Barbering Notice of Intent to Review

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (Department) files this notice of intent to review and consider for re-adoption, revision, or repeal, Title 16, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 82, Barbers. This review and consideration is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of Texas Government Code, §2001.039.

An assessment will be made by the Department as to whether the reasons for adopting or readopting these rules continue to exist. Each rule will be reviewed to determine whether it is obsolete, whether the rule reflects current legal and policy considerations, and whether the rule reflects current procedures of the Department.

Any questions or written comments pertaining to this rule review may be submitted by mail to Pauline Easley, Legal Assistant, General Counsel's Office, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, or by facsimile to (512) 475-3032, or electronically to The deadline for comments is January 12, 2015.

Proposed changes to these rules as a result of the rule review will be published in the Proposed Rule Section of the Texas Register. The proposed rules will be open for public comment prior to final adoption or repeal by the Department, in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 2001.

82.1. Authority
§82.10. Definitions
§82.20. License Requirements--Individuals
§82.21. License Requirements--Examinations
§82.22. Permit Requirements--Barbershops, Specialty Shops, Dual Shops, Mini-Barbershops, Mini-Dual Shops, Mobile Shops, and Booth Rental
§82.23. Permit Requirements--Barber Schools
§82.26. License Requirements Renewals
§82.28. Reciprocity or Endorsement and Provisional Licensure
§82.29. Establishment Relocation, Change of Ownership, Owner Death or Incompetency
§82.31. Licenses--License Terms
§82.40. Barber School Tuition Protection Account
§82.50. Inspections--General
§82.51. Initial Inspections--Inspection of Barber Schools Before Operation
§82.52. Periodic Inspections
§82.53. Risk-Based Inspections
§82.54. Corrective Modifications Following Inspection
§82.65. Advisory Board on Barbering
§82.70. Responsibilities of Individuals
§82.71. Responsibilities of Barbershops, Specialty Shops, Dual Shops, Mini-Barbershops and Mini-Dual Shops
§82.72. Responsibilities of Barber Schools
§82.73. Responsibilities of Students
§82.74. Responsibilities--Withdrawal, Reentry, or Transfer of Student
§82.78. Responsibilities of Mobile Shops
§82.80. Fees
§82.90. Administrative Penalties and Sanctions
§82.100. Health and Safety Definitions
§82.101. Health and Safety Standards--Department-Approved Disinfectants
§82.102. Health and Safety Standards--General Requirements
§82.103. Health and Safety Standards--Hair Cutting, Styling, Treatment and Shaving Services
§82.104. Health and Safety Standards--Facial Services
§82.105. Health and Safety Standards--Waxing Services
§82.106. Health and Safety Standards--Manicure and Pedicure Services
§82.107. Health and Safety Standards--Electric Drill Bits
§82.108. Health and Safety Standards--Footspas
§82.109. Health and Safety Standards--Wig and Hairpiece Services
§82.110. Health and Safety Standards--Hair Weaving and Hair Braiding Services
§82.111. Health and Safety Standards--Blood and Body Fluids
§82.112. Health and Safety Standards--Prohibited Products or Practices
§82.113. Health and Safety Standards--FDA
§82.114. Health and Safety Standards--Establishments
§82.120. Technical Requirements--Curricula

Issued in Austin, Texas on November 24, 2014.

William H. Kuntz, Jr.
Executive Director
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation