TDLR Information Forums for Upcoming Transfer Programs

Information Forums on Rulemaking

In early March 2017, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) hosted Information Forums on rulemaking for the six licensing programs transferring from DSHS to TDLR in November 2017. The forums were held in Arlington, Houston and Austin. TDLR staff discussed the TDLR rulemaking process and provided an overview of the draft rules for the programs. The forums were free and open to the public. View the forum presentation (447kb PDF)

The transferring programs are:

  • Code Enforcement Officers;
  • Laser Hair Removal;
  • Massage Therapy;
  • Mold Assessors and Remediators;
  • Offender Education Providers; and
  • Sanitarians.

Questions about the forums can be sent to:

Introductory Information Forums

TDLR hosted public Information Forums” on January 5, 2017 related to the upcoming transfer of six licensing programs to TDLR. The programs will come to TDLR from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) as authorized by Senate Bill 202, 84th Regular Session.

The forums were conducted so current DSHS licensees would have the opportunity to meet TDLR in person, learn how the agency is organized and operates, and get to know key personnel well ahead of the November 1, 2017 program transfer. 

The forums in Houston, Arlington and Austin were free and open to the public. Attendees - most if not all of whom were current DSHS licensees - viewed informative presentations and participated in open discussions with TDLR's executive leadership, senior management, and program staff. View the presentation from the January 5 TDLR Information Forums.

To elicit ideas about where TDLR can focus its attention to improve the transferring programs, attendees were asked four questions:

  • What is going well with your licensing program?
  • What could be improved with your program?
  • If you were king or queen for a day, what changes would you make to current rules, laws or processes?
  • Over the next five years, what major changes will affect the way you do business and services you provide? 

We gathered the responses given during the face-to-face forums. Here are the responses:

“In all of the feedback received from the forums, one common theme emerged,” said Brian Francis, TDLR executive director. “While some attendees may have arrived skeptical or unsure about their future at a new agency, they left feeling good about the upcoming changes, and grateful for the opportunity to make their voices heard. By that measure alone, the forums were a big success.”

TDLR is currently analyzing the responses received to identify where immediate improvements should be made, and where rule changes may be necessary once the programs transfer.

More outreach efforts will take place throughout the year. All questions related to the forums or the program transfers can be sent to