The Financial Crimes Intelligence Center (FCIC) is the statewide fusion center that coordinates law enforcement investigations into various types of financial crimes.

The FCIC is staffed by law enforcement officers with extensive experience in investigating financial crimes including organized crime, credit card skimming and shimming.

(A skimmer is a device that thieves can attach to the inside or outside of the cabinet of a gas pump or an ATM for the purpose of intercepting and recording payment card information when a customer initiates a card transaction.)

The FCIC works with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as financial institutions, credit card and debit card issuers, payment card networks, merchants, and the fuel industry, to stop credit card fraud. The Center also develops and provides training to law enforcement and industry partners on identifying and combating credit card fraud.

The FCIC is located in Tyler, Texas, where daily operations are overseen by the Smith County District Attorney’s office. The FCIC is operated by Smith County through a reimbursement contract with TDLR.