Help Searching:

  • Click on a Column heading to resort.
  • Building Number (ElBl#) - Enter Only the numbers. The Building Number is a TDLR issued number.
  • Decal# (equipment identification number) - Enter only the numbers Decal# is a TDLR number issued to a particular elevator or piece of equipment.
  • You can search key words for Building Name and Building Address - Records containing the word or phrase will be returned. For example, entering "Bank" in Building Name will return all buildings whose names contain the word "bank", "First Bank","National Bank","First Bank & Trust" etc. Note: the search function is case insensitive.
  • City - Entering the first few letters of a name will bring up all cities that begin with those letters. For example, typing "EI will return EI Campo and EI Paso.
  • County - Specific County information is not maintained for each building. Searching By county may not be accurate.
  • Zip Code - Entering all 5 digits will show all for that zip code. Entering less than all 5 will show all zip codes that begin with the numbers entered. For example , entering "787" will return "78701","78702" etc.

About the Data :

Elevators, escalators and related equipment are required to be inspected annually by a Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) at the request of the building owner or the owner's agent. The law requires the owner to submit all paperwork and fees to the Department within 60 Days of the date of inspection. The Paperwork is reviewed in detail and a Certificate of Compliance is issued if all requirements are satisfied.

Note : Note all elevator equipment data is available through this search as some data inconsistencies are being reconciled. If you experience any difficulties with your search email us at

Elevator Data File

Download Elevator Data (approx. 8 megs)

This is an ASCII, Comma and quote delimited file with the following format.

  • TDLR ID (internal ID number)
  • ELBI# (Building Number)
  • Decal#
  • Building Name
  • Building Name (line 2)
  • Building Address Line 1
  • Building Address Line 2
  • Building City
  • Building Zip
  • Building County
  • Owner Name
  • Contact Name
  • Date of Last Certified Inspection
  • Date of Next Inspection
  • Date of Last 5 Year Test
  • Equipment Type
  • Machine Drive Type
  • Number of Floors
  • Year Installed