Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation


In the event an investigation is opened Enforcement procedures require a copy of the complaint and all associated documentation be forwarded to the Respondent including your name and contact information.
If you wish to file your complaint anonymously to ensure your identity is not revealed, you must leave section ‘B’ (You, as the complaining party) blank.
Under the Texas Public Information Act, the complainant’s identity is subject to being revealed.
If the complaining party files anonymously they will not receive automated status updates.

In order for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to pursue an investigation of your Property Tax Professional complaint please provide all documentation and information related to your complaint. If your complaint does not contain enough information for the Department to make a determination that a violation has occurred, your complaint may not be opened for investigation.

When completing section D of this form, important information to support your complaint may include:

  • complete explanation of your complaint
  • name, address and license number of the property tax appraiser or collector
  • names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witness you mention in your complaint
  • dates, names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone you may have contacted at the appraisal district
  • address and owner name of the property mentioned in your complaint
Documentation to support your complaint may include: (Please do not send original documents. All documents you send us will be scanned, electronically saved, and then destroyed.)
  • a copy of your property tax appraisal
  • documentation you may have from the appraisal district
  • copies of property tax appraisals on similar properties in your area
  • protest letters
  • any correspondence between you and the appraisal board
Please submit additional documentation in support of your complaint to the Department by fax (512)539-5698 or mail to TDLR, Enforcement Division, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711. Please do not send original documents. All documents you send us will be scanned, electronically saved, and then destroyed. Submitted documentation can only be received via e-mail, fax or regular mail. Attachments cannot be submitted with this link.

Please Note: The law requires the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation shall dismiss a complaint if the complaint challenges:

• The imposition of or failure to waive penalties or interest under Sections 33.01 and 33.011, Tax Code;

• The appraised value of a property;

• The appraisal methodology;

• The grant or denial of an exemption from taxation; or

• Any matter for which Title 1, Tax Code, specifies a remedy, including an action that a property owner is entitled to protest before an appraisal review board


The subject matter of the complaint has not been finally resolved in the complaints favor by an appraisal review board, a governing body, an arbitrator, a court, or the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

A.    If you answer yes to this question, you are required to supply your name and full address in Section B of this form.
  Would you be willing to testify if this case results in a hearing?

  Type of Complaint: Property Tax Professional 
B.    You, as the complaining party:
  City:     State:   Zip:  
  Work Phone:      Home Phone:    Mobile Phone:
  Fax:      E-mail:

C.    The person or firm you are complaining about:
  Company Name: 
  Physical Address: 
  City:     State:   Zip:  
  Mailing Address: 
  City:     State:   Zip:  
  Office Phone:      Fax:     Mobile Phone:
  E-mail:      License or Registration #:

EXPLANATION: Describe your complaint in detail. Please note that if you exceed 5000 characters, your complaint will not be submitted in its entirety. You have characters left.
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