Licensee Guide to House Bill 1560 Changes

What is Happening?

In 2021, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1560, adopting most of the Sunset Advisory Commission’s recommendations into law. HB 1560 modifies the Driver Education and Safety program at TDLR by streamlining licensure and reducing burdensome regulations.

Apply and Renew Online

The Driver Education & Safety Program will be transitioning into a new database in the Summer of 2023. Instructors and providers will be able to apply and renew online once the database is ready. The DES Industry will have access to training over the new database, more details will be sent out the closer we get to completion.

What Does this Mean for Me?

The primary goal of this change is to make TDLR more efficient in serving you. Many overly complex laws and rules have been simplified. Several regulations have been removed.

Please select your license type to see specific changes that will apply to you:

When is this Happening?

Parent-taught driver education providers have until November 1, 2023 to obtain a driver education provider license.

The law requires that all other changes must be completed by June 1, 2023.

TDLR is legally required to create new administrative rules for the Driver Education and Safety program that will implement the new law into practice. The rules provide detailed requirements for licensing, educational standards, learning objectives, and more.

New administrative rules were proposed on February 10th 2023, and will become effective June 1, 2023.

Read the Draft Rules

Don't Forget to Purge Old Forms

New forms will be available on the website June 1, 2023. Providers must delete all old forms they have saved and must only use the new forms. The new forms will have the new fees and new requirements.

Stay Informed

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