Polygraph Examiner Education

To be eligible to provide a polygraph examiner education course, a registrant must submit a completed course approval application (PDF) on a department-approved form; and file and obtain approval of the course curriculum required. The approval is valid for one year and may be renewed annually.

Polygraph Examiner Course Registration Application (PDF)

Polygraph Examiner Course

The course will consist of 320 hours.

  • Polygraph techniques, methodology, instrumentation - 20 hours
  • History and development - 8 hours
  • Mechanics and functioning of the instrument components (both analog and computerized), basic procedures for instrument activation and operation, chart marking, etc - 20 hours
  • Semantics and test question construction - 30 hours
  • Techniques of understanding the use of multi-technique procedures, instruction for understanding the use of comparison question techniques, relevant-irrelevant techniques, peak of tension procedures - 60 hours
  • Test data analysis. Skill development in chart analysis providing an introductory knowledge of different chart analysis procedures such as global procedures, numerical scoring procedures, etc. - 50 hours
  • Interviewing/Post-Test Procedures. Skill development in pre and post-test interview methods and procedures taught - 14 hours
  • Ethics. A thorough understanding of the ethical obligations of the examiner to the polygraph examinee, to the client, and to the profession - 6 hours
  • Development of Student Skills. Development of the student’s proficiency in chart work, includes the student producing, a minimum of 60 minutes of charts to be maintained in the student files; not to include calibration charts and instruments maintenance time - 40 hours
  • Legal issues. Instruction in the basic legal matters pertinent to the practice of polygraph; local, state, and federal applicable regulations, admissibility issues, courtroom testimony, and others - 8 hours
  • Psychological issues. Basic psychological and psychophysiological issues forming the foundation of polygraph sciences - 24 hours
  • Physiological issues. Basic physiological and psychophysiological issues forming the foundation of polygraph sciences - 20 hours
  • Student evaluation - 20 hours

List of Approved Polygraph Examiners Courses

(Sorted alphabetically by school name)

  • Basic Examiner Course
    School: Backster School of Lie Detection
    22610 US Hwy 281 N  Suite 206
    San Antonio TX 78258
    (613) 507-4660
  • Basic Polygraph Examiners Course
    School: Behavioural Measures UK
    Polygraph Training Centre
    Office 6, 6-8 Charlotte Square
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    England NE1-4XF
    US Contact Number: (972) 437-4597 (Dallas)
  • Basic Polygraph Examiner Training
    School: National Polygraph Academy
    1890 Star Shoot Parkway Suite 170-366
    Lexington KY 40509
    (859) 494-7424
  • Basic Polygraph Examiners’ Course (Texas)
    School: PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center
    1490 NE Pine Island Road Unit 7B
    Cape Coral FL 33909
    (239) 900-6800
  • Basic Polygraph Examiners Course
    School: The Polygraph Institute
    22610 US Highway 281 N, Suite 206
    San Antonio TX 78258-7562
    (210) 508-8091
  • Basic Polygraph Course
    School: Texas Dept. of Public Safety Polygraph School
    6001 Guadalupe Bldg E
    Austin TX 78752
    (512) 424-5024
  • Basic Polygraph Examiners Course
    School: Veridicus International Polygraph Academy
    100 Ranch House Road
    Cibolo TX 78108
    (210) 843-7628

For questions, please contact the Education and Examination Division at education@tdlr.texas.gov.