Prescribing Medication

Scope of Practice

For a valid medical purpose and within the limits of podiatry scope of practice, Podiatrists can write prescriptions to treat any disease, disorder, physical injury, deformity or ailment of the human foot. A Podiatrist, however, cannot delegate his/her prescriptive authority to any other person.

Controlled Substances

In order for a currently licensed Texas Podiatric Physician to prescribe Controlled Substances, he or she must have an active Controlled Substances registration from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to prescribe "Schedule II, III, IV & V" Controlled Substances.

A practitioner who prescribes a controlled substance listed in Schedule II must, with some exceptions, record the prescription in an electronic prescription. See the prescribing controlled substances page for more information on prescribing waivers.


Podiatry Residents enrolled in an accredited GPME residency (training) program who hold a Temporary license may prescribe Controlled Substances under the (training) facility's DEA registration and remain subject to the supervision of the (training) program and residency director. Under no circumstances are residents allowed to prescribe controlled substances for purposes outside of the approved residency (training) program.

Prescription Monitoring Program

For any questions relating to ordering official controlled substances prescription pads, or about the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program, please contact the Texas State Board of Pharmacy: