Elimination of Architectural Barriers

Because of the frequent questions regarding project ownership, we are providing an upload help sheet for clarification.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 512-539-5669 or email techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov.

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Program News and Updates

Rule Change Related to Accessible Parking Signage and Markings Effective August 1

Beginning Aug. 1, 2020, a new rule relating to markings and signage required for Accessible Parking Spaces goes into effect. Rule 68.104 (Texas Administrative Code) implements House Bill 3163, passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019. The Elimination of Architectural Barriers (EAB) Advisory Committee recommended adoption of the rule during its June 15, 2020 meeting, and it was adopted by the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation at their June 30, 2020, meeting.

All projects registered with TDLR on or after August 1, 2020 must comply with the rule, as well as Texas Accessibility Standards requirements related to parking spaces. Any new or alteration construction projects that begin on or after August 1, 2020 (including those that do not meet the $50,000 threshold requiring registration with TDLR), must also satisfy the rule if they include accessible parking requirements.

Rule 68.104 is available on TDLR’s Elimination of Architectural Barriers webpage.

TDLR Adopts Administrative Rules

The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation adopted amendments to the Elimination of Architectural Barriers program rules (16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 68, §68.100; new rule §68.104). The adopted rules update a reference from the “Commission” to the “Department.” The adopted rules also implement necessary changes required by House Bill 3163, 86th Legislature, Regular Session (2019), which set requirements for paved accessible parking spaces.

The adoption justification was published in the July 24, 2020, issue of the Texas Register (45 TexReg 5166). The updated rule chapter will be made available upon its effective date of August 1, 2020.

On The Level - July 2020 Edition

Articles in the July 2020 edition of TDLR On The Level include:

  • Coming Soon: 2020 National Electrical Code
  • Remote Inspections of Industrialized Housing & Buildings
  • Elevator Certificate Extensions
  • TDLR's Sunset Review
  • 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

On The Level is a periodic newsletter that provides news and information about TDLR’s building-related programs. Please see the On the Level page for archives of past editions.

Owner or Owner Designee May Electronically Sign Proof of Inspection Form on the Day of the Inspection

To help combat the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of our Registered Accessibility Specialists (RASs), building owners and their representatives, the Department will allow the owner or owner designee that accompanied the RAS on the inspection to electronically sign the Proof of Inspection form on the day of the inspection rather than at the time and location of the inspection. To assist with this initiative, the Department has replaced the old Proof of Inspection form with a fully editable form on our website. All fields can be filled in by the RAS except for box 18, the signature of the owner or owners designee.

COVID-19: Building Inspection Deadlines Extended, Continuing Education Waived

To help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, TDLR requested authority from Governor Greg Abbott to suspend certain regulatory requirements statewide, including the following:

  • All building inspection deadlines in the Elimination of Architectural Barriers Program are extended by 60 days for any inspections due in March, April, and May in case any of those buildings need to be used immediately as part of COVID-19 response. (§469.105, Government Code)   
  • Continuing education requirements are waived for all licenses expiring in March, April, and May 2020. Licensees will still submit their renewal applications, pay the required fees, and have their criminal histories checked but they will not need to complete any required continuing education requirements this licensing cycle. (51.405, Occupations Code)

Please check the TDLR COVID-19 webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Start Your RAS Renewal 60 Days Prior to Expiration

You will not be able to access the TABS system after your license has expired. Begin your renewal early to avoid delays.

Please ensure your license renewal application includes all required paperwork and your required continuing education hours have been completed.

Law Change Related to Accessible Parking Signage and Markings

On September 1, 2019, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (Department) will start drafting a rule implementing House Bill 3163, regarding markings and signs for accessible parking spaces. The Department may present the draft rule to the Elimination of Architectural Barriers Advisory Committee at their November 2019 meeting. If the Committee approves publication of the proposed rule, the Department will publish the rule in the Texas Register for comments. The Department may present the proposed rule to the Advisory Committee after publication and before consideration by the Commission of Licensing and Regulation. Only after publication, comments, consideration of any action needed on comments, and adoption will the rule become effective. We anticipate that the rule will become effective mid-2020. NO CHANGES TO SIGNS OR PARKING SPACE IDENTIFICATION ARE REQUIRED BEFORE THE RULE IS ADOPTED.

Texas Accessibility Academy

The Texas Accessibility Academy is a two-day comprehensive study of the Texas Architectural Barriers Act (TABA), program Administrative Rules and the 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). The Academy also includes information about how TABA and TAS relate to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

The class offers 16 hours of continuing education for registered accessibility specialists (RAS) and for design professionals who may self-report continuing education credits.

Visit the Texas Accessibility Academy page for additional details or contact the Architectural Barriers Program at 512-539-5669 or techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov.

