Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
Texas Occupations Online Licensing System (TOOLS)
For Towing Companies and Vehicle Storage Facilities

  • To access this system you must have a TDLR certificate number and PIN.
    Call 1-800-803-9202 to obtain a TDLR certificate number and PIN.

  • If you already have your TDLR certificate number and PIN and you need to:
- Get your Login ID and create your password for the first time, or
- Change your current password CLICK HERE.
  • To RENEW or update your current Tow Company or VSF Company registration,
    please enter the company Login ID and password below:
Login ID: 

Please note: Each Tow Company and VSF Company has a unique Login ID number. If you have more than one Tow Company and/or VSF Company, the Login ID is different for each.

To apply for or renew your Tow Truck Operator, Dual Operator, or VSF Employee license