Continuing Education Providers for Massage Therapy

List of Approved Continuing Education Providers

Approval Process

To become approved as a massage therapy continuing education provider, you will need to submit the Massage Therapist Continuing Education Provider application along with the required fee of $200 and all requirements must be met. A brief description of the capability in developing and instructing continuing education courses will be required along with a business plan with clearly defined purposes such as policies on inclement weather, refunds and cancellations.

  • Massage therapy techniques and courses involving the manipulation of soft tissue must be taught or presented by a licensed massage therapy instructor.
  • Advanced massage therapy or bodywork techniques must be taught or presented by persons with licensure, registration or education in the technique being presented.
  • Courses, other than techniques, may be taught or presented by persons with licensure, registration, education or practical experience in the subject being presented.

Approved Providers are required to maintain attendance records of all continuing education activities for a period of 5 years.

Approved Provider shall issue a certificate of attendance to each participant in a course program. The certificate of attendance shall contain:

(1) the name of the approved provider and approval number;
(2) the name of the participant;
(3) the title of the program;
(4) the number of credit hours given;
(5) the subject(s) included in the program;
(6) the date and place of the program; and
(7) the signature of the approved provider.

TDLR may audit approved providers for compliance with 16 TAC ยง117.