Texas Accessibility Academy Presentations Posted

A shortened version of the Power Point presentation (in PDF format) used in teaching the Academy is available on the Academy page. The two-day class is presented in seven sections and may be printed for use during the Academy. Copies of the PowerPoint presentation will not be available at the Academy.

TABS Legacy Upload User Guide

Because legacy uploads are within a different section of TABS, we are providing an upload user guide (PDF) on how to use this new feature (available June 24, 2019).

If you have any questions, please contact us at 512-539-5669 or email techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov.

Legacy File Conversion Notification

All EABPRJ projects (Legacy projects) are converting to the Texas Architectural Barriers online System (TABS), which will eliminate paper files. The Legacy projects will keep their existing EABPRJ project numbers after conversion and must follow TABS rules and the 2018 RAS Procedures.

Legacy uploads will open to RASs in TABS June 24, 2019 - To complete shares, transfers, or closure requests with EABPRJ projects after June 3, 2019, project documents must be uploaded to TABS in the Legacy upload section, which will open to Registered Accessibility Specialists (RASs) for EABPRJ projects on June 24, 2019.

Begin saving files as PDFs for TABS now - TDLR strongly recommends RASs begin saving their paper files as PDFs using TABS rules to make the conversion easier. Instructions for uploading the files to TABS will be posted on the Architectural Barriers website prior to June 24, 2019.

Last day TDLR will accept EABPRJ legacy materials is June 3, 2019 - EABPRJ files ready for closure and Project Status Update (PSU) forms may be sent to TDLR postmarked no later than June 3, 2019. After this date, Legacy file materials will be returned to the sender for upload/update.

RASs may continue Legacy reviews and inspections during conversion - TDLR apologizes in advance for any inconvenience the conversion process may cause. Between June 4 and June 23, 2019, RASs may continue to review and inspect EABPRJ projects, but must retain documents for upload/update in TABS on or after June 24, 2019, when the Legacy uploads begin. On June 24, 2019, the 2018 RAS Procedures timelines and TABS rules will take effect for all EABPRJ projects uploaded/updated in TABS.

Texas Needs You To Become A Registered Accessibility Specialist

Registered Accessibility Specialists are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to inspect commercial construction projects statewide to ensure compliance with the Texas Accessibility Standards. Learn more about becoming a Registered Accessibility Specialist (PDF)

TABS Frequently Asked Questions Posted

Updated frequently asked questions are now available regarding the online TABS system. See the FAQs page to learn more.

TABS Is Now Available

The Texas Architectural Barriers online System (TABS) is now available.??This system is the new online project database for registration and maintenance of the Elimination of Architectural Barriers project records.

Users must register in TABS and create a user account to access the system.?? A valid email address is required to log in and manage your projects in TABS.?? All email notifications from TABS regarding your projects will go to that email address. It is essential that you create or designate an email address that you will be able to access for all TABS related notices.

Training videos are available to help familiarize you with the system.

Please call 512-539-5669 or email techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov with any questions.

TABS Training Videos

Training videos are now available to help familiarize you with the Texas Architectural Barriers online System (TABS):

While most of these videos primarily focus on the duties of Registered Accessibility Specialists (RASs), other TABS users can learn how to register a project or navigate within the system.

Please call 512-539-5669 or email techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov with any questions or concerns.

TDLR Notices for Construction Projects to Resume

To help provide relief in areas declared a disaster due to Hurricane Harvey, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) suspended issuing notices for construction projects subject to compliance with the Texas Architectural Barriers Act.

Ensuring compliance with the Texas Accessibility Standards is critical in rebuilding Texas even better than it was before. Within the next few weeks, and with consideration for each building owner’s unique circumstance, TDLR will restart our normal procedure for sending reminder notices to owners for overdue inspections and for verification of corrective modifications.

TDLR will take a phased approach: notices will initially be sent to those areas farthest from the Texas coast, and those areas with the greatest damage from the storm will be among the last to receive notices.

Please review your records regarding pre-Harvey projects registered with TDLR in the affected areas. Any questions or concerns about Architectural Barriers projects impacted by Hurricane Harvey can be directed to techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov or 512-539-5669.

New Registered Accessibility Specialist Bulletins

TDLR’s Architectural Barriers (AB) program is issuing two new Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) Bulletins due to the upcoming AB Rule Changes (effective May 15, 2017). At this time, there are no changes to the RAS Procedures effective April 1, 2007, compliance with those are still required.

Technical Memoranda

TDLR issued Technical Memorandum (TM) 2017-25 (28kb PDF) to address 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards 404.2.10 (Door and Gate Surfaces) and guidelines relevant to door and gate surfaces within ten inches of the finish floor. Read Technical Memorandum 2017-25

Advisory Committee Meetings

June 15, 2020

The Architectural Barriers Advisory Committee met June 15, 2020 via videoconference. The agenda is available online. The meeting was archived and is available on TDLR's YouTube channel.