What to Expect During a Cosmetology School Inspection

Inspector(s) will arrive and introduce themselves and present State ID.

Inspector will ask to speak to the owner or manager. If neither is available, the inspector will notify the person in charge that the inspection will proceed.

The inspection will consist of the following:

Check for required postings, forms and lists:

  • Consumer complaint sign
  • Foot spa record, if applicable
  • Most recent inspection report
  • Curriculum posted (A copy of 83.120 will suffice)
  • Current school license
  • Current instructor licenses (with current photo of licensee attached)
Check building requirements:
  • Square footage
  • One area for instruction in theory, one area for clinic work
  • Required equipment

Inspector will conduct a roll call to make sure all students in the building are clocked-in.
Check instructor/student ratio at least 1 licensed instructor per 25 students in attendance.

A school may not enroll more than three student instructors for each licensed instructor.

Field trip hour documentation (if applicable)

Leave of absence documentation (if applicable)

Check that each student has a permit and permit is displayed accordingly.
Clock hour schools must record hours in SHEARS monthly.
Credit Hour school must record hours at the end of the course or module or if the student drops or withdraws.
Check that the school is properly accounting for hours granted to students. (A 10% random audit of students will be conducted in credit or clock hour schools.)

Department requirements:

For Clock hour schools

Sign by time clock that states the following:

  • Each student must clock in/out for himself/herself. No student may allow another person to clock in or out on behalf of that student.
  • No credit shall be given for any times written in, except in a documented case of time clock failure or other situations approved by the department.
  • If a student is at lunch, whether in or out of the facility, he/she must clock out.
  • Students leaving the facility for any reason, including smoke breaks, must clock out, except when an instructional area on a campus is located outside the approved facility, that area is approved by the department and students are under the supervision of a licensed instructor.

For Credit hour schools:

  • Credit hour curriculum approved by Education & Examination Division
  • Attendance records
  • Module completion form

Check that student records are being maintained for 48 months from student’s completion or withdrawal.

Check Implementation of Health and Sanitation standards and practices:

  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Work Stations
  • Implements cleaned and sanitized before use on each client
  • Wet disinfectants
  • Dry storage areas
  • Towel storage (clean soiled)
  • Shampoo area
  • Hair swept up after each client
  • Single use items being discarded after each use.

Check for restrooms. (Hot and cold running water, clean and in working order, no chemicals stored in restroom.)

Check that dispensary, furniture, and equipment are clean and in good repair in accordance with the sanitation rules.

If school is providing manicure or pedicure nail services an autoclave, dry heat sterilizer or ultra violet sanitizer is required.

Check that prohibited products are not in the school and that no prohibited practices are being performed.