so forth.

If you are not sure of what the exact name/number is, but know a few of the letters/digits, then use the percent sign.

For example, if  the last four digits of the boiler number are 1242, then enter %1242 in the Boiler# box.  The system will search for all boiler numbers that include 1242. Similarly, %Sellers would list all names that include Sellers.

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