Driver Education School Closure Frequently Asked Questions

Longhorn Driving School located in Cedar Park, Texas closed its doors on December 30, 2017.

TDLR’s first priority is to provide answers to common questions of parents and students who were impacted by the closure. The Education and Examination Division is focused on getting students their appropriate transfer information so they may enroll into a new school or program as quickly as possible. You may view all Driver Education Schools and Parent Taught Driver Education Courses licensed by TDLR.

Students and Parents

1. I attended a driver education school and it has recently closed, what are my options to finish my education? What steps do I take now?

You have the option to attend another school or transfer to a parent taught driver education course.

Please contact TDLR at notifying us that you were impacted by the school closure. Once TDLR has completed the review of your closed school's records you will be given a letter confirming your completed hours. You will provide this letter to the school you wish to transfer to.

2. Will the hours I earned at the closed school transfer to another school or will I lose my hours earned?

You will not lose the hours earned at the closed school when transferring to another driver education school. However, if you choose to transfer to a parent taught driver education course you will lose hours of any partially completed phases. For further information on this please contact us at

3. Did the closed school provide any information for students regarding the closure of the school?

Please check your school website for possible closure information and procedures.

4. Will the money I have paid to the closed school for tuition be refunded?

Please refer to the questions and answers listed below regarding refund information.

5. I have completed all of my required classroom and/or driving hours but did not receive my completion certificate? How do I receive this completion certificate?

Please contact the Education and Examination Division by email at and provide your name and all relevant information. Explain that you are needing your completion certificate and TDLR will review your student records. Once the review is completed you will be provided with a letter confirming your completed hours to take to the Texas Department of Public Safety or to another driver education school.

Closed Driver Education School and Tuition

1. What happens when a driver education school closes?

If a driver education school closes, the department will obtain all student records for students enrolled in the closed school in order to facilitate their attendance to another school.

Student records will be reviewed against fees paid for tuition and instruction received. Any costs to attend a new driver education school for completion of hours are separate and apart from any refund due from the closed school.

2. How much will my refund be?

The student's tuition and fees shall be refunded based on:

  1. Tuition paid for instruction
  2. The amount of active/unfinished students that submit proper notice of payment
  3. Overall time completed (classroom, behind-the-wheel, observation)
  4. Available funds

The department will pay claims on a pro rata basis from appropriated money available in the account if:

  1. The account contains insufficient assets to pay all claims
  2. Insufficient money has been appropriated to the department from the account to pay all claims, or
  3. The total amount of claims against a single closed school exceeds a specified amount

3. What will I need to have to make a claim?

If you were enrolled as a student at a closed driver education school, and you also believe you are owed a refund of some or all of the tuition you paid to the closed school, then please contact the Education and Examination Division at

To help prove that the closed school owes you money for education which you paid for but did not receive, please include the following types of documents:

  1. The most current version of your signed contract with the closed school.
  2. Any receipts that show that the closed school received funds from you -- whether you paid the school with a credit card, or by money order, or through a direct deposit, or by check or cash, etc.
  3. Any invoices from the closed school dated on or near the date it closed, and that show a balance was owed to you by the school.

4. How do I make a claim?

Please contact the Education and Examination Division regarding the information and forms which need to be submitted at

5. How long does it take to receive a refund?

Once TDLR has received and reviewed all requests we will file against the surety bond for the closed driver education school. It may take several weeks for refunds to be issued.

School Administrators

1. Our driver education school would like to accept students that attended a driver education school which recently closed. What is the procedure we should follow to notify the Department?

Send TDLR an email to stating that you are willing and able to accept transfer students. Please provide your school's permit number, name, address and contact information. Your school will be added to the list of available schools for the students to choose from.

2. If our school accepts a student from a closed school, how will we know how many hours of classroom or driving instruction the student has received?

The Department's priority is to provide each student with a letter stating the students completed progress with the closed school. The students will provide you with this letter verifying their progress in the driver education. You may contact the department with any questions about a letter received at

3. How can I stay updated and informed of the situation?

Agency staff will continue to provide updates on Facebook, Twitter and the TDLR website. You may also want to sign up to receive email notifications from the Department. We will also keep the schools informed and updated with current information regarding the situation.