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Home-Based Barbering or Cosmetology Establishments

You may operate an establishment that is attached to your home, with some limitations.

License Required

An establishment attached to a residence must apply for a license like any other establishment and may be inspected by TDLR staff.

Separate Public Entrance

An establishment that is attached to a residence must have an entrance that is separate and distinct from the residential entrance.

Dedicated Space

To operate an establishment inside of a home, you must have dedicated space, separated from the rest of the home, that is not used as living space. Clients should not be able to access the residence during business hours.

Any door between a residence and an establishment must be closed during business hours.

Establishments must not be used for living or sleeping purposes, or any other purpose that would tend to make the premises unsanitary, unsafe, or endanger the health and safety of the public.

Mobile Establishments

A mobile establishment must not be used as a residence or for any other purpose besides providing barbering or cosmetology services.