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Attention: Barber Shops, Beauty Salons, Dual Shops, All Mini-Barbershops & Salons & All Mobile Shops & Salons

HB 1560 Update:

House Bill 1560 (87R) was passed by the 87th Texas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 15, 2021, combining the Barbering and Cosmetology programs. As a result, on March 4, 2024, many barber businesses will receive an updated business license with a new license number and license type. Cosmetology businesses will receive an updated business license upon renewal.

WHO: All beauty salons, barber shops, dual shops/salons, mini-barbershops, mini-salons, mobile-type shops and salons

The following license types will receive a new license number and a new establishment license will be issued upon renewal:

  • Barber shops
  • Dual shops/salons
  • Mini-barbershops and Mini-dual shops/salons
  • Mobile barber shops and dual shops/salons
  • Mobile specialty* salons

Beauty salons will keep the existing license numbers and only the heading and title will change. Upon renewal of your cosmetology business license, the updated establishment license will be mailed.

An online “crosswalk” is under development to help license holders retrieve their new license information. When the current (old) license number is entered into the crosswalk, the new license number and expiration date will be displayed. You will have access to your old license number through Search Licensees if you need to verify information pertaining to your establishment.


  • All licenses will show the heading “Texas Barbering and Cosmetology” across the top of the license
  • All licenses with “shop,” “salon,” “shop/salon,” titles will be replaced with the “establishment” title
  • License types will change as seen in the table below:
Current License Type New License Type
Barber Shop Full-Service Establishment
Beauty Salon Full-Service Establishment
Dual Shop/Salon Full-Service Establishment
Mini-Barbershop Mini-Establishment
Mini-Dual Shop/Salon Mini-Establishment
Mini-Salon Mini-Establishment
Mobile Shop Mobile Establishment
Mobile Beauty Salon Mobile Establishment
Mobile Specialty* Shop Mobile Establishment
Mobile Specialty* Salon Mobile Establishment
*”Specialty” includes: manicure, hair weaving, esthetician, esthetician/manicure & mobile eyelash extension

If you hold multiple establishment licenses (for example a separate barber shop and beauty salon license), TDLR will use the expiration date from the license with the latest date.

How to Renew on, or After, 03/04/2024:

To renew a “shop,” “salon,” or “shop/salon” license online, click “Barbering & Cosmetology”.

Click License Renewal

Click Establishment License

Click the license type that applies to the “shop,” “salon,” or “shop/salon” license.