TDLR Strategic Planning

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

TDLR 2019-2023 Strategic Plan: Seeing a Brighter Future with Common-Sense Solutions (13.5 MB PDF)

Supplemental Schedules (7.4 MB PDF)

Your Voice Matters

TDLR Executive Director Brian Francis leads a strategic planning session.We value your input in charting the course for TDLR’s future. TDLR held five Strategic Planning Sessions in April 2018 in Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Houston and McAllen. During each session participants were asked to respond to the following questions about TDLR:

  • What are we doing well?
  • If you were king or queen for a day, what changes would you make to TDLR’s laws, rules, or processes?
  • During the next five years, what major changes do you expect in your profession or industry, and in the state of Texas?
  • What changes should we make to prepare for the next catastrophic event, such as Hurricane Harvey?

We asked these same questions in an online survey for people who could not attend an in-person session. Participants shared their thoughts about how we’re doing and how we can improve.

Ideas and suggestions from these strategic planning efforts make a difference. We make process improvement and rule changes based on your feedback, and we share your feedback with state lawmakers. Your ideas create real change for Texas.

Customer Comments

We recorded every response we received at the strategic planning sessions and to the survey. You can review the comments below.

What are we doing well?

Comment Source
What Can Be Done About Hb2717 Deregulation  Of Braiding Arlington
Instructors Need To Walk Testing Floor. Some Instructors Have Never Ever Seen The Site. Do Not Have Any Idea How It Is Set Up! Arlington
Why Do You Have To Renew A License You Have Already Attained. Arlington
I Think The Chairman Is Doing A Great Job For Now. Arlington
Bring Braiding Back Arlington
Braiding , It Should Be Licensed If It Is Brought Back Arlington
Barber Arlington
Managing All The New Programs Added Without Letting Others Fall To The Side Arlington
This Law Should Be Changed So To Safety And Sanitation Arlington
How Great Is The Chairman!! Arlington
Tdlrar2 Arlington
Listening Arlington
Why Was The Shampoo Licensing Dissolved Arlington
Inspection Was For The Intent Of Helping Us Instead Of Coming In To Fine Us Arlington
Communicating Arlington
Shampoo Tech Permit Needed In Both Barbering And Cosmetology Industry! 1 Year. Arlington
Why Do Barbers Not Have Ce? Arlington
I Have Been Licensed For 30 Years . 60 Dollars Fo License Fee Is Great Arlington
Continuing Education For Barbering? Arlington
Email Updates Arlington
Barbering And Cosmetology Board Joining? Arlington
Reduced Licensing Cost; Send Out Email Update; Reduced Wording Arlington
Instructors Are Required To Get Ceu Hours Arlington
School Inspection Arlington
Cib Bulletin For Grading Criteria Need To Be Better Explained. Arlington
Email Notifications Arlington
I Thought Schools Were Inspected Once A Year Arlington
I Think We Need More Ce For Cosmetology Arlington
E-Mail Response Time Arlington
License Renewal Process Is Much Easier Now Arlington
Lowering Licensing Costz Arlington
Communicating With Licensees Arlington
Ability To Get Someone On The Phone For The Tnc Industry Austin
Harvey Response Austin
Tax Consultants Austin
Email Notifications Make It Easy To Communicate With Our Industry Austin
Good Experience With Electronic Certificate Issuance For Des Austin
Very Business Friendly - You Stay Out Of Our Business Practices And Open Doors To Make It Easier For Us To Stay In Business Austin
I Like Getting Emails Austin
I Like Me Email Notifications Of Important Dates For Licensed Breeder Austin
Ptp - Simplied Website, Including Exam Stats And 2 Year Lookback For Ce Credit Austin
Bre: Is Great About Email Notifications About Updates. Appreciate Video Recording Of Meetings! Austin
Ptc'S - We Like The Timeliness And Efficiency Of The Licensing Process And The Renewal Process. Austin
Email Notifications Austin
Very Current In Licensing. Other Agencies Behind Austin
Collect License Fees Austin
Communication Of Changes/Updates Austin
Listening And You Actually Make Changes From Our Suggesgtions Austin
Conduct Meetings Like This Around The State To Solicit Comments, Hold Summits To Discuss Important Topics, Conducting Ce Workshops, Speaking At Our Conferences, Show Up At Legislative Meetings, Challenge Industry To Look At What We Do With Fresh Eyes Austin
You Work On Your Own Processes, You'Re Process Oriented And You Look At How You Do Things Austin
Communicating Meetings Like This And Your Willingness To Engage In Dialogue Austin
Online Applications For Towing And Vsf Austin
Online Renewals For Tow And Vsf Are Easy Austin
Initial Efforts Toward More Compliance'S Based Regulation In Towing & Vsf Programs. Austin
Bre - I Like Getting Emails. Austin
Tdlrau1 Austin
Every One Of Them! Austin
Asking Input From Us For Better Relationships Is Awesome. -Midwives Austin
Licensing Response Time Is Efficient And We Appreciate That. Midwives Austin
Emails Austin
Costumer Service Is Great Dietitians Austin
Hit Deadline For License Implementation-Behavior Analysts Austin
The Email Updates Are Timely And Helpful - Midwives Austin
Live Streaming Of Meetings Are Appreciated- Midwives Austin
Communication -Midwives Austin
Ptc'S - Easy To Follow Ceu Information.  We Can Look Up Our Courses Taken Easily. Austin
Ptc-  Responsiveness To Questions, Concerns,  And License Renewal Process. Austin
Ptc Current Education Updates (Ceus) Austin
Peo- Email Notifications Austin
I Like The Cooperation We Get In Conducting C. E. Classes For Water Austin
Ptp - Instant Update Of Education Credits Austin
Ptc'S Agree With Ptp'S About Instant Updating Of Education Credits Austin
Everyone I'Ve Been In Contact With Has Been Great. Austin
Tdlr Inspectors Not Overly Authoritative - I Was Treated With Respect And Understanding Austin
Tdlr Inspectors Appreciate And Value Our Time Austin
I Like The Way Tdlr Works Well With Breeders. Austin
Bre And Elc Licensing Renewal Is Very Easy. Austin
Thank You For Hosting These Sessions And Hearing Us! Austin
Customer Service Oriented Austin
Supportive Of Technology Austin
Keep The Communication Coming. Austin
Listen To Licensees. Austin
Reducing Paperwork Required In Applications - Examples Curriculum Approval Austin
Customer Care In Phone Conversations, Very Helpful. Austin
Update Of Student Hours, Helpful For Instructors. Austin
The Details Shears Provides Is Very Helpful Austin
Renewal Postcards Are Helpful. Austin
Sympathetic To Demands Of Business Operators Austin
Website - Easy To Find Information. Austin
Subsections On Website Are Helpful. Austin
Hurricane Harvey Response Was Great. We Appreciate It. Austin
Tdlr Shined During Harvey Response Compared To Other Agencies. Austin
1. Efficiently Issue Renewal Licenses. 2. The Web Mail Tdlr Notices Are Effective And Timely. Austin
Answering Email Quickly. - God Is Still Endlessly Good. Austin
Communicating Clearly. Austin
Test Austin
E-Newsletter Is Very Effective. Austin
You Are Accessible And Very Helpful When We Have Questions Austin
Yes- God Is Still Endlessly Good. Austin
Friendly Staff! -Dietitians Austin
Friendliness Of Staff Is Really Appreciated By Midwives. Austin
Asking Us Our Opinion!!!! Nice To Feel That We Are Important Enough To Ask As We Experience Changes In Our Industries. Austin
Midwives Is Complex.  You Have Been Great...Appreciate And So I Really Appreciate The Time And Effort Everyone Austin
Licensing Renewal For Midwives Is Super Easy Austin
Positive Interaction And Had Attended Behavior Analysis Meetings-Behavior Analysts Austin
Hifd-License Renewal Reminders To The Regulations That Effect Me. Austin
Midwives: Efficient Licensing Austin
Midwives - Licensing Process Is Much More Efficient Austin
Appreciate Attendance At Conferences-Dietitians Austin
Listened To Us And Reduced Our Licensing Fee!-Behavior Analysts Austin
Does A Reminder Email Go Out When Its Time For Renewal? -Midwives Austin
Electronic Licensing Is Great. Midwives Austin
Midwives - As Program Transferred To Tdlr, Agency Really Took The Time And Effort To Understand The Profession Austin
Renewal Process Is Quicker Austin
Very Quick Response Time On Returning Phone Calls. Austin
Holding Strategic Planning Sessions!! - Midwives Austin
Fast Turnaround Time On License Renewal. El Paso
Having Face To Face Meetings. El Paso
Ease Of Website El Paso
Submitting Mold Notifications Online. El Paso
Please Maintain The Mold Program El Paso
Other States Don'T Regulate Mold. Texas Should Continue To Do So. El Paso
Tdlrel2 El Paso
Rule Transparency El Paso
Tdlr Has A Great Response Time Through Email. El Paso
Mas Require Proof Of Ce El Paso
Tslrel2 El Paso
Tdlel2 El Paso
Continuing Education Specific For Discipline (Mold) El Paso
Communication Through Shears Is Great El Paso
Tdlr Is Providing More Opportunities To Test. El Paso
Informing Us Of Updates El Paso
Not Sure. Massage Therapy Is New. Can You Update What You Plan To Do. El Paso
Distance Education El Paso
Mold El Paso
Massage School Online Learning On Certain Subjects. Its 2018. El Paso
Tdlr Website Is A Good Source Of Information. El Paso
Kiosk Is A Good Idea. Schools Should Have That. El Paso
I Thing Barber Schools Should Have That, Make It Easier El Paso
Mold El Paso
Kiosk El Paso
The Icons On The Agency’S Main Web Page Appear Much Bigger – Thank You! External Email
What Tdlr Does Good Is Collect Money Because Of The Fines Although I Disagree It Is Just Another "Tax" That For The Most Part Has Nothing To Do With Protecting The Public Or For Safety. External Email
Tdlr Is Proactive And Transparent With Processes And Industry Information. The Agency’S Web Site Has An Overwhelming Amount Of Information However It Is Out There For Public Viewing. External Email
Thank You For Bringing Back The “Contact Information” Button – It Had Gone Away. External Email
We Took Care Of Students And Schools Affected By Harvey. External Email
Licensing Response Time Is Efficient And We Appreciate That. External Email
The Livestreaming Of Meetings Is Appreciated. External Email
The Email Updates Are Timely And Helpful. External Email
It Has Been Encouraging And Appreciated That Tdlr Has Been So Friendly.  The Effort And Outreach On The Behalf Of Tdlr Has Not Gone Unnoticed! External Email
I Met George Ferrie At The End Of A Late Might Hearing During The 2015 Session.  His Consumer-Friendly Service, Which I Didn'T Have At Our Old Agency, Was Shared By Every Staff Member. External Email
Every Time I Contact A Staff Member, I Receive Timely Responses.  The Staff Is Hands-On With Everyone Attending The Regular Meetings With Our Adv Board.  Responds In A Reasonable Time. External Email
Asking For Input From Us In An Effort To Create A Smooth Streamlined Relationship. External Email
We Suggest That Tdlr Continue To Operate In The Cordial, Responsive, And Professional Manner That We Have Experienced To Date. External Email
Especially Appreciated Is The Large Reduction Of Application And Licensure Fees From The Initial Estimate! In Our Opinion, The Persons Appointed To The Behavior Analysis Advisory Board Are Excellent Choices. External Email
The Experience We Have Had Is Positive. We'Re Impressed By The Responsiveness Of Staff, To Input We Have Provided, To The Attendance Of Staff Attending Meetings Many Behavior Analysts Attend, And Staff Being So Cordial And Friendly. External Email
Informing On All Updates Facebook
Tdlr Concept Is Good. Facebook
Nothing Good, You Guys Only Give Warning'S To Those Who Break The Law Regarding Electrical. Facebook
Nothing Facebook
Doing Away With Certain License. Facebook
Implementing Regulations In Salons Facebook
New To Tdlr, But You Seem To Care About The Massage Profession. Facebook
Putting Out Info In A Timely Manner Facebook
Communication Facebook
Nothing Facebook
Colling Money Facebook
You Are Keeping Salons That Safe By Setting Rules And Regulations And Acting On Them By Sending Inspectors To Observe What'S Going On In Salon Spas In Schools. You Are Raising Human Traffic Awareness. Facebook
Nothing Facebook
Combining The Operator License And The Lease Salon  License Was A Good Idea Facebook
Far As I Can See Everything Facebook
Charging Fees Facebook
Keeping License Fee Reasonable Facebook
Keeping Us Informed By Email And Fb On Things Going On. Facebook
Communicating Facebook
Religious Studies Facebook
Not Sure How To Answer This One Facebook
Turn Around On Getting License After Payment. Facebook
Trying To Make Our Industry Better . Facebook
Inspections Facebook
The Actual Process Of Getting A License Is Fairly Straightforward Facebook
C E U Courses Facebook
Informing Us With Updates. Facebook
I Had The Expired Date Of My Massage License Was Not The Same Date Between Dshs Provided Me And The Date That Post On Tdlr Website. After I Contacted Your Staff They Response Very Fast. Facebook
Easy To Renew License Facebook
Keeping Us Informed. Listening, More Organized Facebook
Communicating Facebook
Keeping Us Informed Of Changes. Facebook
Touching Base With All Divisions And Staying Consistent With Visits To Salons. Facebook
Posting News And Updates Facebook
Via Txaba- Ppg Houston
Ba'S - Cordial And Friendly Houston
Live Streaming Houston
Sense Of Camraderie Within Tdlr Houston
Des - Strategic Planning, Summits, Responding Reasonably Promptly, Processing Certs, Sending Instructor Renewal On Timely Basis, Assisting Ce Workshops, Attending Assoc Conferences, Carrying Industry Concerns To The Lege, Participating In The Lege Process, Working On Improving Processes. Houston
Working With Schools That Were Out During Harvey Houston
Live Webstream For Meetings Houston
Bhv - Friendliness Of Staff, Outreach To Association Conferences, Reduced Licensing Fees. Houston
Midwives - License Was Renewed Quickly Houston
Plenty Of Notice For Meetings And Live-Streaming Meeting Houston
Improved Online Applications For Slp Licenses Houston
Txaba Ppg - You'Ve Attended Our Events! Houston
Midwives - Email Updates, Plenty Of Notice For Meetings, Staff Is Easy To Talk To. Houston
Txaba Ppg (Ba'S) - Reduced Licensing Fees. Houston
Timely Email Updates Houston
Impressed With Ease Of Rules Adoption Houston
Nic Exams Houston
I Love The Open Meetings Like This! Houston
License Renewals Houston
Test Houston
Elc - Customer Service Is Always Good. Houston
Psi Collaboration Houston
Reducing Government Hands In The Pot With Crazy Rules But Still Working To Keep The Public Safe. Houston
Outreach Is Good. Tdshs Didn'T Have A Venue For This Type Of Discussion With Industry. Houston
Helpful With Licensing New Sites Houston
Remove Address And Phone On Licensee Caused Problem In Research By Filter Houston
Good That Tdlr Is Doing Outreach. (Elc) Houston
Online Search Tdlr R&R Houston
Eab - Ce Is Easy To Get And Appreciate That. Houston
San - Tdlr Made An Attempt To Get In Touch With Individuals During Transition. There Was A Problem Looking Up License Information Once At Tdlr - And Tdlr Had It Corrected Within A Day. Houston
Mold Comsulting Houston
Moving Mold From Dshs To Tdlr Was A Good Idea Houston
Good At Taking Money - Elc Houston
Reduced Fees For Mold Is Good. Houston
Mold - Fee Reductions Houston
Electrical: Were Doing A Good Job On The Website. Houston
Texas City High School Cosmetology! Houston
Too Soon To Tell That Mold Is Doing Well Here At Tdlr - Good, But Still Need Time. Houston
Advisory Committee- Working With You Houston
Yes I Agree With Prompt Response With Emails For Drivers Ed Houston
Cleaning Up Legislation Issues Houston
Clarifying Legislation Houston
Tdlr Listened After Harvey. Houston
Tow - Tdlr Vsf Class Is Phenomenal. Houston
Helping The Houston Area Schools During Harvey Houston
Reducing Rules Houston
Prompt E-Mail Response Dr Ed Houston
License Renewal Houston
Visiting Driver Education Schools Houston
Made Provisions For Students After Harvey. Houston
Des - Giving Us Notice For License Renewals Houston
Maybe Have A Portion Of The Licensing Fees Go To A Texas Catastrophic Er Fund McAllen
Email Any New Rules Or Regulation For Towing Company Or Updated Fees McAllen
Bh-Staff Cordial And Friendly McAllen
Every Time I'Ve Had To Call, I Have Always Received Exceptional Customer Service. McAllen
Hfd- Able To Renew License Extremely Easy Submitted Friday And By Monday Got My License Fees Were Lowered As Well Thank You McAllen
Hfd Lower Fees McAllen
(2/2) S And To Go To The Atm Conference. McAllen
(1/2) Mid: Even As A Student, This Is Already My Second Time Seeing Representatives From Tdlr Face To Face. Thank You For Making The Effort To Run These Session McAllen
Ba Responsiveness To Professionalism McAllen
Bh-Attendance Of Staff At Meetings That Bh Attend McAllen
Bh-Impressed With The Responsiveness To Input Provided McAllen
Mid:  The Translation Of Informed Choice To Spanich McAllen
Ba- Tdlr Attending Association Meetings. McAllen
2 Week New Application Review McAllen
Streamlined License Renewal Process.  Worked Very Well, Lower Renewal Fees... Loved It! McAllen
Smooth Transition To New Program McAllen
Behavior Analyst Extremely Positive. Staff Attend Our Association Meetings McAllen
Hfd... Streamlined License Online Renewal Process.  Worked Very Well, Lower Renewal Fees.., Loved It! McAllen
Smooth Transition To New Program Midwives McAllen
I Appreciate Tdlr Visiting Our Stvt Campus.  Would Like To  Know  If You  Will Be Having A List On The Website Of All The Mt'S, Mti'S And Providers Etc.. McAllen
How Is Tdlr, Helping  With  The Mblex As We Feel The  Federation Is Just Trying To  Pocket Money  Instead Of  Helping McAllen
I Love That We Have Rebecca! McAllen
Like The Opportunity To Participate In External Strategic Planning McAllen
Fast Responses To All Of My Questions McAllen
Changing The Industry To  Simplify The Paperwork McAllen
These Meetings Make Us Feel That You Care About Our Industry And Our Help Is Appreciated By You McAllen
Mass- Appreciated Rebecca Coming To The Schools McAllen
Roy Cantu Support. McAllen
Inspectors Talking To Our Students McAllen
I Feel Great When Tdlr Comes In. They Are Respectful. The Kids Need To Know More Than Youtube Is Required. McAllen
Changes To Practical Exams Are Good. Since Trends Di Change McAllen
Keeping That Open And Fast Communication With Schools McAllen
Thank You For Doing Your Job And Helping Us Remove People Out There Who Are Giving Us A Bad Reputation. McAllen
Very Professional Since Coming From Barber Board. McAllen
Listening To Our Concerns And More Organized. McAllen
Expanding The Inspectors That Visit Schools And Salons Etc. McAllen
Love The Fact You Guys Are Very Aware On What We Need Or Think We Want When It Comes To Our Industry McAllen
Email Correspondence From  Employees On Issues Is Great McAllen
Staff Responding To Emails And Being Helpful And Friendly- Used To Be Intimidating Contacting Department In Past McAllen
How You Notify And Are Able To View The Advisory Board Meetings. McAllen
Email Any New Vsf Rules.. McAllen
Corr: Email Any New Vsf Before Implementing. McAllen
Email Any New Rules Or Regulation For Towing Company Or Updated Fees McAllen
Corr: Des For Reducing Fees And Language Simplifying. McAllen
Emails Before You Make Changes On Any New Rules That Apply To Driver Education.  Get Feed Back From Schools McAllen
Emails Are Great. McAllen
Reducing Fees And Language Simplifying McAllen
Email New Towing Rules McAllen
Excellent Website Website
Not Sure Website
Most In Eab Is Running Well, However; Need Answers To Questions That Are Asked And They Need To Be Consistent Website
Ease Of On Line Notification Tools. Responsive To Your Customer'S Needs. Website
Pharmacy Tsbp Website
Nothing Website
Es Buana Website
Public Outreach Website
Replies To Emails Are More Prompt. Website Maintains Updated Information. Keeps Licensees Informed. Website
On Line License Renewal.  Posting License Information On Line. Website
Constant Improvement On Website Functionality: I Am Able To Navigate Effectively To What I'M Searching For. Website
Excellent Website
Interactions With Your Staff Are Wonderful.  I Have Rarely Gotten Such Personal, Helpful Information From Another State.  Katherine Vaughan, In Particular, Has Reached Out To Me Several Times For A Few Reasons.  It Is Absolutely A Great Thing. Website
I Feel Too Many Services In Cosmetology Is Being Deregulated. The Square Footage And Requirements For Schools Will Make It Too Easy For Mom And Pop Schools To Become Licensed. Schools Need To Be Held Accountable For The Students Education. Website
Yes Website
Notifications Website
Web Site Is Good Website
Easy To Communicate With Website
Box:  Sending Assignment Notices W/Plenty Of Time. Website
Great Job With The Updated Web Page! Website
I Am Happy With Tdlr Website
Adapting To The Changes In Uses Of Industrialized Buildings. Website
Web Site Is Ok Website
Registrations And Tracking Of Contractors Website
The Industrialized Building Program Is Well Managed And More Efficient Than Most Other State Modular/Industrialized Programs. Website
Sending Reminders Via Email And Mail To Renew License. Website
Reaching Out For Feedback From The Community Website
Management Listens To Us. Website
The Costumer Service Is Been Improved. Website
Keeping The License  Holder Aware Of Meetings You Hold ,The Expiration  Of A License Notification Website

If you were king or queen for a day, what changes would you make to TDLR's laws, rules, or processes?

Comment Source
Schools Should Be More Closely Monitored To Prove They Are Actually Teaching Content And Not Just Clocking Hours Arlington
Sweeps And Stings Of Unlicensed Shops. Arlington
Clearly Define Credit Hour/ Distant Learning Rules Of Reporting Arlington
Don'T Require A Doctor'S Level Of English To Be A Massage Therapist. (Kings Decree: Allow Candidates To Bring A Translator At Their Own Expense) Arlington
Training In Cosmetology And Barber Schools Should Be Consistent Arlington
Need More Approved Continuing Education Options.  How Are Organizations Or Individuals Approved To Teach These & How Is The Curriculum Approved? Arlington
Instructors Written Test Needs To Have A Test Prep Created On Psi. Especially Since The Pass Rate Is About 35% Arlington
There Would Be The Option To Piece Cosmetology, Example: If You Have An Esthetics And Nail Tech License, You Should Only Do A Hair Course To Go Full Cosmo Arlington
My Company It'S Mep ElectricI Need Help Here At El Paso Tx All 90%  The Company'S Rent The License For Money At Month Or Week This It'S Ilegal For The Arlington
Crack Down On Sexually Suggestive Massage Ads Arlington
Lower School Inspections To 1 Time Per Year Arlington
Add More Inspections Of Salons. Arlington
There Should Be Financial Assistance For Instructors Who Want To Further Their Education Arlington
Follow Massachusetts In Allowing Extra Education In Lieu Of Federal Testing For Massage Arlington
What About The Licensing For Foot Massage Arlington
Licensees Are Being Penalized To Pay For The Cost Of Unlicensed Businesses. Arlington
Programs To Assist Bringing Unlicensed Practicioners Into The Light. Arlington
Do More Sting Operations! Arlington
How Do You Find A Massage Therapist Who Has Been Convicted Of Sexual Assault After Receiving A License If Courts Are Not Required To Report Convictions O Arlington
If An Esthetician Instructor Gets A Full Cosmo License, They Should Automatically Get The Cosmo Instructor License Arlington
Electrical Supplies Should Be Available To Electrical Contractors.  Internet Locus Must Be Stopped Arlington
Faq'S Are Not Always Consistent With Published Rules Arlington
City Of Irving Has A Program Where Homeowners Can Sign Up To Write Citations In Other Neighborhoods. Arlington
Barber Mentorships Should Be Part Of Barber School To Help With Continuing Education. Arlington
Add Barber Ce Hours Increase Cosmetology Ce Hours By Adding Hiv/Aids Awareness. Arlington
Licensees Should Be Required To Prove Adequate Training For The Treatments They Provide - Either By Licensed School Or Approved Continuing Education Arlington
Allow Massage Students To Experience "Field Trips". Arlington
Safety Razor Should Have A Picture Of What An Actual Guarded Razor Is. Cosmos Do Not Have Training On Blood Spill Procedures Arlington
We Must Maintain Our License And Fee'S Arlington
Evaluate The Actual Education Quality At Schools Arlington
Renewal Of License Is A Must ... Ce Should Be Required And A Must Arlington
Need To Step Up Enforcement And Get Law Enforcement Involved. Mas Arlington
Safety Razor Should Have A Picture Of What An Actual Guarded Razor Is. Cosmos Do Not Have Training On Blood Spill Procedures Arlington
Continuing Education Should Continue The Education Not Review Arlington
Degree Level Education Availability Will Allow For More Transferable Skillsets Arlington
500 Hours For Makeup Course. Arlington
I Agree The Online Instructor Ceus Are Not At All Useful, But More Varied Options Should Be More Options Allowed Arlington
Master Educator Book To Learn How To Teach For Bar/Cos Instructors. Arlington
Please Have A Larger Workgroup When Re-Working The Curriculum, Not Just A Group Of 4 Or 5 People.  Please Use A Bigger More Diverse Group Arlington
Figure Out A Way To Get Unlicensed People Licensed. Arlington
When Legislation Is Being Introduced, Agency Needs To Communicate Better With Licensees. Arlington
Enforce Massage Rules That One Must Post Licensing Number When Advertising Arlington
Have Licensees Be Inspectors, Deputize Them Arlington
Strat Plan Sessions Need To Be Held Quarterly. Arlington
Require More Pathology Hrs For Mt Arlington
In 2015 I Filed 30 Complaints Per Month.  Only 2 Out Of 10 Resulted  In Ads Removed.  Investigators Consulted With The Law Breaker And Told Them To Charge Their Ad To Product.  These Company'S Now Show Installations All Over Their Site. Holt Solar And Fireplace In Waco.  Investigators Do A Very Poor Job.  They Do Not Need To Investigate All Tdrl License New Specialized Investigation Department For Electrical Only With Internet Advertising Experts.  New Law Request All Electrical Contractors Should Agree With These New Law Request.  The Only Opposition Should Be Coming From The Locus Destroying Sustainable High Pay Jobs.  Electrical Supplies Sold Only To Licensed Electrical ContractorsDo Not Issue License To Companies And Individuals For Three Years After Performed Or Offer To Perform Electrical Services Without A License.  Do Not Allow Out Of State LicensedSuspend License For Any Manufactures, Distributors, Engineering Firms And Power Companies Or Any Other Company Who'S Sole Business Is Not Local Electrical Contracting Service.  Remove Any Condition Of Texas State Law That Allows Any Entity To Offer Or Perform Electrical Contracting Services Without A Electrical Contracting License. Advertising The Offer To Perform Electrical Contracting Services Should Be Fined 30% Of The Business Volume Conducted Without A License. All Marketing Companies Offering To Connect Consumers To Multiple Electrical Contractors Falls Under The Same Rule Of Offering To Perform.  These Companies Exploit Contractors With Fees And Offer Leads To Unlicensed Individuals. Electrical Contractors Must Police Their Markets And File Tdrl Complaints.  Suspend License For 30 Days For Apprentice, Journeyman And Masters Offering Electrical Contractor Service Without A Contracting License.  A Master Electrician'S/Master Sign Electrician'S License May Be Assigned To Multiple Companies. Masters Must Submit Support, Training And Apprentice/Journeyman Hour Logs To The Tdrl Monthly. This Should Provide Sustainable Business, Improve Workmanship , Attract Better Staffing Opportunities, Remove Marketing Locus And Provide Secure High Paying Jobs (Actually Makes It To Retirement).   This Should Also Support Electrical Distribution And Increase Their Support To Electrical Contractors.  In Addition It Will Provide Better Tax Collection For The State And Less Business Failures. Arlington
Yes, A Lot More Pathology For Cosmo And Massage Arlington
Texas Workforce Commission Target Occupational List Does Not Recognize Our Profession As A Occupation. Texas Workforce Solutions. Arlington
Contact Non Licensed Providers That They Are Violating The Laws And Give Them X Amount Of Time To Stop Practicing Arlington
Add An Additional License For Medical Massage Arlington
Better Define Massage Therapy And Medical Massage Therapy. Arlington
Give Better Clarity On Hb2717 - Deregulation Of Braiding. Natural Hair Vs Adding Extention Hair. Give Clarity On The Weaving License... Adhesive/Chemical Arlington
Is Deregulation Of Barbering And Cosmotology Licensing Coming? Arlington
I Would Include More Business Courses, Mandate More Anatomy And Trichology Knowledge To The Industry. . Arlington
Revocation Of Licensing For Gross Negligence Arlington
The Foot Massage Business Are Turning Into A Body Massage Business. Arlington
4 Ce Hours For Hiv/Aids Awareness Arlington
We Are Now Required To Do Human Trafficking Training As Part Of Our Ce Hours, But So Far There Is No Published List Of Training Providers. Arlington
Eliminate Online Ce Hour Classes For The Sake Of Proper Education. Arlington
It Is Impossible To Reach Anyone By Phone. Arlington
Barbers Need Education, Not More Regulation. Arlington
Regulate And Enforce Laws To Non Licensed Massage Therapist. Arlington
Massage Students Get Tips. Arlington
Require Pharmacology Classes For Massage Therapists So There Is A Better Understanding Of The Effects Massage And Eos Have On People And The Medications They May Be On Arlington
Where Is The Massage Therapy Renewal Money Going? Also To Protect The Massage  Industry From Foot Massage Business, That Half Of The People In The Busi Arlington
Mentorships While Still In School Arlington
Advisory Board For Cosmetology Needs A Specific Seat For Esthetician Arlington
Add More College Courses To The Instructors Programs Because 500 Hours And They Can Become A College Professor In A Public School Arlington
Eliminate The Massage Jp Exam. Arlington
Redefine Lmt Vs Lcm Arlington
Instructors In High School Need Tdlr Hours Plus Hours For Teaching Certificate. Arlington
Create A Law That All Websites Must Verify Massage License Number  When They Post A Massage Af Arlington
Teach Students To Have A Business Mindset. Arlington
Universities Would Be Encouraged To Offer Cosmo Courses, That Can Evolve Into Degreed Programs The Way Massage Can Become An Associate'S Degree Arlington
Less Wait Time On The Phone For Customer Service Arlington
No Renewals For Barbers Arlington
Safety Razor Should Have A Picture Of What An Actual Guarded Razor Is. Cosmos Do Not Have Training On Blood Spill Procedures Arlington
Massage Instructor License Would Cover Massage So That We Renew 1 License Instead Of 2 This Would Help Quad Licenced Instructors Stay On Top Of Renewals Arlington
More Education Requirements For Instructors. Arlington
I Would Increase Fees Of The License , To Protect Our Industry. It Must Be Required Arlington
More People To Answer Phones At Tdlr. Arlington
Online Course For Instructors. Arlington
Makeup Artist Should Be Required To Have A License; Sanitation & Sterilization At Least 500 Hrs Arlington
Update Curriculum For Cosmetology, Esti, Nail Tech And Instructors To Modern Day Times Arlington
Mandate That Every Massage Therapist Must Have A Massage License.  Not Just The Owner Of The Shop Or Spa Arlington
I Would Require Ce Providers To Be Licensed Cosmetology Professionals With A Minimum  Of 5 Years Experience. Arlington
We Need To Understand How Regulations And Requirements Are Determined.  The State Legislature Passes Laws That Impact Our Industry.  How Does Tdlr Interact And/Or Impact That Process? Arlington
Cosmetology Instructors Should Have Assistant Teaching Before Licensing Arlington
Like The Idea Of Instructor Workshops. Arlington
Blood Spill Handling/Certification Should Be Required For Estheticians Arlington
More Consequences For Unlicensed Practitioners Arlington
Master Educator Added To Cosmetology Arlington
Thank The P Arlington
Legitimate Massage Now Have No Way Of Advertising Due To The Illegal Massage Providers. They Have Tarnished Our Industry Arlington
Tdlr Actually Contacts Non Licensed Massage Through Text That They Are Violating The Law. Arlington
Instructor License Ceus Would Be More Varied. As It Stands Cosmo Ceus Are Very Limited As To What Is Accepted By Tdlr Arlington
Responses From Tdlr Are At Times Inconsistent Arlington
Lower Cosmetology To Barber Crossover Hours. Some States Only Require 45 Hours Arlington
Educators Need To Be Educated. Arlington
Hello I'D This Working ? Arlington
Increase Hours Of Psychology. Arlington
I Would Require Psi To Walk All Instructors Step By Step Through Cosmetology State Board Arlington
Professionalism Needs To Come Back To Barber Industry, We Need To Continue Our Education. Arlington
Instructor Book Is Archaic, Outdated. Psi Needs To Create A Test Prep For Instructors. Arlington
I Thought Schools Were Inspected Once A Year Arlington
Do Not Bring Back Braiding To Tdlr Arlington
Loosen Regulation To Allow Mentorships. Arlington
Instructor Workshop Conducted By The State. Arlington
Tdlrar1...Online Instructors Class Arlington
Allow Cosmetology To Use All Tools Available Such As A Straight Razor Arlington
We Renew Drivers Licenses And Registration As Well Arlington
Threading Should Have Never Been Deregulated And Needs To Be Brought Back Under Cosmetology Arlington
Barbers Absolutely Need Recurring Inspections And Continuing Ed Would Help Validate The Renewal Arlington
Add More Staff To Manage The Elevator Certification And Problem Solving Faster. Austin
Code Enforcement Program Re: Changing Number Of Trainees Austin
1. Eliminate The Archaic Tulip Program. 2. Make All Elevator Related Fees And Licenses Capable Of Being Renewed And Paid Online. 3. Eliminate The Ability Of Austin
Accept Alternative Technology I.E Rfid For Insignia'S Austin
Ihb Electronic Payment For Insignia'S Austin
Accept Late Fees With Credit Cards To Expedite Elevator Permits. Austin
Change The Number Of Trainees From 3 To 4 Or 5.  More Realistic To Medium To Small Communities. Austin
Remove The Ihb Building Height Limitations. Texas Is The Only State With A Height Limitation On Their Modular Program Austin
Restore The Ability Of Building Owners To Search And Contact Elevator Inspectors. Austin
Amend Chapter 74.100 To Automatically Adopt The Latest Edition Of A17.1 Six Months After Publication. Austin
Section 1202.002 Is Where You Will Find The Height Limitation For The Ihb Program...... Austin
For Electricians Program Allow Testing After 3Rd Year. Austin
Elevator Responsible Parties To Serve More Than 1 Registered Elevator Contractor. Austin
Code Enforcement Testing Process Is Cumbersome And Some What Out-Dated. Austin
Drug Testing Should Be Company Policy Rather Than The Law - Make It Optional Austin
Adding An Educational Component To Complaint Structure Austin
Drug Testing Policies For Towing - Nobody Looks At The Results And It'S Very Expensive To Have Someone Drug Tested With Very High Turnover Of Employees Austin
Drug Testing Is A Burden On The Tow Companies Austin
Vsf Rule That Requires Us To Lock The Vehicle Doors, But Customers Dn Austin
Customers May Not Have The Keys For Their Vehicles At The Vsf Lot And Can'T Get In If We Have To Lock The Doors Austin
Des Instructor Requirements Are Too Rigid And Are Overdone Austin
We Shouldn'T Have Any Minimum Fees Required For Des Austin
Reasonably Secure The Vehicle At A Vsf Lot - We Need To Be Able To Charge A "Resecure" Fee If We Have To Let Someone In And Out Of The Vehicle (Police, Insurance, Etc) And There'S No Compensation To Makes Sure That'S Redone Austin
Vsf Storage Fee Needs To Be Increase - Maybe Double Austin
We Shouldn'T Get Fined For Not Locking Car Doors At The Vsf Austin
Do Away With Requirement For Vsf Employee License. Austin
Des Curriculum Should Be Performance Based Instead Of Time-Based Austin
Focus Enforcement On Unlicensed Activity Rather Than Licensed Individuals. Austin
Ptc'S - Have More Specialized Customer Service Representative'S That Better Understand The Individual Programs So Questions Can Be Answered More Uniformly And Efficiently Austin
Des - Make Observation Hours Optional, Not Required Austin
We Would Like All Rescues & Shelters Licensed Austin
Recognize That Nhtsa'S Standards Have No Accountability For Des Austin
Bre - When We Go To A Committee Or Advisory Board Meeting, Close The Door To All Animal Right Activists. Austin
Program Of Organized Instruction "Poi" Is An Academic Straight Jacket - Not Everyone Learns In The Same Process Austin
Allow All Programs (Esthetics) To Take Written Exam Prior To Graduation Austin
Instructor License Requirement, Would Like To Test Out Because Of My Prior Education And Instructor Experience. Austin
Reduce Barriers To Entry For Professionals That Want To Become Instructors Austin
This Can Be Done By Rule. Statutory Change Not Required. Amend Chapter 74.100 To Automatically Adopt The Latest Edition Of A17.1 Six Months After Publication. Austin
Do Away With Vsf Employee License - Originally Set Up To Get The Numbers Up In The Program And Now It'S Just A Paperwork Headache Austin
Vsf Insurance Rates Have Gone Up %180 In The Last 2 Years But We Can'T Raise The Rates We Charge Customers Austin
Credit Card Fee For Vsfs - We Need To Be Able To Recoup The Upcharge From A Credit Card Company Austin
Emergency Wreckers Should Be Allowed To Have Emergency Lights When They'Re Working Under Law Enforcement Direction - Already In The Traffic Code, But Would Like To See It In The Towing Law Too Austin
Tnc Legislation Should Go Through The Licensing And Administrative Procedures Committee Instead Of The Transportation Committee Austin
Ability To Charge A Fee For People Who Keep Coming Back To Get Their Personal Belongings Out Of Their Vehicles - The First Time Is Free But They Keep Coming Back Multiple Times - Access Fee - Other States Already Allow This Access Fee Austin
Towing- When You'Re Working For Law Enforcement, Tow Trucks Should Be Classified As Emergency Vehicles With Red And Blue Lights Austin
Property Tax Consultants Should Not Be Allowed To File Affidavits Unless They Have Personal Knowledge Of The Facts Asserted. This Violates Legal Standard Of An Affidavit. Austin
Midwives Should Be Able To Give Rhogam And Vitamin K. Austin
Midwives - There Are A Number Of Reasons Why We May Not Transport To The Hospital We'Ve Listed On The Informed Consent Form. Austin
Requiring Midwife Preceptors To Take A Course Is A Great Idea. Austin
Midwives - Informed Choice Form - Have To Show How Long We'Ve Been Licensed, How May Babies We'Ve Delivered Or Assisted With. This Is Extremely Discriminatory, Doesn'T Speak To Midwives' Qualifications. Austin
Jurisprudence Exam -- How Will It Change?I Heard It Will Be Higher -- Dietitians Austin
The Preceptor Course Should Be Designed And Taught By Midwives. Austin
Licensed Midwife Should Chair Our Own Board. Austin
If An Issue Addressed In A Complaint Is Required, By Statute, To Be Handled Through Another Process (For Example, Court Proceeding), Then Tdlr Should Dismiss The Complaint. Otherwise, The Tdlr Process Circumvents The Statute.  Encourages 'Forum Shopping' By Complaintant. Austin
Travel Reimbursement For Advisory Board Members Austin
Complete Transparency Of Complaint Process Austin
Tracking Attendance Of Midwives At Meetings To Know How Many People Are Aware And Participated In The Process. Austin
Define Expert Witness, How Are They Are Selected/ Austin
Midwives - Include A Timeline And A Copy Of The Complaint Itself When One Has Been Filled Against A Midwife. Reviewed By At Least 2 Midwives On The Adv Bed. Austin
Hifd-Faster Processes Of Adopting Rules As "Disruptive Technology" Changes The Hearing Aid Industry. New Otc Rule Effects Employment And Does Not Protect Texas Austin
Consumers. Does Not Allow For Practitioners To Participate In Patient Care As We Are Required To Have The First Visit In The Office. Online Providers Never Have Austin
Defining Midwifery Advisory Board And Their Role At Tdlr. If They Are Ignored, Why Are They There? Austin
Nrp For Midwives, Now That We Are Required To Test On Entire Book, It Is Out If Our Scope Of Practice! Austin
Limit Responses To Complaint To Individual Against Who Complaint Is Filed. Do Not Create New Laws (Or Interpretation Of Same) For A Profession. Austin
Clearer Tdlr Rules For A Licensee To Responding To Complaints, Including Deadlines For Tdlr To Respond To Complaints. Austin
Want The Ability To Correct Midwife With Education And Not A Penalty. High Fines Restrict Midwives, Will Not Make Them Better, Education Will Help Them. Austin
Remove Midwifery Fines - Use Education Instead Austin
Every Complaint Is Reviewed By A Minimum Of Two Practicing Midwives. Use The Experts At Your Disposal. Austin
Require Written Complaints. Verbal Complaints To Tdlr Are Subject To Interpretation And Expansion By Tdlr Employees. Austin
Informed Consent Form Needs To Be Revised, Amend "Prospective Client" - "Upon Initial Visit." Create Protocol Process For Creating New Forms. Austin
Input And Final Approval Should Have Approval From Advisory Board Or Midwife Body At Large. Austin
To See Or Talk To The End Users. Austin
Correction - More Defined, Practicing Without A License Is A Clear Violation. Austin
Website - If You Have A Smaller Laptop, Website Is Not Mobile Friendly, Cannot See All Of Drop-Down Info. Austin
Midwives - Further Explore Practicing Without A License And How It Is Defined Austin
Require Midwife  Preceptors To Take A Course And Hold A Preceptor License Austin
Give Midwives The Ability To Give Rhogam And Vitamin K Which Is A Standard Of Care Austin
Midwives - Fees Should Be More In Step With Other Professions That Have The Same Type Of Requirements Austin
Require Midwife Preceptors To Take A Course And Hold A Preceptor License Austin
Midwives - Licensing Fees Should Be Lowered Austin
Give Midwives The Authority To Take Medicaid Austin
Make It Easier For Midwives To Accept Medicare Austin
Make The Objectives And Agenda Of The Advisory Board Meetings Open To The Public With Ample Time. Austin
Dietitian - Ability To Write Diet Orders For Certain Types Of Feedings And Patients That Need Critical Care. 116.141 Revise Wording Austin
Midwives - Some Of Our Requested Changes Are Legislative Changes. For Now, Our Biggest Concern Is About The Complaint Process. Feel They Are Being Treated Unfairly; People Evaluating Cases Don'T Understand Information In The Medical Records. Austin
Midwives - Provisional/Apprentice Licenses For Students Like Other Professions Have Austin
Medicaid* Austin
Take Medicaid But Pay Us What We Are Worth-Midwife Austin
If There Is A Reader For Exams, Reader Needs To Know The Cosmetology Vocabulary. Austin
Some Students Have Disability With Reading But May Not Have A Diagnosis; If They Need A Reader, Should Be Able To Have A Reader And Extra Time For Exams. Austin
Would Like A State Exam For Massage. Austin
Separate Hair As It'S Own License For Those Who Have No Interest In Nails And Skin.... Austin
Modify Cib To Require All Psi Locations To Require The Same Thing For Every Student Austin
Shops And Salons Need To Be Penalized Heavier For Hiring Unlicensed Individuals. Austin
Lhr Schools Need To Be Audited. The 100 Required Treatments Are Not Being Done Properly. At Several Schools Instructors Are Allowing A Small Section Of T Austin
Need Consistency Among Psi Test Sites. Austin
Allow Instructors To Sit For Psi Exams Austin
Need To Modify Cosmetology Cib To Ensure Consistency At Exams. Austin
Quicker And More Consistent Response From The Elevator Department Via Email Austin
Continuing Education Hours For Barbers. Austin
Cosmetology Students Are Incurring Great Debt; Should Be Able To Do Apprenticeship With Qualified Operators And Get Credit Hours. Include Apprenticeship Within Credit Hours. Austin
You Should Model Georgia'S Apprentice Program. Austin
Schools Should Offer More Than Minimal Competency. Minimal Competency Should Still Be Required, But Have To Option To Learn The New Techniques. Austin
Add Waxing To Curriculum For Manicurists, Expand Scope Of Practice. Austin
Reduce School Inspections To Once A Year Enabling More Focus On Inspecting Salons In Need. Austin
Allow Massage Students To Clock In/Out On Time Clock Austin
Eliminate Course Approval FeesFor Ce Providers Austin
Apprenticeship Is A Good Idea. Austin
When Tdlr Took Over Cosmetology, Missed Opportunity To Reduce Hours To 1000. Need A Base License With Endorsements Underneath It. Austin
Conflict Of Interest To Allow Laser Hair Schools To Also Be Certifying Entities Austin
Cosmetology - Testing Of Students, They Don'T Have To Prove They Have The Skill Set. Austin
Photo Of Licensees Submitted To Tdlr To Be Included On Licenses Austin
Difficult For Student To Come Out Of School And Relearn Everything They Need To Know For Profession. Recommend An Apprenticeship So Students Can Gain Experience. Austin
Training On Changing Laser Technology Needs To Be Required Austin
Have A Hair Stylist License Austin
Cosmetology - If There Is An Alternate Route Of Apprenticeship, We Expect That Avenue To Be Regulated. Austin
Massage - Basic Curriculum Requirement Should Be Reduced From 48 Pages To 1 Page! Austin
Cosmetology - New Test Coming Out In January, Instructors Now Have To Teach Acrylic To Students Who Don'T Want Anything To Do With Nails. Should Be Separated Out By Endorsement. Austin
Laser Hair Removal - Need To Enforce Standards Of Instruction As They Exist. Austin
Open Up Massage Therapy Workgroups To More Licensees, Not Just Advisory Board Members. Austin
Laser Hair Removal - There Should Be A Prerequisite That Student Has A Background/Knowledge Of Skin. Austin
The Rules On What A Laser Rule Treatment Are Not Clear Or Specific. The 100 Treatments Needs To Be Broken Down By Region Austin
Revise Massage Therapy Curriculum Outline Austin
Massage And Esthetician - Need To Be Treated Separately With Regards To Education; Don'T Need To Dumb Down The Instruction Which Would Result In Short-Term Gain But Long-Term Loss. Austin
Cosmetology - Alternative Methods Of Entry With Credit For Experience. Austin
Massage Curriculum Should Be Written To Encompass Standards Of The Profession. Soft Tissue Modalities Rather Than Swedish Massage. Austin
Massage Therapy Advisory Board Workgroups Need To Meet More Frequently. Should Meet At Least Once Every Six Months. Austin
Eliminate $100 Course Approval FeesFor Ce Providers - $250 To Acquire Ce Provider License And $5 Per Record Submission  Is Enough. Austin
Could The Beauty Program Be Restructured So That You Can Take Blocks To Get The License Just Like In Community College Austin
Way Of Encouraging Schools To Have Manufacturers Come In And Teach; Certification Of Manufacturers. Austin
Community College Cosmetology Tuition Is Less Than $9000. Cap The Cost Of Cosmetology School For Private Schools Austin
There Should Be An Extra License Required To Be A Lhr Instructor. (Just Like With Aesthetics.) Austin
Cross-Reference Database Of Shops/Salons Hiring Unlicensed Individuals. We Need To Bring The Unlicensed Individuals Into Compliance And Get Them Licensed. Austin
Waive Penalties For Working Without A License If They Enroll In School. Austin
Adding Field Trip Hours For Massage School Experience. Austin
Instructor Program - A Lot Is Reading Material, Just Do A Few Hours On The Floor Training. Austin
Pay For Cosmetology Instructors Is Less Than What They Make In Salons; Need To Reduce Hours. Austin
Instructors Need To Teach, Concerned About Distance Learning In Cosmetology. Austin
Portion Of Barber Instructor Training Should Be Online. Make That 100% Of Training! Austin
School Owners Should Have To Prove They Have To Technical Knowledge To Instruct And They Keep That Knowledge Current Austin
Online Education For Part Of The Instructor Curriculum, But Still Needs Hands On Like Student Teachers Austin
Host Strat Planning Meetings Via Webx Or Some Other Web Host So Public Doesn'T Have To Travel Austin
The Ability To Offer Discounts To Organizations Who Want To Have Their Entire Organization Take Dsc As Part Of Their Employment. Currently We Can Charge No Less Than $25 Regardless Of The Reason They Take The Course. Austin
More Folks On The Ground For Water Wells. Austin
Bre Should Stay With Tdlr. Austin
Fix The Problems With How Tdlr Lists Parent Taught Driver Education Courses Austin
Parent-Taught Courses Are Not All Listed On The Website Austin
Ptp - Change # Years Of Experience Required For License To Be Counted From Experience Rather Than Date Of Application. Austin
There Is No Compelling Reason For Ptc'S To Be Moved Under The Purview Of Another Department Or Commission. Austin
We Need Better Oversight And Enforcement Of Responsibility Of A Committees Progress And Transparency Of Scheduling Meetings, Follow Through Of Workgroups And Posting Of Meeting Minutes For Bre. Austin
Don'T Change Tax Consultants To Another Agency. We Want To Stay With You Austin
Ptc'S - Keep Us With Tdlr Austin
I'D Love A New Path To The Education Licensing To Becoming An Instructor Austin
Vsf Haven'T Had A Fee Increase In A Long Time, But Our Insurance Fees Are Going Up - We Should Increase The Amount We Can Charge Austin
Bre Get Rid Of The Annual Inventory. Austin
Regulate All Shelters, Rescues And Sanctuaries The Same As Licensed Breeders. No Matter What Violations Happen A Licensed Breeder Is Blamed For All Problems. Austin
Do Not Move Prop Tax Consultants And Professionals From Tdlr To Trec/Tallclb! Austin
Water Well Drillers- More Resources Needed For Enforcement. Austin
Parent Taught Courses Are Listed Without Accurate Or Complete Information Austin
Des - Reduce Classroom Hours From 32 To 8 Austin
Require More Regulation Of Out Of State Breeders Selling In Texas At Flea Markets. Austin
Continue Movement Toward More Compliance-Based Regulation In Towing And Vsf. Austin
Lower Bre Fees To Match Other Programs. Austin
Ptc - Stronger Enforcement For Repeat Violators... Austin
Eliminate Concept Of Block And Concurrent Hours In Des Austin
Change Uapr Requirement That Cashiers Must Be Licensed. Austin
Des - Increase The Number Of Behind The Wheel Hours From 7 To Minimum 15 Austin
All Judicial Systems Need To Be Educated In The Licensed Breeder Program Austin
Bre- Oversight For Unlicensed Breeders And Sanctuaries. Austin
Change Your Strategic Plan Recommending Ptc  Be Moved Austin
Parent Taught Course Names Are Too Similar And Customers Can Austin
Every Time There'S A Substandard Breeder Gets Busted For Being Non Austin
Ptc - Tdlr Works Very Well For Ptc...Do Not Change Regulating Department... Austin
Parent Taught Customers Can'T Tell The Difference From One Course To The Next Because The Names Are Too Similar And Tdlr Shouldn'T Be Approving Course Names That Are Too Similar Austin
Ptc'S - Expand The Education Credits For New Licensee'S To Include Ptp Education. Austin
More Clarification Needed For An Im License - Some People Were Told They Had Take A Class Instead Of The Test, They Paid For The Class But Only Needed The Test Austin
Clear Confusion Of What Order You Have To Take The Class And The Test In For An Im Operator License Austin
Have Vsf Fees Set By Tdlr Instead Of By Statute Austin
Law Enforcement Is Looking At The Same Things The Tdlr Inspectors Are, We Shouldn'T Have To Be Double-Inspected, Coordinate With Law Enforcement On Inspections Austin
Make More Renewals Available Online And Stop The Paper Trail Austin
All License Types Need To Be Able To Renew Online Austin
Clarify Tdlrs Webpage So Its Easier To Understand When You Have To Take The Class And When You Have To Take The Test For The Im Tow Operators Austin
Psi Needs More Testing Sites For Tow Operators - Make It An Online Test Austin
Meet With Medical Board To Address Gray Areas In Esthetics Scope Of Practice Austin
Lhr Program: Certifying Entities Should Not Be The Same As The Lhr School Austin
Truck, Yard And Individual Should Have Multiple Year License Terms Austin
Vsf And Tow Truck Inspections - Law Enforcement Should Have Authority To Do Some Of Those Inspections So We Don'T Have Multiple Inspections Every Year Austin
Massage - There Is Only A  60-Day Leave Of Absence Policy For Students, Should Be Increased To Mirror The Loa Policy For Cosmetology And Esthetician Students. Austin
2 Year License Term At A Minimum Austin
Make Electronic Submission Of Certificates For Dsc From Course Providers/Schools To Courts Easy, Seamless, And Secure. Austin
Shouldn'T Have To Record That I Threw Way The Foot Basin Liner. Austin
Allow People To Download The Law And Rule Book Instead Of Having A Paper Copy Austin
Prevent Cos/Esti Students That Haven'T Met Financial Obligations To School From Taking Exam Austin
Simplify The Cosmetology Refund Calculation Austin
Align Cosmetology & Barbering Rules Austin
Send Students' Law Book To Schools Austin
Ability To Test Out Of Barber Or Cosmetology Without Having To Return To School If Already Licensed In One With Years Of Experience Austin
Electronic Law/Rule Books Only, No Hard Copy. Austin
Tow Allegations Should Be Cleared Off Your Record If They'Re Dismissed And Cleared Austin
Spa Logs Should Be Electronic Austin
Violations In The Tow And Vsf Programs Are Growing And Previous Violations Should Drop Off After A Specified Number Of Years Austin
Complaint History In The Tow Program Should Only Be Kept For 3-4 Years Austin
I Appreciate The Investigators Enforcing Regulations And Implementing Violations For Bre. Austin
Ptc'S Want Their Licensing To Stay With Tdlr. Austin
Alternative Way Of Documenting That Liner Is Thrown Away After Pedicures, Maybe An Affidavit On Our License. Austin
Ptc - Easy License Renewals Austin
Ptp - Change Basis Of Calculation Of Number Of Years Required For A License. Austin
Provision Through Tdlr For Students To Get Approval For Courses Such As Anatomy And Physiology They Took Prior To Enrolling In The Massage Program El Paso
Extend Inspection Hours And Have Bus Do Esa Inspected In All Operation Hours. Unlicensed Workers Know How To Work Around Inspector Schedules El Paso
More Clarity On Mobile Salons El Paso
I Think That Instead Of A Fine, The Suspect Needs To Get A License. El Paso
Take Permits Away From Students And A Chance To Get A License If Caught Working At A Barber Shop El Paso
Mas - Lots Of Unlicenced People. More Crackdown To Stop This. El Paso
Close Dwn Barber Shops After Multiple Fines Immediately El Paso
Merge Barber/Cosmetology Licenses El Paso
I Would Implement Usage Of Safer Products That Are Non-Carcinogenic And Lean More Towards Organic, Natural Products That Are Safe For Workers And Clients Alike El Paso
The Haircut For The Test Should Be Any Type Of Haircut And Be Started Anywhere. El Paso
If Owner Is Aware Of Unlicensed Workers. Workers Should Not Be Hired El Paso
More Clarity On Mobile Hairstylists El Paso
Inspectors Need To Talk To Owners To Make Sure They Are Really Licensed, As Well As The Employees. El Paso
More Advance Notice For Strategic Plan Meetings. El Paso
Require Makeup Artist To Get A License El Paso
Note On Website - Upgrade More Than 60 Days Keeps Same Date El Paso
Instead Of 60 Days - Go 90 Days Like Tceq. El Paso
Make Renewals Easier Online El Paso
Rules Vs Enforcement. El Paso
When Renewing A License, Having The Ability To Save The Renewal Application Form Then Pay For The Renewal At A Later Date/Day. El Paso
Mold Laboratory Rules Don'T Agree With What You Require To Renew A License. You Agreed To Let Us Operate Without A Biologist But The Renewal Was Denied. "And Vs Or" El Paso
Mold Exams, I Tried To Sign Up To Be An Sme But The Email Address Wasn'T Working And My Email Bounced Back. El Paso
More Crack Down On Unlicensed Massage Establishments. El Paso
Note Code Officer Ceus On Their Account El Paso
Notify Officer With A Renewal Reminder At 90 Days Or 60 Days. El Paso
Bar/Cos Instructors Should Have Experience Behind The Chair. El Paso
Bar/Cos Instructors Should Be Vetted. El Paso
If Shops Have Multiple Fines For The Same Issue, Their License Needs To Be Revoked. El Paso
Massage Field Trips And Events El Paso
Cosmetology/Barber Instructors Need To Have A Minimum 5 Years Experience To Teach Not 1 El Paso
Manicure Instructor Testing Instructions. We Need To Know What Is Expected From Us And The Students. El Paso
Cos - Psi Test Needs To Be Redone. It'S Too Easy. El Paso
Add Ability To Add More Than One Contact Person On Shears For Schools With Instructors That Share Your Recording Resposibility El Paso
Agreed On Higher Penalties El Paso
Tdlr Needs To Do More For Students That Have Trouble Passing Their Exam. El Paso
Enforcement El Paso
Proper Training And Education For Bar El Paso
Reduce Training Hours For Bar To 900. El Paso
Allow Students To Specialize In A Training El Paso
Establish A Speciality License In Cosmetology For Strictly "Hair Styling/Cutting" El Paso
Enforce Inspections, More Inspections. Shut Down Those That Continues To Violate. El Paso
Ensure Select Of Massage Advisory Members Based On Region. Inclusive. El Paso/West Texas. Has Been Left Out. El Paso
Harder Finds For Unlicensed  Salons, Operators And Barbers El Paso
Bar Should Have An Apprenticeship. El Paso
Specialized Courses For Licensing For Specific Skills Such As Only Haircutting And Hairstyling License Makeup Artist License, Hair Color Specialist Etc. El Paso
Bar Shops Should Be Inspected Every Six Months. El Paso
Since Both Barber And Cosmo Licence Difference Is The Shaving, Why Don'T They Create One License. El Paso
Keep The Old Psi, Do Away With Manicure, And Curling Iron El Paso
I Think That The Use Of More Specific Lesson Plans Would Help. El Paso
Electives Would Be Great In Barber And Cosmo.. Not Everyone Wants To Do Highlights Or Perms El Paso
Reduce The Hours Needed To Become A Barber. El Paso
Barbers Should Not Need To Do Manicures. El Paso
Test El Paso
Will Both Barber And Cosmo License In The Future Be One License, Since There Is Not Much Of Of A Difference. El Paso
Tdlr Needs To Provide An Example Of The Practical Exam With A Rubric For Each Service. El Paso
No El Paso
2/2 Here'S Enough Barbers To Fill Them. El Paso
Cos - Wraps Material Is Not Being Used. The Product Is Hard To Get. El Paso
Well All Know In Barbering Or Cosmo.. U Learn More At A Shop Than At School.. Why Not Give Apprentice Permits.. Charge A Fee Per Month!!! El Paso
Ensure Select Of Massage Advisory Members Based On Region. Inclusive. El Paso/West Texas. Has Been Left Out. El Paso
Bar Shops Should Be Inspected Every Six Months. El Paso
Along With Stricter Fines And Heavier Sanctions For Unlicensed Workers  An Apprenticeship Is Needed For Students To Be Able To Have Practice Time During El Paso
Bar Should Have An Apprenticeship. El Paso
Fine Owners High Fees For Having Unlicensed Workers So We Can Stop The Process. And Get Inspected Every 6 Months. El Paso
Separate Out The Specialities. El Paso
Barbershop And Salon Owners Need To Have An Operators License. El Paso
Second Offense Of Unlicensed Barber Cos Shops Close Down El Paso
Fine An Owner Who Has Unlicenced Barbers, In The Third Violation, Shut Them Down. El Paso
Close Unlicensed Massage Businesses After Third  Violation As Well El Paso
Mas, Bar And Cos Should Have Higher Fines For Using Unlicenced Employees. El Paso
Send Inspectors During Extended Hours To Catch Unlicensed Workers El Paso
Massage School Field Trip Allowed. With Qualifying Guidelines And Curriculum Related. El Paso
Revisit State Exam Option V.S.  Mblex. Choice And Options. El Paso
Make-Up Artists Need To Have Cosmetology Or Esthetics License To Work In Cosmetics Sales Or Application El Paso
Lower License Fees El Paso
Limited Amount Of Enforcement For All Programs. An App To File A Complaint Would Be Helpful. "Whistle Blower" App. El Paso
Let Clients Eat And Drink At Their Chair El Paso
I Think We Need To Put A Hold On A Students License If They Dnt Meet There Financial Responsibility El Paso
App For Whistle Blower El Paso
There'S A Conflict If Interest With Psi And Test Administrators Who Work At Cos/Bar Locations. El Paso
1/2 Rate Between Licensed And Unlicenced Barber Shop Is High. There'S Not Enough Barbers To Occupy The Shops. Limit Number Of Shops A Person Can Open Until T El Paso
Electrician Licenses Are Being "Rented" Or Borrowed (Transferred) In El Paso. People Working Without A License. El Paso
Make Up Artist Should Be Licensed El Paso
Extremely Concerned With Our Publics Safety Due To The Fact That We Have A High Percentage Of Unlicensed Workers In The Field That Do Not Know Proper San El Paso
Ceo Ces Have To Be Approved Through Tdlr. Can Those Units Be Noted On The Licensee'S Account So We Don'T Have To Remember What We Took. El Paso
Mold Consulting. Is Tdlr Doing Enforcement Or Has It Been Pushed Back To Dshs? El Paso
Apprentice Program For Cosmetology Students El Paso
Ceo Program Needs Extra Time To Renew So We Can Plan Our Budgets And Send Payments Through The City Purchasing Office. El Paso
Lower Prices On Licenses El Paso
Eyebrow Threading Should Require Licensing El Paso
In Cosmetology (Aprenticeship) El Paso
We Need More Barber Instructors Assp El Paso
Ceo Test Needs To Be Updated. The Psi Test Is Outdated. The Exam Bank Needs To Be Reviewed By An Sme Panel And Updated. El Paso
Renewal Notices Should Go Out At 90 Days For Ceo Program. El Paso
Permanent Make-Up Should Have A Longer And More Structured Course As Oppossed To A Weekend Workshop El Paso
How Is The Dshs Mold Inspection Process Working? El Paso
How Does Tdlr Enforce Tdshd Field Inspection. El Paso
I Think Barber Schools Should Be Allowed To Do There Practicle Exams St The School El Paso
We Need More Barber Proctors/ For El Paso El Paso
Tdlr Needs To Consider Other Testing Service Providers Other Than Psi. El Paso
Massage School Field Trip Allowed. With Qualifying Guidelines And Curriculum Related. Participate In Off Site Events. Not Currently Allowed. El Paso
Change Nail Tech Practical Exam El Paso
Fine The Unlicense Barber Or Cosmo.. Not The Owner!!! Sometimes Owner Have No Choice.. Not Enough License Barbers Or Cosmo To Go Around El Paso
We Need To Put A Stop To Students Who Hop Around From Barber School To Barber School Dropping And Collecting A Refund , And Going To Another School And D El Paso
Mold Laboratory License Qualifications.78.62(C)(4)(A) Or. 78.62(C)(4)(B)+(C) El Paso
Open More Testing Centers, Have More Proctors El Paso
More Testing Dates El Paso
Uniformity Of Books In Massage Schools Required El Paso
Tdlr Should Have Better Enforcement For The Electrician Program To Catch Unlicensed Work. We Can Get Death Threats If We Report It To Tdlr. El Paso
Allow Ceo Ce Providers To Voluntarily Report Ces. Nonprofits Don'T Have To Be Approved By Tdlr. El Paso
I Would Start An Apprentice Program For Barbers/ Cosmos.. An Apprentice Permit A Will Fix Unlicense Issues!!! El Paso
Ceo Ce Providers Should Have To Report Ce'S To Tdlr So You Can Track Them For Us. El Paso
More Testing Dates El Paso
Add An Apprenticeship Permit Students Can Use And Earn A Small Percentage Of Hours El Paso
Update Basic Code Officer Test For Psi El Paso
Could Not Submit Application For Expert Person For Exam. El Paso
Revise “Conviction Status Coversheet” To Eliminate Unnecessary Additional Notations And Signature Of Reviewer. External Email
Add Certification To License And Renewal Applications That The Person Submitting Is The Applicant/Licensee Else Application Is Void. External Email
How Many Adv Bard Meetings Members Can Miss Needs To Be A Criteria. With The Few Times The Board Meets A Year And Not Having A Quorum, Action Cannot Happen. External Email
All Adv Bard Members Should Be “Currently Active” In The Industry. Members That Are Not Currently Active In Some Capacity Should Not Be Leading The Industry. There Needs To Be Some Criteria For Selecting All Members. External Email
Instead Of Just Referencing A Rule Or Law; Change Citations And References To Be Links To Go Directly To The Rule, Law, Or Topic. External Email
Make The Website Searchable By Adding A Search Box That Goes To Content On The Website Having The Same Ease As A Google Search – Listing The Hits Brought Up For A Specific Search. External Email
I Would Change The Word “Ticker” To Tdlr Advisory Board Meetings Or Tdlr Meetings. Located On The Agency’S Main Page (Banner). External Email
Create An App For Mobile Devices, One That A Customer Could Customize Based On The Program He Or She Works With And To Be Able To Navigate The Website Information.  Mobile Users Can’T Always See Or Access Everything On A Page Of The Website. External Email
Remove The Insurance Companies Right To Steal A Vehicle From A Vsf With The Vsf 11 Form. Do Away With Non-Safety Regulations And Rules That Only Produce Revenue And No Consumer Protection. External Email
Tdlr Needs To Communicate With All Police Agencies To Enforce The Tow Truck Laws Especially Tow Trucks With No Tow Truck Tags. External Email
Why Is Tdlr Requiring A Vsf To Release A Vehicle With Expired Registration. Tdlr Is Knowingly Violating State Law And Requiring The Vsf To Do The Same. External Email
Set A Fee For The Environmental Charge That Was Authorized Many Years Ago, To Compensate The Vsf'S For The Lost Revenue Due Them For The Past And Into The Future. Tdlr Wants Us To Follow The Law But They Don'T. External Email
Reports Are Given To The Advisory Board. Send Them Prior To Meeting. If There Are Any Questions, They Can Be Answered At The Meeting. They Could Be Online For A Time Period For Those Who Want This Info. External Email
I Think People Want To See Action And Progress During These Advisory Board Meetings. External Email
Take A Close Look At The Agenda For Advisory Committee Meetings. Little Gets Accomplished During Meetings, Action Items Take Way Too Long To See Progress. External Email
During Advisory Board Meetings Public Speaking Seems To Go Nowhere. We Hear You But What Are We Doing About These Concerns? External Email
Revise And Clarify Criminal History Question On License And Renewal Applications. External Email
Tdlr Departments Should Better Utilize The Advisory Board Before Making Decisions For Themselves. This Would Save A Lot Of Time, Stress, And Confusion For The Industry. External Email
Sec 1001.402 Termination Policy Should Be Amended To Eliminate The Automatic Termination And The Mandatory Application Of Refund Procedures For Any Driver Training Student Failing To Attend Class For 10 Days. External Email
Sec 1001.401 Language Should Be Amended To Allow Driver Training Schools To Retain Tuition For Any Portion Of A Driver Ed Program Completed By A Student Prior To Cancellation Of An Enrollment Contract. External Email
Sec 1001.352 Language Is Needed To Amend Current Driving Safety Course And Course Provider Fees To The Actual Rate Of Average Annual Inflation In 2018. External Email
Passing Laws That Allow Us Certain Standards Of Care Such As Administering Rhogam To Rh Negative Women To Prevent Future Miscarriages And Stillbirths, And Vit K To Newborns For The Prevention Of Infant Hemorrhagic Disease. External Email
Sec. 1001.151 Language Is Needed To Create A Fee For Initial Review Of Driver Education Instructor Development Programs. A Fee Should Be Established To Defray Those Administrative Costs. External Email
Cms Federal Rule Change Giving Facilities Discretion To Determine If They Delegate Authority Of Dietitians To Write Therapeutic Diet Orders. External Email
Sec 116.141B. Make It Clear That Nothing In Our Rules Could Preclude Or Otherwise Impede The Ability Of Qualified Dietitians To Write Diet Order If The State Licensed Facility In Which They Work Determines It To Be An Appropriately Delegated Function. External Email
Address The Ambiguity That Appears In The Impeding Our Licenses In The Workplace - Can Rules Be Updated To Make Clear That Nothing In Current Regulations Precludes State Licensed Facilities From Implementing A Policy That Would Permit Writing Orders. External Email
Guidance From Tdlr To Clarify The Cms Federal Rules Would Be Greatly Appreciated. They Are Increasingly Embracing A Regulatory Framework That Gives Licensed Facilities Discretion To Determine Whether Lds Can Write Diet Orders. External Email
Therapeutic Diet Order Writing For Example Of An Area That May Require Additional Regulatory Or Statutory Clarification Of Lds Are To Help State Licensed Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities And Dialysis Facilities. External Email
Require That All Licensed Instructors Providing Instructing For Hire Or Compensation Provide Such Instruction Through A Licensed Driver Education School. External Email
More Effort Of Staff To Aid In The Working Relationship Between Midwives, Emts And Hospitals To Make Transports More Respectful, Efficient, Successful.  They  Could Be Made Better Through Some Much Needed Relationship Building. External Email
Complaints Need To Be Reviewed By Midwives.  Those Who Are Reviewing Them Now Don'T Know What To Look For. External Email
I Would Like To See More Openness With The Board And All Of The Committees. External Email
I Would Like To See The Advisory Board Be Given More Opportunity To Advise.  Complaints Used To Be Very Open Which Gave Great Opportunity For Our Community Of Midwives To Learn To Be Better, And Making It Safer. External Email
Incorporate Some Of The Practices We Had At Dshs Such As The Ability For Midwives To Regulate Midwives. External Email
Making The Objectives And Committee Agendas For The Midwifery Advisory Board Public With An Appropriate Timeframe For Community Feedback. External Email
I Would Love To See A Statistical Project That Would Show The Safety Of Out Of Hospital Deliveries. External Email
Have The Legislature Review The Law To Make It Harder For People Using Online Classes To Have Someone Else Take The Class In Their Place. External Email
Revise The Esthetician Curriculum. Needs To Be Updated And Needs To Provide Better Clarification. External Email
It’D Be Helpful To The Esthetic Industry If Tdlr Would Identify On The Web What Tdlr Does Not Regulate And Who Does. This Industry Is Out Of Control With Boundaries And What Is Within The Scope Of A License And Tdlr Needs To Clarify All The Confusion. External Email
Wearing Gloves During A Waxing Service Must Be Added To Rule 83.105. Wearing Gloves During Waxing Is Not Even On The Current Esthetician Practical Examination. Major Safety And Sanitation Issue. External Email
Eliminate The Practical Exam. Cos Is The Only Industry Regulated By Tdlr That Has A Practical Examination. I Think Questions Can Be In Written Form To Measure The Competency Of A Candidate. Schools Should Be Responsible For Their Students, Only Have A Written Exam. External Email
The Exam Revision Committee Is A Serious Committee With A Huge Agenda And Responsibility To The Industry. I Am Not Sure How Sme’S Are Selected, But I Would Have A Brief Face To Face Interview Before Selection. External Email
Replace The Title “Operator”. This Is Bad. Simply “Cosmetologist” Would Work Fine. External Email
Every Complaint Reviewed Is Submitted For Input Or As Expert Witness Referenced By A Minimum Of Two Practicing Midwives, This Could Be Delegated Within The Midwifery Advisory Board. External Email
A Well Defined Specific Process For Address Complaints.  This Would At Minimum Include A Copy Of The Complaint To The Accused, Defining The Steps Of The Process In Regards To This Particular Complaint That Includes A Projected Timeline. External Email
A Chair Of Evidence And Documented Accountability Is Accessible By The Defendant. External Email
A School Should Teach Instructor Program. Because Of Low Pass Rate For The Written Instructor Exam, Something Is Wrong With How/If This Info Is Being Delivered. Schools Enroll Instructors Who Office Assistants Instead Of Teaching These Individuals. External Email
Improve The Informed Consent Form To Address The Specific Hospital For Emergency Transport Only (Meaning In A Non Emergency We May Go Elsewhere For More Specific Needs) External Email
Balance The 1500-Hour Operator Curriculum. Remove Hours Allotted, Only Have What Must Be Taught. If Allotted Hours Remain, They Should Be Balanced Due To The Fact We Are Issuing A License For An Individual To Be Able To Perform All Aspects Of Cos. External Email
Create A Protocol Process For Creating "New Forms" Should Include Practicing Midwife (Min Of Two) Input And Final Approval From The Advisory Board Or Vote. External Email
On The Informed Consent Form, Amend "Upon Meeting Prospective Client" To "During Initial Visit." External Email
Please Include In The Rule Book Some Information About Salon Galleries. Rule Book Says Nothing About Salon Galleries Nor In Any Way Defines What A Salon Gallery Is.  The Application For Mini Salons Includes The Term At Least 8 Separate Times!!! External Email
Sec. 1603.207. Should Include The Phrase " Rooms That Are Considered A Workspace And Spill Out Into A Common Hallway Should Be Considered As Mini Salons Or Mini Barbershops, And Therefore Require A Mini Salon Or Mini Barbershop Permit". External Email
Subchapter G "Licensing Of Facilities" Sec. 1602. Should Include The Term "Salon Gallery" And The Requirements For The Same. As Well As The Definition Of A "Salon Gallery". This Would Also Require Amending Sec.83.22 Of Administrative Rules 16 Texas Administrative Code 83. External Email
The Inclusion Of The Term "Salon Gallery" Would Also Then Be Consistent With The Questions In The Application Process For Licenses Of Mini Salons And Mini Barbershops. External Email
Salons, When Located In Licensed Nursing Homes And Assisted Living Facilities, Should Be Required To Be Licensed. External Email
A Mechanism To Submit Questions To Be Addressed And A Platform For Giving Input. External Email
Tracking The "Attendance" Numbers Of Midwives Streamlining Meetings So There Is An Accurate Account Of How Many Midwives Are Aware And Interested In Agenda Content. External Email
Defining The "Midwifery Advisory Board" Role In Tdlr And The Associated Protocols. External Email
A Period Of Open Forum For The Purpose Of Input And/Or Feedback From The Midwife Community To Allow Us (Midwives) To Address Specific Issues And/Or Questions About Agendas, Work Committees And Objectives. External Email
A Matrix For Complaints. External Email
A Definition Of "Expert Witness" And How They Are Selected As Pertaining To Midwifery Complaints. External Email
Identify, Resources But Not Be Limited To Approved "Standards Of Care" Resources. External Email
Complete Transparency Of Complaints.  Even If This Means After The Complaint Is Closed, That During The Meeting Times Complaints And Resolutions Are Reviewed, This Would Be For Learning Purposes. External Email
Review What Other States Are Doing And Adopt What Is Good. Facebook
For Companies To Keep Up On Inspection On Wreckers Facebook
Processes Facebook
Ensure That Drivers As Well As Owners Of Rideshare Companies Had To Be Licensed Thru The State. This Is A Dangerous Situation. Facebook
I Want You Strick With The People Who Do Massage Job With Out License. I Would Like You To Check Every Thai Massage Shop In Houston If The Massage Therapist Have The License Or Not. Facebook
Train The Phone Crew Better. Facebook
Remove The Director And Replace With Someone With Half A Brain Facebook
Change Everything. You Are Impossible To Get Ahold Of, And If I Actually Get A Person, They Are As Clueless About What To Do As I Would Be In An Operating Room. You Are Uneducated And Ignorant. You Have No Idea What You Are Doing.. Facebook
Processes For License After Testing Is Very Bad. Takes Months. Facebook
I Would Require That All Instructors Have 1 Extra Hour Added To The Already 4 Hr. C.E. Course. A No-Quiz Continuing Education Practical Course Every Two Years When Instructors Renew Their License. Facebook
Sweeping After Hair Is Complete Facebook
Stop The Nonsense Of The "I Get My Husband To Scroll For Me When I Do The Online Curriculum For Renewal Continuing Ed".  Also Stop Making The Website Unavailable When We Have Large Hair Shows Going On Due To My Need Of Verification. Facebook
Interpretation Of The Law Facebook
Your Inspections Would Be Done By People That Have Worked In That Field Facebook
None Facebook
Fail The Practical Cosmetology Test And Wait 3Monthes To Retake. Fine The School They Were Enrolled At Facebook
Enforce Your Rules And Regulations In A Timely Fashion When Towing Companies Are Reported Breaking The Law. Facebook
Have The Inspector Check For Id/Driver License Etc. To See That This Is The Person Who Holds The Operator License. To Keep Many People From Using The Same License And Changing Picture As When They Work. Facebook
End All Coin Auction. Innocent Citizens Are Losing Millions Every Year Facebook
Change Late Fees Facebook
I Would Enable A Law That Says We Can Charge For No Show Appointments Facebook
Follow Through, Do The Right Thing Facebook
None, Keep Doing The Good Job. Facebook
An Easier Way To Contact A Person Through Phone & Website. Also Specifically Running An Esthetics Business Through Home. It Doesn'T Seems Fair That Massage Or Haircare Therapist Can But Esthetics Can'T. It'S Disappointing Facebook
I'Ve Been A Massage Therapist For 30 Years. And Got My License Through Tdh. Which Was Slow. As Queen I'M Very Happy With Tdlr Facebook
Only Use Inspectors With Experience In That Field. Instead Of Combining Different Fields Such As Storage Buildings & Barbers.  Instead Of Sending Someone You Know Only Knows What'S Written In The Tdlr Book And With Their Interpretation. Facebook
Have An Esthetician Advisory Board Member Facebook
Cosmetology License Should Not Include The Ability To Do Esthetics And Nail Services - It Should Be Hair Only! They Only Spend 40 Hours On Nails And 80 On Esthetics Vs The Esthetician License Which Require 750 Hours! Facebook
I Would Like To See More Portable Massage Therapist, Nail Tech And Hair Stylists In Texas. Facebook
Get More Strict On Illegal Work Done By Unlicensed People. Facebook
Allow Estheticians To Derma Plane, Lower Fees, Have Better Ce Courses For Estheticians. Facebook
Too Soon To Tell. Facebook
Require A 250 Hour License Or Certificate For Those Only Doing Makeup So They Know Proper Sanitation.  More Check Ins On Nail Salons. Facebook
I Would Hold Lead Agencies Like Thumbtack.Com, Offerup.Com, Criagslist.Com, Homedepot.Com And So Forth Liable For Allowing Non-License Electrical Contractor'S To Proform Electrical Work And Make Them Pay Hefty Fines. Facebook
How Do We Combat Problem With "Kitchen" Cosmetology, Unlicensed Individuals Who Perform Services At Home? Houston
You Have An Option For Me To Leave A Call-Back Number, But Nobody Ever Calls Me Back. Houston
Hvac - Contractor Exam Requirements Are Too Limiting And Should Be Re-Evaluated. Houston
Mld - List Of Certified Labs To Test Mold. If Using Out Of State Labs - We Should Have Procedures For What Is Chain Of Custody. Houston
Hvac - Currently, There Is A Registration (Requires A Criminal Background Check) That Is Required For Those To Get A License. Then There Is A Certification Level, Then Contract Level, Technician School Cert. Application And Experience Requirements For These Different Levels. Concerns With Changes. Houston
Hvac - Requirements To Take The Contractor Exam Should Be Either/Or (Education Or Experience). Houston
Fine Should Be For Shop And Individual For Unlicensed Activity. Houston
Allow Anonymous Reporting Of Unlicensed People Houston
Screen Unlicensed Activity Better. Houston
You Need More Employees. The Time It Takes To Issue A License Or Get Someone On The Phone Is Unacceptable! Houston
When I Meed Your Help, I Need The Be Able To Get In Touch With Someone Who Will Actually Answer My Questions. Houston
When We Let Someone Go (Mas), There Needs To Be A Better Way To Give References And  Also Check References. Houston
Barber Testing Should Be Stricter. Houston
Allow For Other Licensed Professional Like Dtrs, Rns To Oversee Massage Program. Houston
Elc - License/Regulate All Construction Crafts, That Put The Public'S Life In Danger. Houston
Elc - Ce And Education Requirements, Standards, Curriculum Better Vetted, Certified And Verified. Houston
Verify With Schools That Claimed To Have Sustained Damaged/Lost Time Due To Harvey...Make Sure They Actually Had Hardships...Rumor Is That Some Schools W Houston
Why Do We Need To Know Specific Names Of Nerves- Spend That Time Studying Other Things- Eyelash Extensions, Massage, Shaving, Etc Houston
"1000 Hours For Students Not Interested In The Specialty Aspects Ie Nails, Skin" Houston
Communication Needs To Say It Comes From Tdlr Houston
Cos School - Would Be Helpful To Have A Webinar During Our Staff Meetings For Question And Answer. Houston
Massage - We Have Visually Impaired Students, Need Accessible Website. Houston
Alert Instructors To Changes In Cib And Include Old/Vs New Info Houston
Elc - Need To Make Sure That Undocumented/ Non Us Citizens/ Non Legal Aliens Do Not Get Licenses. Houston
Mld - Would Appreciate The Rpm Group Addressing The Mold Suggestions During Strat Plan With The Industry. Wants To Hear From Tdlr About What Can Be Done. These Individuals Can Help Tdlr On Issues. Houston
Nail Techs Should Be Able To Take Written Test At 500 Hours And Then Practical Exam At 1000 Hours. Houston
Bring Back The Older Nicer Looking License. With Raised Lettering. Houston
Need To Get Information From Psi When There Are Changes, New Tests, Etc. Need An Outline Of Key Changes. Houston
Internship For Massage Instructors. Houston
Why Did They Take License For Braiding Out? Their Shops Are Unsafe, Unhealthy . Who Checks On Them Or Are They Under Any Sanitation Rules? Houston
Master Programs Like Other States Have, Where Operators Can Pick What Their Specialties Would Be (Endorsements). Houston
We Need Specialty Licenses For Massage Therapists For The Different Modalities We Work In. Houston
Require Two Years Experience Before Becoming An Instructor. Houston
Mld - Standardized The Mold Remediation Protocols. Houston
Government Regulation Can Hurt Honest Folks More Than The People Involved In Unlicensed Activity. Houston
School Teachers Have To Go Through Student Teaching Where They Observe And Practice. All Instructors Should Have To Do This. Houston
What Is An Acceptable Amount Of Time I Should Wait For Someone To Respond To My Emails. On Several Occasions, It Has Taken You 2-3 Weeks To Respond To My Emails. Houston
More Training And Ce Hours For Barber Instructors. Houston
Have A Combined License For Spa That Conduct Both Massage And Esthetic Services That Gives A Price Adjustment For Holding Both Houston
Tdlr Enforcement Should Not Give A Chance For School Already Has Violation Of Selling Hours In The Past And Re-Open. At This Moment,  They Just Find Ano Houston
Why Not Combine Cos/Barbering Licenses Since Do Almost All The Same Things Houston
Mld - Common Sense, Logic, Education, Experience - Should Not Need To Have A Lab Report For Clearance. The Problem Is There Is Never Going To Be A Lab Reports That Don'T Have Some Level Of Spores. People Are Mis-Interpreting These Reports. Houston
Ce Hours For Barber Instructor - 4 Hours. Houston
It Takes To Long To Get A License. I Can'T Work While I'M Waiting For You Guys. Houston
Love Idea Of "Master Class/Certifications "Would Be A Great Way To Houston
Certification For Hair Braiding Needs To Be Brought Back. Houston
Bring Back Shampoo Permit.  Dangerous To Allow The Public To Shampoo Without Training!! Houston
Don'T Want Cos To Be Deregulated, We Need To Ban Together As An Industry. Houston
Reporting Complaints- Protect Identity Of Reporter; Doesn'T Have To Houston
Mld - Rmp/Tdlr Should Publish/Provide Information To The Public About Mold. Consumer Protection Information/Bulletins. Houston
Mld - Why Is It The Remediators Contractors Responsibility To Get The Consultant To Sign Off On The Clearance Certificate. Houston
Add Shampoo Certificate Back Houston
If I Were Queen For The Day I Would Lower The Fees For The Business Owners. Also I Just Want To Be Princess Not Even Asking For Much Houston
All Instructor Programs Should Require Internship Hours Like Cosmetology Is 500/750 Based On Years Licensed Houston
Laser Hair Removal Should Not Require A Biology Degree Considering That Have To Have A Medical Director And That Is Why They Get Paid The Big Bucks. And Houston
Don'T Want Massage Program To Return To Dshs. Houston
Mld - Mold Remediation Protocols Need To Be Specific To The Type/Particular Home That One Is Working On. Houston
When Filing Complaints, There Should Be A Dropdown Box To Indicate Rapid Response Such As Sexual Misconduct. Houston
Some Of These License Are Owned By Small Business Owners So If There Is A Mistake They Don'T Need To Be Shut Down Immediately. They Need A Chance To Make Houston
Instructors Are Better Teachers If They'Ve Been Licensed In Their Profession For Awhile, Require 5-Year Minimum. Houston
Mld - Need To Better Justify/Clarify The Reason/Need For The Differing Insurance Requirements. Houston
Elc - Online Ce Classes Are Ridiculous. Houston
Give Instructors More Info Regarding Written Exam Questions Houston
Would Not Expand Scope Of Cosmetology For Massage. Houston
Unlicensed Individuals In Massage; Need More Policing; Require License Number To Be Included In Advertisements. Houston
Mold - Would Like To See Better Enforcement, Better Communication On Progress Of Complaint Cases (Timeframes). Houston
Need More Inspectors For Massage; Give Them A Salary Increase. Houston
Cos- New Test Coming Up In January - Do Away With Practical Exam All Together. Houston
Elc - Ce Hours Should Be More Than 4 Hrs Per Yr Houston
The Number/% Of Types Of Questions For Written Is Listed In The Cib Houston
Mold, Standardized Air Sampling Procedures Houston
Mold - Not Seeing Inspections Happening On Projects Because Notifications Are Not Being Made. Houston
Have The Written Test Follow The Amount Of Hours Studied Curriculum Houston
Expand Rules/Statute In Different Languages. Houston
Mold - Not Clear, Defined, The Clearance Levels For Acceptable Or Unacceptable Pass/Fail. Too Much Latitude Given To Consultants. Houston
Umbrella Of Cosmetology Covers A Lot, Could Included Separate Licensing Of Massage In Umbrella. Houston
More Thorough Laser Inspections And Education Requirements. Too Many Houston
Cost Of Having Exam Translated ($850) For Psi Is Expensive. Houston
Cosmetology Is A Hands-On Business; Tests Should Be Harder, Used To Be An All-Day Long Test. We Don'T Need To Dumb Down Our Business, We Are Very Intelligent People. Houston
Mold - Because Of The Governor'S Proc - There Is Not A Requirement For Notification. Houston
Bcz A Lot Of The Emigrant Students Do Not Have The Education Level To Enter The Massage Therapy Program. Houston
Mold - Gov'S Proc Waived License Requirement For Remediators But Not For Consultants. Houston
If Do Away W/One Test Or Other For Cos, Then Do Away W/Theory And Ramp Up The Practical. Houston
Ensure School Inspectors Are Aware And Understand Cosmetology Laws And Rules To Make Inspections Quicker Houston
If We Add Massage For All Parts Of The Body We Need To Add Hours And Education So That The Students Will Know What They Need To Know For Those Areas Of The Body Houston
Make Written Test Easier Houston
Mold. Bring Back The Photo Id On The License. Houston
Protect Witness To File A Complaint Houston
After Being In The Business Of Owning A Medspa For 10 Years Plus- Do Away With The Expense Of An Medical Director. Houston
Elc - Website Licensee Lookup (Phone Numbers) No Longer Available. Should Be Allowed To Opt In To Putting Information On The Website. Houston
Mold Better Rules On Field Inspection Procedures Houston
Very Honest Inspector Here In This Room. Houston
Elc - Verify Social Security To Get Electrical License Houston
Section 455.202 B Employ An Individual That Is Able To Work Us. This Should Be Moved To 455.156  To Qualify To Hold A License Houston
More Way To Contact Tdlr Easier Houston
Live Tdlr Help Online Houston
Become Fully Automated Houston
Still Experiencing A Back Log In Lmt Renewals. Due To That It Should Extend Licenses By 30 Days On Line Houston
Quicker Response And Someone Who Knows Answers, Doesn'T Give The Run Around Houston
Change Massage Therapy To Not Having A Designated Area Houston
Upload Documents Online Houston
Remove Address And Phone On Licensee Caused Problem In Research By Filter Houston
Rule Book Should Be Easier To Navigate Houston
Citywide Beauticians & Barber'S Association Houston
Eab - Like To See Each Program Have Direct Numbers Instead Of Waiting On Operators To Be Transferred To Correct Division. Houston
Cosmetology Students Are More Hands On So Why Making Theory Tests Harder Houston
Average Level Students Are Having Difficulty Passing Exam (Cos); Need To Know How Many Questions Are Coming From Each Chapter. Fewer Questions On Laws And Rules. Houston
Mold - Would Like Direct Contact Number Instead Of Waiting On Operator. Houston
Need More Inspectors For Beauty Salons, Some Has Been Opened For 2 Years Without Inspection. Houston
Elc - Change On All Licenses To Change Language To Be Like Auctioneers To Required That Licensees Be Legal Citizen/Aliens. Houston
Cosmetologists - Scope Of Practice Re: Massage Should Be Expanded Houston
Mold - Refresher Courses (Occupations Code) What Is A Good Way To Communicate That Individuals Need To Review All Statutes. Houston
Create A Study Guide For Cosmetology Written Exam. Practical Exam Is Throughly Written Out. Houston
Elc - Individuals That Are Not Legal Citizens/Aliens Are Saturating The Market. Houston
Stop Granting Licenses To Anybody. Houston
Have More Inspectors And More Frequent Inspections Houston
Have Inspections On Saturday Morning Houston
Mold. We Need More Experienced Inspectors Houston
Combination License Would Need Education In Both Professions, But A Lot Of It Overlaps. Houston
Mld - Inspections  - Better Define/Inform People That If You Are Taking An Air Samples From A Conditioned Spaced Vs. Non-Conditioned Space (Which Should Really Be Just Outside). Houston
Transitioning From Credit Hours To Distance Hours Needs To Be Easier To Understand. Houston
A Combination License Should Only Have One Fee That Is Lower Than Just Combining The Two Fees. Houston
Allow For A Chat Option On Your Website. Houston
Clear Definition Of Distance Vs. Clock-To-Credit Hours. Houston
Include Sugar Scrub To 455.001 (11) Houston
Takes A Lot To Develop Written Tests, Goal Is To Have Each Question Understood And Answerable. Publishers Need To Update Their Text. Houston
Mld - Letter Received That They Had A Violation And That Someone Would Be Contacting Them. The Letter Had No Indication Of What The Violation Was, Who To Contact, What To Do. It'S Been Six Month. Houston
Can We Have A Combination Cosmetology And Massage License? Houston
Laser Hair Removal - Technicians Are Getting Licensed Who Don'T Have Needed Understanding, Lack Of Competency. Need Understanding Of Biology. Houston
Educational Departments At Tdlr Should Employee Personal In That Department That Are Educated In That Field Especially Approving Curriculum Houston
From The Comment One Of  Very Honest Inspector In This Room: Credit Hours Is A Door For A Beauty School Easier To Selling Hours. I Totally Agreed!    Bec Houston
Need To Be Able To Edit Student Distance Learning After A Student Leaves/Transfers. Houston
Directing Me To Rules, Statutes....I Need Someone To Talk To For Better Understanding. Houston
Cos Skills Test Should Be Minimum Competency, Not Harder. Houston
Need To Include Laser Hair In A Combination License. Houston
Make Possible For Written Exam Prior To Graduation For All Programs- Instructor, Nail, Esthetic Houston
Leave Practical Test Alone Houston
Perform Exfoliating Treatments For Esthetitians, Allow To Do Back, Hands And Feet. Houston
Allow To Teach Via Skype For Nail Instruction. Houston
Nail Techs Should Be Allowed To Wax The Leg. Houston
People Running Lasers Who Don'T Understand Tissue Interactions, Wound Houston
Care, The Power Of Lasers, Etc Houston
Allow I-9 To Be Reviewed By State Agency. Houston
Elc - In Light Of Harvey - Noticed A Lot Of Out Of State Vehicles Doing Work. There Are Plenty Of Contractors Here - Make It Tougher For Out Of State Contractors. Houston
Mld - Like To See A Defined Process For Issuing A Health License Certificate. Certificate Should Be Accompanied By A Full Inspection Report. Houston
Foot Massage Places Are Giving Whole Body Massages And Should Have To Be Licensed. Houston
Eab - Academy In Austin - Covers The Code Too Much And Not About How To Be A Ras. Houston
All Types Of Massage Businesses Should Have To Be Licensed. Houston
Can We Have Massage License As Reciprocity Form For People Has License Out Of State Or Country,  Or Has To Go Through Additional Hours And Exams Since We Houston
Add More Use Of Technology In Our Program Like Skype Classes, Etc. Houston
Remediate For Licensing Infractions. Houston
Elc/Mld - There Should Be A Hotline For Licensees To Call To Agency Know About Unlicensed/Poor/Shoddy Work Being Done. Houston
Mid - Open Records Act Over Hippa. Houston
Terminology Of Investigator, Prosecutor Before Case Is Even Investigated, Puts Licensees On The Defense. Houston
Mid - Advisory Board Members Or Team Of Midwives Review All Complaints That Come In. Houston
Mid - Would Like Advisory Board Members To Review Complaints. Houston
Open Records Houston
Advisory Board Would Be Over Enforcement Houston
Mid - Would Like To See A Copy Of Complaint (If We Receive A Complaint) Houston
Ele - Plan Reviews Need To Be Quicker. Houston
Mid - Should Only Be Required To Give To Every Patient At Initial Visit (Informed Consent Disclosure Form). Houston
Mid - Penalties Are Too High. Houston
Mid - Information Is Not Relevant For Informed Consent Disclosure Statement. Houston
Slpa - Have Summit And Advisory Board Meetings Throughout The State. Houston
Slpa - Proposed Telepractice Changes Really Need To Be Looked At. Houston
Slpa - Working With Behavior Analysts, Facilitate Conversations Houston
Ptp - Renewal All At The Same Time. Houston
Mid - Public Complaint Review Process. Houston
Bhv - Collect Data On How Often Experts Are Asked To Review Complaints. Houston
Slpa - Ca Allows Slp Assistants To Treat For Swallowing. Houston
Des-We Need Better Monitoring On Lessons.Com. Providing Driving Lessons Without Being Licensed School Houston
Vsf - Allow 30 Days When Employing New People To Allow People To Get Licensed. Houston
Des - Lessons.Com Non-Certified Driver Education. This Also Happens On Ebay. Houston
Des - In Favor Of Content And Resources For Parents, Shouldn'T Try And Regulate Everybody. Houston
Des - Recognize That Nat. Highway Safety Admin Has No Built In Accountability For Collisions. Houston
Des - Change Instructor Training Requirements Houston
Des- Send Communication For Updated Parent Taught Guide. Houston
Des - Add To The 6 Hour Adult Class, Requiring Behind The Wheel For Adults. Houston
Des - Driver Safety - Need Information On How Certificates Should Be Issued Online. Houston
Des - Update The Judges Video Houston
Tow - Enforcement To Not Just Be Complaint Based But Actually Go See/Check Places For Compliance Houston
Des - Be Careful When Sending Out Emails Because Of Unintended Consequences. Houston
Des - Community Safety Education Act Houston
Des - Disagree Is One Hour In Car For Driver Safety Houston
Des - Add In-Vehicle Component For All Driver Safety Courses Houston
Des - Minimum 1 Hour In-Vehicle Component For Driver Safety Course. Houston
Des - Change Requirement To Allow Name Instead Of Student Driver Sign Houston
The Technical Assistance Program Will Assess How Well We Do. Houston
Btw Training Required For Adults Houston
Des Agree All Defensive Driving Should Have Required Behind The Wheel Driving Hours Houston
Des - Should Not Be Required To Pay For The Parent Taught Guideline Packet. Houston
Des-Require Behind The Wheel Driving For All Adults Over Age 18-24 Of Age And Any New Driver New To Geto At Least 8 Hours Houston
Des - Defensive Driving And Adult Courses Should Have In-Vehicle Component Too Houston
Two Year Renewal On Tow License Houston
Mid - Complaint Process, One Person'S Word Against Another. Investigations Need To Be Very Precise And Factual-Based. Houston
Ptc - Relationship Between Tdlr And Comptroller'S Office Needs To Be Defined. There Are More Restrictions On Property Tax Consultants As Opposed To Real Estate People. Houston
Mid - Complaint Process Should Be More Of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty." Houston
Ptp - Inconsistent Message Or Answer From Within Tdlr, Not Getting A Correct Response Quickly. Houston
Ptp - Generic Email Responses, Would Like A Direct Email Address For Industry Houston
Ptp - Would Like A Contact In Each Area Of Tdlr Houston
Mid - Informed Choice Form -Second Box - Why Is It Relevant If I'M Licensed In Another State? Why Is It Relevant How Many Births I Have Attended? Third Box - Cannot Perform Blood Test If I'M Not Approved To Do This, This Is An Education Issue. Only Want To Have A Plan For Emergency Transport....Cannot Always Know What That Information May Be. Houston
Mid - Informed Choice Form - Do Away With The Form; Wording "Give To Every Potential Client" Is Incorrect, Should Be Required To Give To Every Client At Initial Visit. First Box - Continuing Hours Requirement, State Needs To Know That, Not My Client. Second Box - Why Is It Relevant When I First Received My Texas License? Licensed In Another State? W Houston
Slp - Website, Written As Slpa, But It Should Be Slp-Aud. Houston
Required Number Of Clinical Hours For Assistant Slp Should Be More In Line With National Organization. Houston
Ptp - Need To Be Clear On How We Submit Our Ce Hours Houston
Ops - Assistant, Have Been Doing This Job Since 1987, But Am Not Granted Licensure Now. Met All Unique Qualifications, Experience Qualified Me As An Assistant. Rules Kept Changing And Changing. Need To Reevaluate Ops Assistant Requirements. Houston
Take Down Company "Lessons.Com" Offering No Certified Driving Ed Lessons Houston
Agree With 2 Year Renewal Houston
Des-Change License Renewal To 2 Years For Instructors And Schools. I Know The Massage Therapist Have A Two Year Renewal System. Houston
Make Online Classes More Accountable For Knowledge The Students Learn Houston
Des - Email Notification For Renewals Instead Of Mail. Houston
Des - Reduce Carbon Footprint Houston
Des - Process Online Renewals. Houston
Scp - Two Year Licenses Houston
Des-Need Clarifications On Transfer From Parent Taught To Commercial Schools. More Commercial Schools Needs To Be Informed.  Policy Changes Need To Be In Houston
Ensure That All Online Courses Maintain Page Timers. Houston
Des - Better Notification To The Industry On Policy/Rules/Etc That Have To Do With The Industry. Houston
Scp - Renewal Process For Licenses, Same Info Sent Every Year - Would Be Nice To Cut Back On The Paperwork And Just Submit Changed Information. Houston
Tdlr Stop Offering Pt Program. Houston
Des - Licenses Could Two Year Licenses. Houston
Des - Create Online Submission For Instructor License Renewal Houston
Des- 964 Pt And Traditional Be Uniform- We All Use A Standard Form Houston
Des-Parent Taught Classes.Parents Should Be Required Some Kind Of Training To Teach Their Teens. Houston
Des - Pr Courses Are Listed Without Accurate Information (City But Not Address) Houston
Des - Pt Are Not All Listed Houston
De 964 Pt And Traditional Be Uniform- We All Use A Standard Form Houston
Tdlrhou1 Houston
Poi Is Fine Houston
Des - Pt Not Pr Houston
Des- 964 Pt And Traditional Be Uniform- We All Use A Standard Form Houston
Des - Poi Is An Academic Straight-Jacket. Houston
Des-Required Parent Nights For Commercial Driver Ed Schools. Houston
Des - Nominal Fee Charged For Parent Taught Renewals Houston
Des - Fix The Problem With The Tdlr Listing Of Parent Taught Education On Website Houston
Poi- Is Just Fine Houston
Des - Keep Academic Standards In The Poi As It Is An Educational Document Houston
Have A Nhtsa Driver Education Assessment Conducted In Texas Houston
Des - Start To Include Info On Binge Drinking And 911 Law. No Guidance On How To Address Legalize Marijuana. Hay Parties. Houston
Des - Charge For Parent Taught Review Course. Houston
Add A Fee For Parent Taught Course Review. Houston
Des - Parent-Taught Programs - Very Unclear When Transferring To Traditional Driver'S Ed School. Houston
Maintain High Standards For Teen Driver Education Curriculum Content Standards Houston
Request Driver Education Technical Assistance From Anstse Houston
Des - Dynamic Curriculum To Address Trending Issues Houston
Des - Tdlr Is Permitting Use Of Name Of Pt Course That Is Extremely Similar To Driving Schools. Houston
Des - Poi Is Mastery Based. Houston
Poi- Is Just Fine Houston
Des - Things Should Be Done By Mastery Learning - Plays On Your Strengths And Weaknesses. Time Frame Learning Is Different. Houston
De 964 Pt And Traditional Be Uniform- We All Use A Standard Form Houston
Des - Poi Is Academic And Perhaps May Need To Change Some. Houston
Des - Online Does Serve A Purpose If A Parent Does It Right. Houston
Des - Maintain The 14 Hours Of In-Car Training (The Number Of Contact Hours Need To Be Maintained). Houston
Des - Observations Are Really A Protection For The Student And For The Instructor. Houston
Test Houston
Des - Observations Should Be Optional. Houston
Des - Needs To Be Performance Based Curriculum. Because Of The Kid'S Performance Anxiety. Houston
Des - Time Based Curriculum To Performance Based Curriculum Houston
Des - Have A Meeting And Do Paperwork 101 Houston
Vsf - Employee Has To Be Drug Tested And Licensed - When Hiring New Employees Give Establishments Some Time To Bring People Into Complianc Houston
Des - Orientation For Pt Happens In Oregon. Houston
Des - When It Comes To Paperwork For Online/Pt - Some Programs Have An Orientation To Make It Easier Houston
Tow - Ce Certification Needs To Happen. Houston
Tow - The Current Online Courses Do Nothing For Licensees. Hopefully The Webinars Will Improve This Houston
Des - Reduce The Number Of Driver Education Hours From 32 To 8. Make The Other Hours Optional. Houston
Des - Statute Change - Add Required Behind The Wheel Hours To The 18 To Under 24 Hour Adult Course Houston
Tdlrhou1 Houston
Test Houston
Parent Taught Classes Leave Out A Lot Of Driving Knowledge Houston
Des - Increase The Number Of Behind The Wheel Hours Houston
Des - 1001.45  - May Not Use Adv. That Is False Misleading Etc - Tdlr Is Participating In This Deception. Houston
De 964 For Pt And Commercial Schools, The Certificates Should Be Same Format. Houston
Get Rid Of Parent Taught In Texas. Houston
Des - Tdlr Is Supposed To Prevent Deceptive Trade Practices. Houston
Des - There Pt Names That Are Changed By Single Letters Houston
Poi- Very Useful Houston
Tow - Fix Tow/Vsf Penalty Matrix. Houston
Des - Online Courses - What Is Tdlr'S Thought Process For Defensive Driving/Driver Education Online? It Is Not Necessary To Have A School. Houston
De 964'S And Pt And Ami 964 Forms Need To Be  Same Formate. Houston
Require Adult Drivers To Have Behind The Wheel Driving Houston
Tow - Overhaul Vsf And Tow Statutes Houston
Des -  Maintain Driver Education Hour Standards 32-7-7 Houston
De 964 For Parent Taught,Ami,Comercial Be Standard We All Use Same Form Houston
Require 10 Hours Btw No Observation Houston
Phone Services At Tdlr Houston
Put Pictures On The Written Test So It Could Be Easier To Visualize The Questions McAllen
Written Exam Accommidations Should Be Available  To Everyone And Allowing The Students To Choose If To Use It Or Not. McAllen
Inspect Salons Twice A Year As Well McAllen
Keep Written Exam But Use Visuals And Have Accommodations Available On The Computer. McAllen
Make Sure Massage Establishments,  Schools, Etc Is A Clean Environment McAllen
Giving The Special Needs Student Extra Time For The Written Exam Is Not Enough McAllen
Add A Section On Shears For Makeup Hours. McAllen
Have A "Barbershop" Setting For Students For The Internship  As Part Of The School Hours. McAllen
Use Earphones For The Computer For Students That Need It Read To Them McAllen
More Open Houses With Psi McAllen
Mass - Enforcement Of Rules And Regs McAllen
Use Pictures, Interactive For Students Needing Accommodations McAllen
Open House Twice Per Semester McAllen
Have The Shaving, H/C, And Sanitation For Theory To Simplify McAllen
Removing The 1 Minute Late Equals A Whole Make Up Hour Rule McAllen
Open Houses Are Wonderful.  1 Or 2 Per Semeater McAllen
For There To Be Better Guidelines On How To Keep Files For Students (Credit Hrs) McAllen
Crossover Is Good At 300 Hrs McAllen
Have More Testing Proctors And Testing Availability For All Courses Including Student Instructor McAllen
Keep The Crossover McAllen
Bring Back Regulation Of Threading,  Braiding And Makeup McAllen
Change The Dual 300 Hours To At Least 750 Hours, There Is Not Enough Time To Train Cosmos To Be Barbers McAllen
More Training For Instructors  - Cos McAllen
Keep Crossover At 300 McAllen
Bring Back Regulations For Braiding, Threading, And Makeup. McAllen
Update Forms So They Are Easier To Use On 30 Hour Log McAllen
Psi Conduct High School Testing McAllen
Needs To Be A Lock On Barber School Hours If Students Have Not Paid. McAllen
Test Everyone That Is Requesting A Transfer License From Another Country McAllen
Yes People Drom Other Countries Must Adhere To Our Sanitation Laws McAllen
Internship Hours Done At Salons That Have Been Inspected And Follow The Rules McAllen
Keeping All Documentation Online Instead Of Filing Paperwork. McAllen
Be More Strict On Closing Down Spas Or Businesses That Have Unlicensed People Working. McAllen
Doing Internship Hours Out Of School McAllen
Would Like For Inspectors  To Closed Down Spas , Etc... That Are Operating  Without A  License. McAllen
The Tdlr Rule Book Needs To Be Emailed To Individual Students. We Always Get He It'S Lost In The Mail. McAllen
Online Payment Option For License School Renewal McAllen
Allow Massage Therapists To Do More With Their License McAllen
Temporarily Permit While We Wait For The License After Passing The Mblex For Massage Therapy McAllen
Written Exam Is Too Difficult  For Some Students That Are Really Good Hands On. McAllen
Temporary Permit For Massage Therapy McAllen
More Tdlr/ Psi Open Houses For Instructors. McAllen
More Time For Internship Hours McAllen
Better Stock Paper For License McAllen
More Real Life Experience On The Practical And No Written Exam McAllen
Have Undocumented Help For Students That Refuse To Acknowledge That There Is A Problem McAllen
Written Exam Based On Sanitation And Client Protection McAllen
Create A Separate Written Test To Students That Need Special Acomodaciones. The Practical Is Not Going To Avoid Them Burning A Clients Hair. McAllen
A Practical That Would Cover Everything For Special Accommodations Students. McAllen
Tdlrmc1 McAllen
Align The Questions In The State Exam To Be With The Book McAllen
Incorporating More Hands On Testing For Massage Therapy. McAllen
No Written Exam, Make A Harder Practical Exam McAllen
For The Test To Be More Hands On The Written. Lots Of Kids Are Good With Their Hands And Not So Good With The Written Test. McAllen
Starting To Work After School Hours Are Complete McAllen
Internship Hours Being Done At Any Place Associated With The Field Of Study McAllen
Electronic School Files/Records For Inspectors McAllen
State Practical Required For Massage Therapy McAllen
Have Students Able To Work Legally With Proof Of Payment Of License For Barbers McAllen
Get Rid Of Crossover Cos To Bar. Not Enough Hours To Properly Teach. McAllen
Would Have Inspectors Check Up On People That Have A License To Make Sure They'Re Not Covering Up People Without A License And Just Using Them For Their McAllen
Cosmetology And Barber Rule Books In App Form. McAllen
Higher Penalties For People Working Without A License McAllen
Make A Type Of "Bounty Hunters" To Shut Down Unlicensed Shops Immediately McAllen
Higher Qualifications For Inspectora McAllen
When Being Inspected For An Inspector To Have Consideration For A New Teachers Taking Over A Program, That Previous Teacher Didn'T Have A Good Filing Method Or Missing Paperwork. McAllen
Temporary License For Barber McAllen
Massage - Temporary License McAllen
Barber - Temporary License McAllen
Barbers Need A Temporary License McAllen
*Will Be McAllen
Easier Written Exam. Keep  Practical...Hands On Wi Br Most Important  In The Salon. McAllen
Spanish Test To Be Translated Better McAllen
Will Our License  For Massage  Therapy  Be In Better Stock Paper Than Regular Paper McAllen
More Inspectors To Help With The Unlicensed Activity. McAllen
Hfd I Would Extend Renewal Period To Every 4 Years Instead Of Every 2 Years McAllen
Mid- Change Some  Vocabulary On Our Informed Choice McAllen
Hfd - Not Allow Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids McAllen
Refuse Customer Service To A Customer Acting With Aggression Or Seem To Be Under The Influence Of Something McAllen
At A Vsf McAllen
Have A Picture On The Tow Operator And Or Vsf License McAllen
Raise Storage Rates By Tdlr Rule Instead Of Statue McAllen
How Come Heb Is Not Regulated On Their Prices And Tow Companies Are Regulated By City Ordenance McAllen
Have Tdlr Enforcement Division Verify Operator License Before Handing Out Fine Letter And Contract McAllen
Rule.   Raise Towing And Vsf Fees!! McAllen
Hfd- Don'T Allow Over The Counter Aids McAllen
Hfd- Initial Training Permit @ 18 Months Not 12 Months McAllen
Hfd - Make It Easier To Find Currently Available Ceu Courses On The Website; Allow Online Ceus & Allow More Hours From Manufacturers McAllen
At- Allow Cross Over For Diff Health Careers For Ceus McAllen
Mid-Informed And Smoother Transitions Of Care Without Abuse Of Complaints McAllen
(1/2) Mid: Nrp Test Has Been Expanded To Include All 9 Chapters, But Only 5 Are In Scope For Us. This Creates A Grey Area, With The Possibility Of Repercussions McAllen
(2/2)  If We Don'T Perform Out Of Scope Steps That We'Ve Been Trained In. We Would Like To Reduce Back To Testing On Just In Scope Sections. McAllen
Hfd- Otc Waivers Allowed But Understood What They Are Signing Off On. Best Interest To See A Doctor. McAllen
Mid- Everything In English And Spanish For Clients And Midwives McAllen
Mid - Forms, Laws, Rules In Spanish For Licensees And Clients McAllen
Mid- Be Able To Give Clients Rhogam And Vitamin K McAllen
Ba-- Clear "English" Or Other Language For Forms. Avoid Confusing Jargon McAllen
Ba-- All Forms And Materials In Spanish, As Well As Consent Forms McAllen
Mid: Change Informed Consent Form So That Not Every 'Potential Client' Must Be Given One - Do We Need To Give Them Out To Someone We Chat To At The Store?! McAllen
Mid- Lower Renewal Price McAllen
Mid- Stop Passport Application Letters Requiring More Information For Babies Born With Us Saying We Are Under Birth Certificate Fraud McAllen
Mid: Have (At Least 1) Midwife Involved With The Grievance Process. McAllen
Ba-- For The Complaint Process Include A Behavior Analyst If The Issue Is Confusing Or Complicated McAllen
Ba--Emergency Situation--Network Of Behavior Analysts Who Could Be Available For Emergency Settings McAllen
Mid: Consider Us As First Responders For Labor, Including Waiving Speeding Tickets For Midwives Rushing To A Birth! McAllen
Tow:  Liens Are Problematic For Picking Up Vehicles...Making The Tow Call The Bank McAllen
Des -More Availability On Courses Being Accepted. McAllen
Consistency From Tax Office When Trying To Do A Storage Lien.  Currently, The State Allows Each Tax Office To Require Additional Procedures Above What Is McAllen
Vsf.   How To Manage Abandoned Vehicles In Storage Yard When They Are Mexican National Vehicles. McAllen
Des: Get Rid Of The Yearly Continuing Education Hours Needed. Very Difficult To Find Courses That Are Accepted. McAllen
Move The Storage Rate Increase From Statue To A Tdlr Rule. McAllen
Tow/Vsf:  Hours Preferred From Standard Business Hours 8-5 McAllen
Des - Look-Up Ce Screen McAllen
Get Rid Of The 24 Hours Release.  For The Safety Of Our Staff McAllen
Corr: County Tax Office Rules In Consistency Comment McAllen
Peo License For Longer Period Of Time Vs Annual McAllen
Online Driving Schools Taking Away Business From Locally Owned Driving Schools In Texas McAllen
Certified Teacher McAllen
Reduce License Renewal Des Fees McAllen
Peo: Get Rid Of Audited Financials- Too Expensive And Time Consuming Go Back To Reviewed Financials And Back To 2 Year Licensing As It Was As Opposed To Annual McAllen
Corr: Inspectors Should Be Experienced In Programs They Are Inspecting For...Cosmetologist Inspecting For Des? McAllen
Towing. Get In Contact With Texas Department Of Motor Vehicle To Not Put So Many Restrictions  At Time We Take A Vehicle To Register. McAllen
Simplify The Storage Lien Process And Work With Dmv To Achieve This McAllen
Des: Teacher Of Record Should Not Have To Be A Texas Certified Teacher. McAllen
Get Rid Of Det Fees For Drivers Education McAllen
Protect The Towing & Vsf Companies From Insurance Companies Dumping Vehicles At Our Yards. McAllen
Getting Rid Of That McAllen
Get An Inspector Of Driver Education Experience McAllen
The Certified Teacher Is A Good One! McAllen
Des- Agree W Det Not Having To Be Certified Teacher McAllen
Des- Send De 964 Orders Out Quicker.  3 Day Turn Around McAllen
30 Hour Logs Need To Be Updated For-Des McAllen
Des-Update 30 Hr Log. Remove 30 Min Sections McAllen
2 Year Ce Requirement Instead Of Annual Ce For Des McAllen
Peo: Ability To Respond To A Complaint On Line And Have Investigators Be More "Peo Friendly" And Not Assume We Are Guilty From The Get Go McAllen
Des: 3 Days To Receive Certificates McAllen
Des- Turn Around Time To Receive The Certificates Too Long. McAllen
Be Able Refuse Customer Service To Release A Customer That Had Their Vehicle Towed Away When Acting With Aggression McAllen
Reduce Days Of Vehicle Stored In Facility To Atleast 20-30 Days Instead Of 45 Days In Order To Register Vehicle McAllen
Storage Rate Increase. And Looked Into Every 2 Years To Adjust To The Increased Cost Of Living McAllen
Raise Vsf And Towing Fees. McAllen
Reduce Days Of Vehicle Stored In Facility To Atleast 20-30 Days Instead Of 45 Days In Order To Register Vehicle McAllen
Get Rid Of Using "Insurance" As A Method Of Showing Proof Of Ownership When Trying To Pick Up A Vehicle At A Vsf. McAllen
Des: Renew License Online. McAllen
I Don'T Want To Call Customer Service For Des.  I Would Like To Contact That Branch Directly. McAllen
Be Able Refuse Customer Service To Release A Customer That Had Their Vehicle Towed Away When Acting With Aggression McAllen
Want Hard Copy Of Dps Driver Handbooks McAllen
We Need Handbooks For Our Students In Driver Education McAllen
Not Be Regulated By City In Towing Vehicle Rates. McAllen
Tow..Release Vehicle Next Business Day After 24 Hrs McAllen
Des- Ability To Renew Online McAllen
2 Year Ce Requirement Instead Of Annual Ce McAllen
Dmv Giving Hard Time To Register Abandoned Vehicles. Please Help McAllen
Agree With 2Year Renewal For License-Des McAllen
Update 30 Hr Log. Remove 30 Min Sections McAllen
Update 30 Hour Long Where It Is More User Friendly McAllen
We Want To Renew Des Online McAllen
Add A Place To Have The Owner Sign He Is Consenting For The Insurance To Pick Up Their Vehicle From A Vsf.  A Lot Of Times The Owner Isn'T Even Aware The McAllen
Simplified Instructions For Parents To Do The 30 Hour Log For Des McAllen
Peo Renewal Online Along With Reviewed Financials & Longer License Periods I.E. 2 Yrs Vs Annually McAllen
Laws: I Would Like To Add An Upgraded Business Concept Course  To The Barber/Cosmetology Curriculum Website
Stop People From Passing On The Right When Someone Is Turning Left, Also Make It Legal To Give Approaching A Single Of At Least 500 Ft Before Making The Turn. Website
None That Pertain To My Field.  I Find That Texas'S Rules And Processes Are Very Standard, Compared To Other States.  I Feel That Texas Is A State That Really Keeps An Eye On Manufactured Buildings Being Brought Into The State And I Think It That'S Great. Website
Place A Time Limit On Apprentice License.  Only Allow It To Be Renewed For X Years, Encouraging Moving Up To Journeyman. Website
All Website
Box: Tdlr/Peer Mentoring. More Official Clinics Where Combative Sports Shares Preferred Instructions W/Boxing Officials. Review W/Officials After Fights What Went Right/Wrong. Invite El Paso Officials To East Texas Events For More Opportunity To Improve. Website
Non Website
Abolish Tdlr Website
The Soap-Note Requirements Are Excessive & I Wish Soap Notes Were Recommended But Not Required. Website
I Will Make More Flexible The Reciprocity Rules With Other States, Including Puerto Rico. The Education, Training Ac Professionals Receive Outside State Should No Be Underestimated. The Actual Reciprocity Rules Only Creates Economical Losses To Everyone. Website
Wrong Addresses On Report Manager But Right Ones On Tulip.  Shows Us Mailing Address As The Physical Address On A Few Salons.  Takes Forever On The Phone For Someone To Answer At Customer Service.  Need To Be Able To Deviate From Mobi. Website
Increase Ras Audits. Better Trained Enforcement Inspectors For Ab Complaints. There Was A Complaint That Was Filed And The Operator Was Told That Everything Was Ok. There Are Changes In Levels At The Doors, Parking, Stall, Route, Vision Panel Issues & More Website
Harsher Penalties For Unlicensed Contractors, Workers; Increased Enforcement And Inspection Of Licensing On Locations Including Well Sites Website
Monitoring Of Schools And Salons On A More Frequent Basis To Assure The Highest Standards Of Sanitation And Safety. Close Monitoring And Investigation Of Unlicensed Activity. Website
Continue To Regulate Remediation Services. Stronger Penalties For Unlicensed People Performing Mold Related Services. Website
Double, Or Maybe Triple, Driver'S License Offices. Website
Repeal Section 1602.455(C)(D) Of The Cosmetology Law, Repeal The Ptc And Ptp Regulations, Allow "All" Licensee To Renew Online, Ie Providers And Schools, Repeal Section 1602.255(B)(C)(D) Of Cos Law. Website
Well It Has Gotten Confusing On The Chain Of Command With Our Electrical Licenses And As Which Path Or License Would Someone Take If I Still Understand The Rank... The Master Electrician And Then Master Sign Electrician Are The Top1&2 Then Anybody Guess Website
I Strongly Feel Change Is Needed With The Instructor Program With An Eligibility/Accountability Criteria To Offer And Teach This Program. State Exam Test Scores Are So Low Something Is Not Being Taught Correctly. I Would Also Balance The 1500 Operator Curriculum Due To The Fact A Person Is Licensed To Do All Areas. I Would Find A Title To Replace "Operator". Operator Is So Dated And Unprofessional. Revision To Esthetician Curriculum Needs To Be Made. Updates And Clarification Is Much Needed. I Would Not Have A Practical Exams If I Were Queen For A Day. Practical Questions Can Be In Written Form To Ensure The Safety Of The Public. All Other Industry'S Have A Written With No Practical. Tdlr Doesn'T Lose Money And Students Can Save Their Money On This. Psi Speaks A Lot About Barriers To Obtain A License And This Is One Of Them. Face To Face Interviews For Selecting Cosmetology Smes!!!!! Add Gloves Must Be Worn During Waxing To Rule 83.105. There Should Be Some Type Of Consequence For Absent Advisory Board Members Een Though It Is Volunteering. Meeting Two To Three Times A Year Should Have 100% In Attendance. All Members Need To Be Currently Active In The Industry To Serve And Have A Voice. Out Of Touch Members Cannot Be Strong Leaders. The Ability To Conduct A Meeting And Actually Knowing What Is Going On In The Industry Is Two Very Different Things. The Cosmetology Advisory Meetings Seem To Be A Waste Of Time With Actually Getting Issues Accomplished. Reports Are Read, The Public Speaks, And Meeting Over With Little Or No Accomplishments. Website
More Compliance Officers For Verification Of Work Around The State And Assistance With Jurisdictions Website
Ser Mejor Presoba Website
Eliminate The Limitation On Number Of Stories For A Modular Building To Be Within The Program.  Currently Capped At 4 Stories And Technology/Industry Can Go Much Higher. Website
Remove Height Restrictions For Modular Construction Website
Tdlr Would Record And  License Holder Hours Per Year For Example When An Electrician Hit His Or Her Year Hours, They Then Could Inform  Tdlr And They Would Log And Keep In Their Records And Wireman Or Journeyman Electricians Could Pull Residential Permits Website
Remove The 60' Cap For Modular Construction. Texas Is The Only State With A Cap On Modular Building Heights. Website
Please Put Solar Installers Under Electrical Contractors. The State Of Texas Needs To Be Careful Of Fly By Night Solar Installers And They Need To Fall Under Electricians Website
Stop Putting So Many Restraints On Fo Inspectors And Allow Those Who Have Proven To Be Responsible More Control Over Their Day To Day Inspections. Treating Everyone Responsible For The Shortcomings Of A Few Has Created A Tyrannical/Oppressive Environment. Website
Easier Permit Process To Move Existing Relocatable Buildings From City To City, From County To County, Provided Design Loads Are Compatible Website
None Website
Easier Access Website

During the next five years, what major changes do you expect in your profession or industry, and in the state of Texas?

Comment Source
Either Integration Or Distinction Between Esthetic And Massage Either We Get Estheticians Away From Massaging At All And Mts Away From Facials, Or The Tw Arlington
Technology Is Adding More New Techniques To All Curriculum'S So We Need To Add: New Technologies To Each Part Of The Curriculum Arlington
Dry Bar Lobbyist Will Push To Deregulate Cosmetology Arlington
Would Like To See Mt Being Able To Utilize Other Forms Of Treatment Such As Cold Laser Arlington
Deregulation Of Barbering. Arlington
Terrified Of Deregulation Of Massage Therapy Arlington
Increase Continuing Education. Mandate Our Industry As A Credible Profession Arlington
Bar/Cos Industries Need To Be Viewed As Professions. Arlington
Based On What Has Happened To The Last 5 Years In The Massage Industry I Truly Think Won'T Be A Profession Anymore.  Respectability Has Gone Downhill. Arlington
Barbers Will Need To Do Sterilization And Sanitation. Arlington
I Would Like To See More Education Requirements For Mt Arlington
Salons Having Mentoring Arlington
More Focus On Foot Massage Places.  Ugh!!! Arlington
Chiropractor Led "Massage Therapists" Be Required To Obtain An Lmt Licensing And Medical Massage Classes Arlington
Deregulation Of Cosmetology Arlington
Nationwide Movement Pushing Deregulation Of Many Industries.  Concerned That More Areas Will Become Unlicensed And Create Safety Issues For The Public. Arlington
Number Of Unlicensed Practicioners Will Increase Because Of The Immigration From California. Arlington
More Technology Such As Laser Creeping Into Esthetics Arlington
Licensees Know Where The Unlicensed People Are, We Can Be A Resource. Arlington
The Psi Barber Written Exam Needs To Be Proof Read And Edited. Arlington
Function Available To Barbering. Arlington
Barber And Salon License Applications Should Require A Minimum Of 2 Year Barber/Cosmetology Licenses Arlington
Exams - People Are Memorizing The Questions And Passing On The Info. Arlington
New Instructors And Previously Licensed Instructors Need Psi Walk Through For Testing. Arlington
No One Will Be Willing To Take An Ad From A Licensed Massage Therapist Because Of Risk Factors Regardless If They Are Licensed Arlington
Barbering Arlington
Allow Massage Schools To Utilize Electronic Time Keeping And Grade Keeping Arlington
Increased Unlicensed Activity, Create A Faster Electronic Reporting System For Licensed Professionals To Report This Activity Arlington
Barbering Arlington
Add More Inspectors. Arlington
More Disease Will Be Passed Because Everyone Wants Less Inspections But No One Wants To Live Up To The License We Carry. Arlington
Backpage Will Shut Down; More Unlicensed People Will Try To Get Licensed. Arlington
Barber - Good Morning. Barbering Does Not Have The Option To Click "Not Fulfilled Obligations" When Dropping A Student. Cosmetology Do. Tdlr Should Make This Arlington
Difference In Quality Of Work Between Licensee And A Bootlegger. Arlington
Make Up Artist Need To Be Regulated Arlington
While Doing An Inspection, Inspectors Should Be Able To Inspect Nearby Shops. Arlington
We Should Have A Union Arlington
Tdlrel1 Arlington
Medical Industry Lobbies To Move Esthetics Treatments Under Medical Licensing.  This Isn'T Being Done Because These Treatments Belong There But Because They Make Med Spas And Dermatologists More Money. Arlington
License/Certification Should Matter, Should Mean Something. Arlington
Industry Needs To Come Together, It Is Becoming Segregated. Unite Or Be Divided. Arlington
Don'T Make A Big Deal About Wax Stick On Wax Machine Arlington
Tdlrel1 Arlington
Tdlrar1...Bring Professional Protocol To The Industry Arlington
Tdlrel1 Arlington
Acupuncture Licencing Arlington
Unlicensed Businesses Are Overrunning The Massage Therapy Program, Destroying Our Industry. Arlington
Reflexology Should Be Regulated. Arlington
I Would Tell A Young Person Thinking About Going Into Massage Not To Bother Arlington
The Merging Of Barber And Cosmetology License Arlington
Add Reflexology To Massage Curriculum Arlington
Evaluate The Potential Need For Defining/Regulation Of Aromatherapy And Reflexology Arlington
Even Add Reflexology To Cosmetology Also To Make It Regulation Arlington
Board Representation For Nail Tech. Austin
As Offsite Technologies Take Over, The Construction Workforce Will Be Receive Better Pay And Benefits Austin
Email Addresses Should Be Required List For Lhr Public Info Austin
Nail Putty Is A Game Changer And Needs To Be Added To The Test. Austin
Change The Definition Of Massage Therapy As Indicated By Previous Public Comments. Austin
Massage Students To Take Tips Like As In Esthetics And Cosmetology. Austin
Aging Of Electricians. Austin
Massive Shift To Offsite Building Technologies. The Texas Construction Industry Will Be Forced To Adapt To A 21St Century Workforce. Austin
1St Year Electrical Programs In More High Schools Austin
The Iot Will Enable Significant Advances In Elevator/Escalator Technology. Austin
Utilization Of Building Components, Increased Technology And Advanced Building Materials In Construction. Austin
High Schools Will Add More Vocational Training For Our Children To Give Them The Tools Needed For A Job After Graduation. Austin
Iot=Internet Of Things - Ability To Monitor Ele Equipment 24/7 Austin
In The 2019 Legislative Session, Hours Will Be Reduced For Cosmetology And Barbering To 1000 Hours Across The Board Austin
A Austin
Midwives - Increase In Insurance Reimbursement Austin
The Number Of Universities Providing Behavior Analysis Courses Is Expected To Increase Austin
Cross State Compacts--Dietitians Austin
Telehealth Of Behavior Analysis Services Is Expected To Increase Austin
Will Call Over The Counter Hearing Aid An Amplifier. Austin
Visit In The Office. That Defeats The Purpose. Austin
Don'T Call It A Hearing Aid If It Is Sold Otc. Call It Something Else To Make A Distinction To The Consumer That It'S Something Else. Austin
Possible Midwifery Bridge Certificate Required For Cpms...? Austin
The Number Of Behavior Analysts Is Expected To Grow At An Accelerated Rate. Demand For Behavior Analysis Services Is Also Expected To Rise-Behavior Analysts Austin
Telehealth--Dietitians Austin
Otc Hearing Aid Sales- Completely Removes The Practitioners Who Are Trained To Not Cause Harm To The Patients Completely Out Of The Equation. Austin
Injury)-Behavior Analysts Austin
Midwives - Support, Feedback And Official Backing For Proposed Bills To Progress And Improve Midwifery In Texas For The Greater Good And Safety Of The Consumers Austin
Midwives - Agency Needs To Be Proactive With Legislature And What Benefits The Consumer. Austin
Behavior Analysis Will Be Used More For Increased Populations Out Side Of Autism And Developmental Disabilities Such As Treating Tbi (Traumatic Brain Austin
Midwives - Movement In Texas Of Unassisted Home Births, If We Over-Regulate There Will Be An Increase In Unlicensed Activity Austin
Hifd- Beware Of Disruptive Technology- Don'T Regulate Licensed Practitioners Out Of Business In Texas While Ushering In Out Of State Businesses That You Have No Austin
Say In Protecting The Consumers And You Get No Tax Base From. Austin
Midwife Clientele Base Will Rise In The Coming Years, Would Like To See Some Serious Legislation That Will Incorporate Midwifery As A Solution To The Problem Of Risk Assessment. We Can Help With The Solution. Need Will Grow Exponentially, Would Like To See Us Be Able To Use Service Of Medicaid. Austin
Midwives - National Conversation Re: Education And Different Routes That People Can Currently Take. Austin
Hifd-Update Telehealth Laws For Hearing Instrument Specialists And Audiologists- Purpose Was To Help More People- Not If The Requirement Is To Have The First Austin
Midwives - National Dialogue To Change Education Requirements; Don'T Want To Change Standards, We Want To Increase Safety. Austin
Midwifery Training That Does Not Include A Degree Will Be Differently Assessed As Of 2020 (National Debate About Direct Entry Midwives). Tdlr Could Provi Austin
Midwives - Austin
Possible Deregulation/ Of The Des Industry Austin
Deregulation Of Cosmetology In Other States. Very Worried About This Movement. Austin
Lhr Ce Online Austin
National Tendency To Up Hours Required To Become Massage Therapist Austin
Particularly If Hours Increase Would Like To See Insurance Companies More Commonly Cover Massage Austin
Licensing Requirements - Have Modules/Certifications (For Example Thru Community Colleges) Austin
Massage - Austin
Everything Will Move To A Digital Process, Eliminate Shuffling Of Papers. Austin
People Will Start Taking Ce For Lhr Because Tdlr Is Checking Austin
I Foresee People With A Monitary Gain To Continue To Push For Hours Reduction In Cosmetology Austin
Redefining Ce - Basic Vs. Advanced Hands-On Skills. Austin
Allow Barbering License In Existing Cosmetology School Spaces. Austin
Growth Of Distance Learning Austin
When Will Lhr Be Able To Do Registrations And Renewals Online? Austin
Distance Learning Will Happen; How Do We Plan For It Now. Majority Of Schools Do Not Have The Infrastructure For It, Are Not Set For It Now. Austin
Cosmetology And Barbering To Unite And Mirror One Anothers Rules And Regs Austin
Dual License For Barbering And Cosmetology School Austin
Driverless Vehicles Will Require Specialized Training And Equipment Austin
Dsc - Move From Paper Certificates To Electronic Certificates Austin
Ptc - As Legislative Challenges Come, Stability With Tdlr Is Better... Austin
Tncs Will Be A One-Stop Shop For Transportation Austin
Population Is Growing- Traffic Problems Will Continue To Grow Austin
Driverless Cars Will Involve Training For Tow And Vsf Industries Austin
Rescues And Shelters Should Have To Disclose Vicious Animals And Should Also Have To Follow A "Suggested" Lemon Law Austin
Specialty Training And Equipment For Changing Automotive Technology Austin
Legislator Will Have To Look At Property Tax Across The Board. Austin
Advancements In Vehicles And How The Tow And Vsf Industry Will Have To Respond With Training And Equipment And The Cost Associated With That Austin
Legislator Is Focusing On Capping The Tax Rate. Austin
Tdlr Will Issue Driver Licenses Austin
2 More Sessions In The Next 5 Years - Austin
Federal Regulations Impacting Motor Carriers May Have Significant Financial Impact On Towing Companies Austin
Adapt The Des Business To Regulations And Technology Austin
Des Will Be The Testing Entity For Drivers License Like It Is For Other States Austin
Des Contract Refunds Are Too Cumbersome And Detailed - Legal Language Is Spelled Out In The Rules - The Rules Should Just Require A Refund Policy Rather Than Spelling Out The Details Austin
Dockless Bicycles Will Be Part Of The Tnc Industry- Along With Autonomous Cars And Trucks Austin
Des Industry Will Have More People Leave The Business Austin
Ridesharing Opportunities And Autonomous Vehicles Will Affect Des Industry Austin
Des Needs More Streamlined And Less Cumbersome And Less Expensive Regulation Austin
Increasing Insurance Rates Impacting Viability Of Towing And Vsf Businesses. Austin
Ptc'S - The Legislature Is Going To Continue To Look For Alternatives To Funding Our School Systems Austin
Des May Not Be Regulated With Autonomous Vehicles There May Not Be A Need Eventually Austin
Estheticians Scope Of Practice Rapidly Changing As A Result Of New Machines/Treatments Austin
Ptp - Changes In Law For Chief Appraisers, Appraisal Districts, Or Appraisal Review Boards Austin
Ptc-  There Could Be Tax Caps That Significantly Affect School Finance. Austin
Enact Lemon Law For Buyers From Breeders. Austin
Beef, No Leather Products. Austin
Texas - Has Got To Stop The Attacks From Animal Rights. If We Don'T Stop This - There Will Be No Purbred Dogs, No Rodeos, No Hunting And Fishing, No Eating Austin
Ptc'S - We Would Like To Stay With Tdlr For Our Licensing So That As Changes Come In The Legislature Affecting Property Taxes, We Have Stability In Our Licensing Programs. Austin
Ptp - Possible Tax Rate Calculation Changes Austin
Bre - Pet Stores Not Being Allowed To Sell Animals Unless They'Re Rescue Animals. Austin
People Have A Right To Buy Or Adopt A Pet Of Their Choice From A Breeder Or A Pet Shop. Austin
Ptp- Changes In Process For Calculating Property Tax. Austin
There Will Be No Brick And Mortar Driving Safety Courses. All Will Be Online. Courses Could Be Delivered Through Tech That Has Not Been Developed Or Is Just Being Developed. Austin
Legislature Will Focus On Cost Of Public Education.  Prop Taxes Pay 50% Or More Of Public School Cost.Great Attention Will Be Given To All Prop Tax Issues!  Governor And Others Promise This. Austin
Have To Be Able To Adjust Compensation For The Increased In Service Level Tow And Vsf Will Have To Provide For Technology Changes Austin
Ptp - Appraisal Reviews Board Will Have Changed In Make Up And How They Are Appointed. Austin
Dual License Schooling For Cosmetology And Barbering El Paso
Dual Licensing For Barber Cos Is A Great Idea El Paso
Remove Barber Cosmetology License Move To Elective System So Someone For Example Can Take 500 Hr Basics Then Specialize In Color, Hair Cutting And The Bl El Paso
Hybrid Massage Programs. El Paso
Barbers And Cosmetologists Should Have A Universal License That Will Allow For Future Technologies To Flourish. El Paso
Laws Need To Be Updated To Regulate Or Count Online Learning. El Paso
Bar/Cos Apprentice Program El Paso
Mas - California Has A Tiered System. El Paso
I Need Barber College To Be 9 Months Long, El Paso
Barber Instructors Hours Need To Be Reduced To 300 Hours El Paso
Mas - Increased Hours To Become A Massage Therapy. El Paso
Mas - Certifications. Consult With Other States To See What Their Doing. El Paso
As - Follow What Physical Therapy Does. El Paso
Mas - Should New An Associate Degree. El Paso
Make Them Take A Aptitude Test Instead Of A Ged Then They Have Two Years To Get It El Paso
Licenses For Natural Disasters El Paso
It Seems Police Depts Are Using Ceos To Help With Low Priority Calls I.E. Illegal Parking, Noise Complaints, Etc. Will El Paso
Less Insurance Coverage For Mold Remediation May Result In Homeowners Using Unlicensed Providers El Paso
City Expansion Will Require More Licensed Personnel.  May Consider Getting Training And/Or Licensing  On Hoarders And People With Mental Illness. El Paso
Sanitarians Need To Be Able To Specialize In The Types Of Work They Do. Increased Training Needs To Be Offered For Those Specializations. El Paso
Will There Be Extra Training Provided By Or Required By Tdlr For Low Priority Police Calls Like Parking And Noise Complaints? El Paso
Police Departments Should Be Providing Training For Ceos If They'Re Giving You The Low Priority Calls. El Paso
License Barbers Need To Do A Continuing Education To Be Able To Renew There License El Paso
Much Needed To Keep 1500 For Cos And Barb. Learners Must Learn Proper Public Protection Procedures. El Paso
Massage Therapy Will Fit Into Health Insurance. El Paso
Insurance Industry Will Not Regulate Massage. El Paso
Add The Blade To Cosmo El Paso
Make The Cross Over From Cosmo To Barber Shorter Since The Only Difference Is The Blade El Paso
Online Education El Paso
If You Have A Cosmetologist License Be Able To Get An Instructors License Immediately Without A 3 Hundred Hour Course El Paso
Electives In Barber And Cosmo Is A Great Idea El Paso
Less Hours For Cosmo To Barber Dual License El Paso
Electives In Barbering And Cosmo El Paso
A Barber School Should Be Able To Add Other Programs Into The School Such As Massage And Cosmetology. El Paso
We Need To Facilitate And Collaborate With Candidates To Insure They Become Successful In Obtaining Their License. There Needs To Be More Feedback Between Each Other. El Paso
Online Education El Paso
Students Are Demanding Online Education Options. El Paso
We Need The Square Footage Back For Barber Schools, And Sinks El Paso
Mas - Tiered Program El Paso
Online Credit Hours For Barber Or Cosmo El Paso
Online Courses.  Need To Make Sure Quality Of Hands On Massage Is Not Lost. El Paso
Lower The Percentage Of Unlicensed Workers By Extending Inspector Hours Raising Fines To Prevent It From Happening. El Paso
Ensure Select Of Massage Advisory Members Based On Region. Inclusive. El Paso/West Texas. Has Been Left Out. El Paso
Mas - Representation From All Over The State Should Be Included In The Advisory Board El Paso
Apprentice Program For Barbers And Cosmos El Paso
Aprenticeship Hours Should Be Allowed For  Cos And Bar But Not Just For Shampooing.And Should Count Toward A Less Hour Requirement El Paso
Have 6 Months Inspections At Barber Shops After 5 Pm El Paso
Electives For Barbering And Cosmos Is An Amazing Idea! El Paso
Dual Lisence For Barber And Cosmetologist El Paso
I Anticipate The Next Legislative Session To Be Like The Last One If Not More Aggressive. External Email
Tdlr Needs To Do What They Were Set Up To Do, License The Towing And Storage Industry To Insure The Public Was Protected And Not As A Revenue Generator For The State. External Email
The Small Businesses Will Be Out Because Of The Over Regulation Of Government. We Are The Professionals And We Need To Be Able To Operate As Such Without The Babysitting Of Tdlr. External Email
The Number Of Behavior Analysts (Bcbas) And Assistant Behavior Analysts (Bcabas) Is Expected To Continue Increasing In Texas Though At An Accelerating Rate. External Email
The Demand For Services By Behavior Analysts In General Is Expected To Continue Increase, Probably At An Accelerated Rate. External Email
Increased Demand For Behavior Analytic Services Reflects Increased Demand For Behavior Analytic Services For Persons Diagnosed With Autism And Other Developmental Disorders. External Email
The Differentiation Of The Profession Of Behavior Analysis From The Profession Of Psychology Will Become Clearer And Maintenance Of Separate Licensure Of Members Of The Two Professions Will Become Increasingly Important. External Email
The Number Of Academic Programs Providing Coursework In Behavior Analysis Most Likely Will Increase As Well As The Existing Programs To Increase In Capacity. External Email
Provision Of Behavior Analytic Services Utilizing Telemedicine Methodology Is Expected To Be Requested By Patients And Their Families And Provided As Allowed. External Email
I Expect To See A Marked Rise In The Number Of Women Who Choose To Deliver Their Babies Outside Of The Traditional Hospital Setting. External Email
Bexar County Statistics Show The Highest Number Of Fetal Deaths Happen There.  I Hope That More Women Will Choose Out Of Hospital Births. External Email
Support, Feedback And Official Backing For Proposed Bills To Progress And Improve Midwifery In Texas For The Greater Good And Safety Of The Consumers. External Email
An Increase With Other Clinical Populations With Whom Behavior Analytic Services Have Been Rigorously Demonstrated To Be Effective But Such Effectiveness Is Currently Not Well Known. External Email
Many Advanced Treatments That Cosmetology Board Members Know Nothing About. Esthetician Get 750 Hours Skin Training. Cosmetologists Get 40 - If They Are Lucky! Facebook
Broader Scope Of Services Allowable Under Licenses, With Expansion Specifically Of Esthetics License To Include More In-Depth Procedures.  Med Spas Are A Joke - Drs Are Not Onsight And Do Not Prescribe Treatments! This Is A Sham And Dangerous For Clients Facebook
Led Lighting Will Become Prevalent Facebook
I Hope We Can Make Changes For The Better Towards Cosmetology Facebook
Sanitation Courses For Anyone Who Is Unlicensed (No Cosmetology Or Esthetic License) And Doing Makeup As A Source Of Income. Facebook
I Would Hope To See More Inspectors Who Came By With A Greater Frequency To Monitor The Salons. Facebook
I Worry That Services, Especially Chemical Will Be Deregulated And That We'Ll Be Prevented From Doing More Progressive Treatments. Facebook
Would Like To See Stricter Restrictions On People Practicing Without A License. Facebook
To Make Lead Agencies Illegal In Texas Facebook
Rebuild Thru Trust Facebook
Extreme Vetting Facebook
Led Facebook
License  Cost More Facebook
The Cost Of Doing Business Is Skyrocketing. Facebook
Rules To Make Coin Auctions Honest And Accountable Facebook
Progress Thinking And New Ideas For Small Business Or Home Business Owners Facebook
Cosmetology More Inspections, More Inspections Facebook
More Loopholes Found By People That Don'T Want To Comply. More Penalties On The Company'S That Are Trying While The Crooks Get Away With Everything Facebook
Fearful Of What Might Else Might Be Cut From License. Like The Braiders Were Cut. Facebook
To Keep Doing Massage As Best I Can Facebook
Less Hairstylists With Years Of Experience Due To Retirement.  More Hairstylist Coming Into Industry With Weak Basic Skills. Facebook
More Or Better Training Facebook
I Hope You Will Strick With The Rule About Massage Therapist Have To Have License When They Are In This Career. So They Will Concern About Do And Don'T For Massage Therapist. I Want Massage Is For Therapeutic Not For Sexual. Facebook
Keeping Beauty And Barber License Apart. Facebook
Many People Are Opening Their Independent "Rideshare" Companies With A 1 Or 2 Car Unit But Not Licensing Them Thru The State. There Is No Oversight To Ensure This And The Local Police Are Not Allowed To Do So. Facebook
Hopefully It Continues To Be A Wonderful Profession And You Don'T Screw It Up. I Love What I Do And You Are Making It Impossible To Get Answers To Questions I Have. Facebook
There Won'T Be Much Change, But There Needs To Be Change To Grow. Facebook
Better Pay Facebook
To Always Keep Us Informed On Updates Facebook
That The Tdlr Bulletins Will Change. Rules Will Change. Models May No Longer Be Needed For Practical Exams. Exam Steps And Procedures Will Change Which Is Why It Is So Important For Instructors To Have Practical Continuing Education Courses. Facebook
Code Enforcement Officers Need Expanded Authority To Enforce. Facebook
Change In Scope. Expanded. Facebook
The Need For More Educated Tdlr Reps. And Availability For Better Communication Between Providers/Licensees/Reps. & Mandating "In-Person" Continuing Education. Facebook
Abolish Tdlr And Actually Have An Agency That Used Common Sense?!? Facebook
Bhv - Telemedicine, More Bhv Professionals Coming Into State With Master And Phd Level Programs Houston
Spa - Telehealth/Telemedicine Houston
Mid - Pharmaceutical Bill For Midwives Houston
Txaba Ppg (Bhv) - Providing Behavior Analytic Services Via Telemedicine. Finally, The Differentiation Between The Professions Of Psychology And Behavior Houston
Txaba Ppg (Bhv) - Analysis Will Become More Clear And Separate Licensure Will Become Increasingly Important. Houston
Txaba Ppg (Bhv) - More Ba'S In State, Demand Will Increase Within Autism/Idd But Other Populations Too, More Academic Programs May Increase In State, And Houston
Slp - Aging Generation Of Baby Boomers Houston
Ops - Profession Is Moving Towards Phd Requirement. Houston
Mid - Retirement/Moving, Won'T Be Able To Keep Up With Growing Population. Houston
Photos Should Be Completely Removed. (Mas) Houston
Mld - We Have To Develop Specific Regulations On Clearances. (Passing Levels, Protocols) Houston
Licensees Should Submit Photo To Tdlr, For Prevention Of Fraud. Houston
General Public Crosses Over Into Our Industry Too Much & Has No Education/ Liability- Lasers, Body Wraps, Etc Houston
More Choices In Online Higher Education For Beauty/Health Professions Houston
Because Of Lawsuits, May Have To Have Another Person In The Room To Protect Everyone. (Mas) Houston
How Do We Protect Our Staff From Predators, And Customers From Predators, While Respecting Privacy? Houston
We Should Never Deregulate These Industries Due To Protecting Clients And Ourselves Houston
With Online (Youtube) Videos The General Public Think They Can Do Our Jobs. Many Of These Aren'T 'Punished' For Doing So Without A License. It Will Happe Houston
Barcode System That Can Be Scanned To Automatically Pull Up License Information. Houston
Record Keeping Is Going Electronically Which Isn'T Always Easily Accessed Houston
By 2021, Texas Will Be 50% Hispanic; We Need To Me More In Tune To The Spanish Speaking Community. Houston
With Online (Youtube) Videos The General Public Think They Can Do Our Jobs. Many Of These Aren'T 'Punished' For Doing So Without A License. It Will Happe Houston
Hvac Houston
We Need The Tdlr Law Book In Spanish Houston
If We Remove Licensee Address,  Phone,  Etc... From License Search.   Can Technical Department Fix The Problem When You Want To Search By City,  Or Count Houston
Elc - Would Like To See Schools Actually Be Verified. Houston
Eab - Need To Be Online. Houston
Psi Should Create Practical Examination Education For Cosmology Instructors Who Want To Become Instructors For Nail Tech. Students And Esthetician Studen Houston
455.202 (D) (2) (B)- Any Touching Of The Breasts Of A Female Without The Consent Of The Female. It Should Be Changed That Female Breasts Should Never Be Houston
Do Not Decrease The Number Of Hours Required For Cosmos- Too Much Liability For An Already Very Broad License Houston
Are We Facing The Possibility Of Deregulation? Houston
San - Their Jobs Follows Fda And Cdc - Texas Is Always Behind On Following In Step With The Federal Level. We Have To Change Our Rulebooks To Meet Their Codes But In Be Our Language. Houston
Elc - Actual Regulation Checking The Apprenticeship Programs. Houston
Mold Houston
Eab - More Inclusive In The Future - Obesity, Temp. Disability (Stroke), Etc. Houston
Automatic Self Driving Card , Will Driving Scjools Houston
Autonomous Vehicles Houston
Des - Course Or Orientation For Ex-Pats That Arrive. Houston
Des - Demographic Population Is Changing - Late High School Or College. Houston
Des - Businesses Will Have To Change With The Technology And Be Open To Changing. Houston
Des - Protective Bike Lanes Houston
Des - Carbon Footprints Houston
Des - Reduce/Eliminate Burdens Of Contracts And Businesses Houston
Des - Significant Number Of People In The Industry Will Leave The Industry - Aging Industry Houston
Des - Population Of Texas Growing Houston
Des - More Streamlines Process For Getting Licenses, Address Outrageous Fees. Houston
Des - Consider Having A Process For Vets Who Come Out Of The Service - Getting Skills And Work Houston
Des - Dedicated Bike Lanes Houston
Des Demographics Changing For Licensing Process Houston
Tow - Move Over Laws Houston
Des Bike Safety And Bike Lanes Needs To Be Addressed Houston
50 Thousand Trucker Shortage. Houston
What We Teach In Alcohol Class  Bing Drinking, 911 Law, Legalized Marijuana,  Synthetic Drugs Houston
Types Of Vehicles On Market Houston
Ddapp Programs Not Viable Houston
Tow - Exemption From Electronic Log - Federal Regulations For Recovery. Houston
Will We Be Out Of Business With Self Driving Cars ? Houston
Individuals Changing Driving Habits Because Of Automated Vehicles Houston
Des - Interconnection Of Cars. Houston
Des - Tdlr Following Their Own Rules Houston
Des - Legislative Changes Houston
Des - Advances In Vehicle Designs Houston
Des - Ridesharing Opportunities Houston
Des - Would Like To See Standardized Poi For Driver Education To Teach Just Cdl. Houston
Scp - Vehicles - How They Are Financed, Provided, Etc - Because Of Online Purchases Houston
Tow - Insurance Industry - What Are They Going To Do? Houston
How Long Vehicles Are Lasting, How They'Re Being Financed. Houston
Ba- Number Of Bcba And Asst Bcaba S Expected To Continue Increasing At An Accelerating Rate McAllen
Ba- The Demand For Services By Behavior Analysts In General Is Expected To Continue An Increase Probably At An Accelerated Rate McAllen
Hfd - Otc Hearing Aids Will Affect Not Only Sales But Also Limit The Professional-To-Patient Interaction. We Won'T Be Able To Administer Proper Hearing H McAllen
Hf&D... Otc.... McAllen
At- The Continued Push For Requiring Ekgs As A Part Of The Preparticipation Physicals McAllen
At - Requirement Ekg As Part Of Pre Participation McAllen
Hfd-We'Ll Need To Address Telehealth. There Will Be More McAllen
The Differentiation Of The Profession Of Behavior Analyst From The Profession Of Psychology Will Become Clearer And Maintenance Of Separate Licensure Of The Members Of The Two Professions Will Become Increasingly Important McAllen
Ba--With Increased Distance And Online Behavior Services, Will Need Guidance For Ethical Concerns McAllen
Ba - Increased Demand For Services Person Is Diagnosed With Autism And Other Developmental Disorders Also With Other Clinical Populations With Him Behavi McAllen
Ba- Provision Of Behavior Analytic Services Utilizing Telemedicine Methodology Is Expected To Be Requested By Patients And Their Families And Provided As Allowed McAllen
Ba- The Number Of Academic Programs Providing Coursework Will  Increase As Well As Existing Programs To Increase And Capacity McAllen
The Continued Push For Requiring Ekgs As Part Of A Pre Participation McAllen
(2/2) Nt Vbacs Ooh, And Repeat Section Rates Are 98% In My City. That Would Leave These Women Without Any Choice. McAllen
(1/2) Mid: The Possibility Of A Law Requiring That A Vbac/Tolac Client Be In A Facility With An Or And A Surgeon Present Throughout Her Labour. This Would Preve McAllen
School Youtube Channel McAllen
Outlaw Youtube Haircuts McAllen
Salon Services Done At Patrons Home McAllen
Different Modality Certificate Courses Taken And Offered At The School For Associated License. McAllen
Online Cosmo, Barber, Etc Course S McAllen
Online Courses With Internship McAllen
On Line Study But Practical At School McAllen
Mobile Barbershops McAllen
Virtual Classes For Theory, With Brick And Mortar For Practical McAllen
Mobile Salons McAllen
On Demand Services Scheduled Through A Salon (Like Uber But Salon Services) McAllen
Less Safe Drivers Due To Online Services McAllen
Adults Being Able To Watch The Ityd Video Before Attending The Adult Course Class. McAllen
Reduce Days Of Vehicle Stored In Facility To Atleast 20-30 Days Instead Of 45 Days In Order To Register Vehicle McAllen
Des Industry Will Go Down If We Allow Online Driving Schools To Take Over McAllen
(1/2) People Using Online Services More. Not To Knock Down Online Services For Des But You Can See The Difference Between The Drivers Who Attend Classes To Thos McAllen
Answer Phone Calls And Emails Faster. McAllen
Dps McAllen
(2/2) E Who Go Online. McAllen
Vsf..  Make Registration Of Abandoned Vehicle More Simple. McAllen
Peo: More Texan  ( Also Nationally) Businesses/ Will Be Using Peos-Engaged In Co-Employer Relationships McAllen
Des- Insurance Rates Increasing Discouraging Parents From Licensing Their Teens McAllen
Stronger Enforcement Of The Move Over Law. - Towing McAllen
3Rd Party Dispatch Companies Going Statewide To Dispatch  Police Tow Calls And Taking Over More Vsfs Cutting Out The Majority Of Tow Company And Vsfs By McAllen
Des- Driverless Cars Taking A Share Of Licensed Drivers Off Of The Road McAllen
Self Driven Cars Taking Over Drivers Ed Instructors McAllen
Insurance Rates Continuing To Rise And Are Going To Put A Lot Of Towing Companies Out Of Business McAllen
More Easy Transactions.Less Attacks To Towing Industry And Regulated The Insurance Companies Not Abused With Higher Prices!!! McAllen
Be Able To Process Someone At Our Des School Especially Adults So They Can Turn Around And Take The Driving Test That Same Day Instead Of Having To Go To McAllen
Nice And Friendly Staff McAllen
Des- Online De Schools Taking Revenues From Brick And Mortar Schools McAllen
Better Customer Service McAllen
None Website
Aprender Cosas Mejores. Para Mi Trabajo Website
Quicker Access And Easy Renewal Website
The Esthetician Profession Has Grown Tremendously And Continues To Move Forward With Very Misleading Information On What A Licensed Esthetician Can Actually Do. Tdlr Needs To  Put In Place Something For Clarification. Website
Significant Increase In The Utilization Of Modular/Offsite/ Industrialized Building Processes. Due To Lack Of Skilled Labor, Lack Of Affordable Housing, And Massive Infrastructure Needs. Many "Traditional Contractors" Will Embrace This Methodology. Website
N/A Website
If Things Keep Moving In The Direction That They Are, I See Fewer Steps Being Taken To Hold People Accountable For Their Actions. The Number Of Violations Deemed An Enforcement Violation Is Very Low Compared To Previous Years. Why Do Inspections? Website
Hard To Say At The Moment Website
Building Modular Buildings At Scale With Robotics To Slash The Cost Of Affordable Housing Website
Expanded Use Of Container-Based Buildings, Expended Use In General Of Industrialized Buildings Website
Solar Will Plat A Big Role In The Electrical Industry Website
Least Skilled Workers! The Electrical Industry Is Not Developing Skilled Workers And Enforcement Does Not Have Skilled Authorities With Jurisdiction Inspecting. Website
That Only Licensed Electrician Are Preforming Electrical Work Not Only In Construction But Also Maintenance And All Other Industries Website
Increased Oil And Gas Activity With Many More Unlicensed Contractors And Workers Website
I Expect More Services Will Become Deregulated And More Kitchens Will Become The Norm For Cosmetology. If Unlicensed Work Is Not Monitored More People Will Be Performing Unregulated And Deregulated Services. Website
Labor Is Tight Now.  Labor Saving Innovations.  Older Workforce.  Pay Must Increase For Skilled Workers. Website
Barber/Cosmetology Curriculum Website
Not Sure Website
Some States Charge A Yearly Sticker Fee To Be Able To Drive In Or Through Their State. I Think Texas Should Do The Same. Also, I Have Noticed That A Lot Of Tractor-Trailers Doing And Their Plates Say Oklahoma. That Needs To Change. Website
I Expect To See Things, Paperwork Wise, Further Computerized Until All Interactions Are Done By Computer.  I Am In The Industrialized Buildings Industry And I Believe There Will Not Be A Lot Of Other Changes Outside Of Updated Codes And Rules. Website
N/A Website
Baby Boomers Are Retiring, Agency Is Growing, More Technology Website
Limit The Number Of Rx Per Day Pharmacists Required To Fill. Website
Box: New Up And Coming Officials Will Soon Need To Replace Elder Officials. Website
None Website
I Believe That The Number Of People From The General Public That Experience Physical & Mental Benefits Of Massage Therapy Increases Daily, And The Demand For Licensed Massage Therapists Already Exceeds The Number Of Massage Therapists That Are Available. Website
More Licensees Throughout The State. Website
Continuing Education Directly From Tdlr And The Elimination Or The Flexibility Of The Actual Reciprocity Rules. Website
Eab Program Going Away Do To Quality Of The Ras Work Being Performed Website
Tdlr Will Be Abolished Website

What changes should we make to prepare for the next catastrophic event, such as Hurricane Harvey?

Comment Source
Allow People To Challenge The Boards Arlington
Require A Tdlr Rule Test Before Out Of State Waivers Are Granted Arlington
Automate More Processes So Routine Work Isn'T Overwhelmed By Disaster Arlington
Have A Limitation Of How Long Licensees From Other States Can Help. Provide An Orientation Class For Them. Arlington
You Should Encourage Not Only Cross Country Education, So That Licences Are Easier To Transfer Between States, But Also International Level Education Options Arlington
I Would Add A Box On The License Renewal For Volunteer Help .. Have An Application Process For Assistance Arlington
Programs Ready For Satellite Instruction For Students Arlington
Please Evaluate The Ability For Unlicensed Mt To Practice Under A Chiropractor Arlington
Temporary Places/Buildings Ready For Temporary Instruction Arlington
No More Delegated Authority Arlington
Provide Clarification On The Process To Apply For State Assistance Arlington
My School Is Constantly Graduating Students From Other States And Countries, I Want To Prep Them To Go Back Home And Comply There Arlington
Schools/Salons Are A Resource And Should Be Encouraged To Help. Arlington
Use Funneling Systems For Licensed Partners To Help During Catastrophic Events Arlington
Line Of Communication To Announce Where Assistance Is Needed. Arlington
Provide Funding For Schools That Help After Event. Arlington
Identify Shops And Licensees That Can Help. Arlington
Encouraging National And International Standards Not Only Help Refugees Of Other States, But Help Prepare Providers In This State For Possible Evacuation Arlington
Have Volunteers Listed Ahead Of Time That Can And Will Help With The Licenses From The Disaster Arlington
Licensees Need To Get A Temporary License When They Come To Texas. Arlington
Put A Ce Course Online With A Test Their Rules Knowledge Of Texas Arlington
When Granting Licensees To People From Other States, They Must Know Texas Laws, Rules And Regulations. Arlington
Permits To Host A Tradeshow. Arlington
Have A Program For Salons And Shops Schools To Become Tdlr Partners In A National Desaster And Supply Government Funding Arlington
Shears Share. Arlington
Is The Practical Test Really Valid And Relevant If The Pass Wait Is 95%???? Arlington
Have Salons That Partner With Tdlr That Will Bring In The Disaster Victims And Will Be Able To Apply For Funding To Help Arlington
Wwd - Coordinate With Other Entities Austin
Have Designated Disaster Response Teams That Have Clear Channel Communication Lines With State And Federal Resource Providers Such As Food,  Medical,  An Austin
Have Reciprocity Agreements With Other States For Our Programs. Austin
Elc, Tow - Reciprocity Austin
Continue To Develop Reciprocity Agreements With Other States So We Can Call On Others When Help Is Needed. Austin
I Was In A Tornado, I Lost Everything. Y'All Waived The Fee For My Licence, But There'S No Way To Plan For A Natural Disasters. Austin
Provide Prepared Contact Information For Resources On Hand (Rescue Efforts, Service Providers In Area Eyc) To People Potentially Hit Just Prior To The Ev Austin
Create Best Practices From What Worked Well During Harvey. Austin
The Executive Director Called Me And Said Not To Worry About The Fees After I Lost Everything In The Tornado. Austin
Continue To Develop And Phone And Email Database For Text And Email And Social Media Information - Continue To Communicate Austin
Allowing The Emergency Tow Licensees To Come In From Out Of State Had A Negative Effect On The Texas Towers - The Insurance Companies Brought In Out Of State Tow Companies Austin
Volunteer Coordinator For Licensees - Coordinate Extra Gear, Equipment, Etc That Can Be Donated To Affected People Austin
Donate Extra Fee Money To The Victims Of Disasters Instead Of Going To The General Fund Austin
Cyber Attacks For Des - We Can Send Certificate Numbers For The Students - Online Record Keeping And Transactions - Doing It Now For Driver Safety, But It'S Not Up And Running For Des Yet Austin
Tdlr Help Us Find Temporary Locations So We Can Keep Working Austin
Flooded Classrooms Could Move To Temporary Locations - Flexibility For Temporary Des Facilities Austin
Contact Licensed People In Other Areas Of The State And Act As A Coordinator For Regulated Servives Austin
Tdlrs Outreach On The Temporary Vsf Lots Was Very Good And We Needed To Have Those Same Conversations For The Tow Companies Austin
Affected Industries Can Ask Tdlr For Help Who Can Then Get The Word Out To Other Licensees Austin
Help People Rebuild Or Help The Victims - Donate Money To The Victims Austin
Grant Money For New Tow Trucks Austin
Hifd- Don'T Just Make Suspend Provisions For Out Of State Providers To Aid Texas Residents During A Disaster And Add Modifications For In-State Providers To Austin
Behavior Analysts Are A Resource To Assist At Shelters After Traumatic Events. Efforts Need To Be Coordinated Through Communication. Austin
You Are At A Shelter. People Need To Be Able To Hear So That They Can Hear And Communicate During A Disaster. Austin
Collaborative Entity That Takes Care Of Shelter Needs, Not Just A Bed...Nutrition, Mental Health, Midwifery, Etc. Austin
Collaboration Should Include Dietitians To Help With The Health Of First Responders, Plumbers, Electricians, Etc. Austin
Make Midwives First Responders! Austin
Midwives Need To Be Part Of The First Responder System. Austin
Licensed Midwives Should Be Allowed To Assist After Catastrophic Event, Just Like Nurse Midwives. Austin
Dietitians Want To Be Part Of The Disaster Response. Austin
Emergency Response Call List Among Advisory Boards Would Be Helpful And Would Not Require A Rule Change. Austin
Sense Of Community, People Within The Affected Area Want To Help And Need To Be Included. Austin
Leaving AustinEta 7:30Pm Austin
Reevaluate What Tuition Reimbursement Fund Should Be And What We Can Draw From It. Austin
Emergency Response In Non-Disaster Situation For Licensees. Austin
Pray Austin
Ensure Consistent Messaging For Rehab Of Contaminated Wells. Austin
Having Lived Through A Similar Natural Disaster, There Is Really No Way To Plan Ahead. We As Texans, Must Be Ready To Help Each Other Austin
Tdlr Boat Austin
If You Can, Pressure State To Enact And Enforce Higher Level Environmental Regulations Austin
For Licensees Coming In From Out Of State, There Should Be A Way For Them To Register With Tdlr. Austin
Massage - Develop A Preparedness Team Coordinated Through Tdlr, Working With And Helping Police, First Responders, Hospital Staff, Etc. Austin
Allow Ihb Buildings That Are Built For Military Bases Allowed To Be Quickly Re-Certified With Assistance Of A Licned Texas Engineering Austin
Have A Link On The Tdlr Website That Has All Of The Existing New And Used Buildings That Are Available In The Country To Be Able To Be Logged And Available To These Communities. Austin
Have Specialists Volunteer To Help. El Paso
Work Together And Have A Temp School Where Learners Can Continue Their Education Until Disaster Has Been Cleaned Up El Paso
Have A Community Location For A Temporary Location To Work, Teach. El Paso
Program For Licensees, Standard Set Up For An Emergency Response Team. El Paso
In A Disaster Event Students Should Be Able To Relocate Successfully And There Should Be Accountability Of Where The Student Went. We Need To Make Sure That They Get Their License. El Paso
Educate Our Students And Staff El Paso
Disaster Education And Drills El Paso
Educate Our Communities On Disaster Protocols. El Paso
Online Records At Tdlr For Schools Who Keep Paper Records. El Paso
Move To Digital Option For Client Intake Forms Massage/Digital Signatures.. No More Paper Signature / Paperrequirement For Inspection. El Paso
Get Industries Together For A Joined Effort. El Paso
Temporary Or Emergency Licenses El Paso
El Paso Is A Relief Center For Taking People In, Like When Katrina Hit. El Paso
Some Mold Contractors Travel The County Following Disasters And They Never Get A License And Leave A Trail Of Mess Everywhere They Go. El Paso
Educate And Train Ahead Of Time Instead Of At The Time Of Event.  News Media And Social Media Can Educate Gradually To Make It Easier If/When Event Occurs. El Paso
Some Guidelines In Place To Control The Influx Of Unqualified Contractors El Paso
Schools That Take These Disaster Students Should Be Able To Provide All Student Needs. El Paso
City Should Educate Community For Disaster In All Aspects El Paso
Misplaced Students Could Find Work At Other Locations Temporarily. El Paso
El Paso Could Have Flash Floods, Bad Freezes, Dust Bowls. El Paso
Good Morning X El Paso
Educate Community About Disasters. El Paso
You Need A Way To Enforce Unlicensed Work For Disaster Chasers. El Paso
I Think Tdlr Did A Great Job Working With Victims Of Hurricane Harvey. Understanding Life Changing Circumstances And Making Accommodations In These Type Of Situations Is The Plan. External Email
Use The Towers In Texas To Tow The Vehicles And Tell The Insurance Companies To Do The Same As We Have The License And Training To Handle The Event. External Email
Midwives Are Already Prepared For Serving Those In Need Of Assistance In Delivering Their Babies Out Of The Hospital.  We Already Have A Trunk Full Of Supplies, Utilizing Us Would Be Wise And Helpful. External Email
Temporarily Deferring License Renewals And Waiving Late Fees For Persons Unable To Renew On-Time Due To Difficulties Related To The Storm Were Appropriate And Should Be Continued In Such Circumstances. External Email
Put In Levies Such As Holland Has. Do The Pre Work And You Will Save Lives And Property. Stop Building At Sea Level And Use The Current Systems Successfully Tried And True From Holland And The Netherlands. Facebook
I Was Fortunate And Harvey Didn'T Affect Me, So I Honestly Can'T Give An Answer That Would Be Beneficial. Facebook
Steps Must Be Taken To Control Flooding. Facebook
I Think You Guys Did Well. Not Everyone Flooded But You Have Been Generosity And Thoughtful To All Licensees Across The Board. Thank You For Your Consideration. Facebook
Supply Beauty Industry Businesses (In Advance Of Hurricane Season) With Steps And Information On How To Prepare Our Businesses For A Natural Disaster. Supply Them With Phone Numbers And Websites. