Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Insurance Changes

Please be advised of the following changes to the requirements for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor insurance effective March 27, 2012:

  • Licensees are no longer required to provide proof of insurance with their renewal application.
  • Proof of insurance is only required with an initial application for licensure, a change in license assignment (new company), or upon request by the Department.
  • The form - ACR001 Certificate of Insurance is no longer accepted by the Department.
  • Cancellations, reinstatements and notice of non-renewals are no longer required to be sent to the Department.
  • The insurance Acord form is acceptable proof of insurance as long it provides the following information: licensee name and number, A/C company name with address, policy number and effective/expiration dates, limits of coverage, insurance company name and contact information, and signature of authorized insurance representative.

Sample of Certificate of Insurance (398kb PDF)

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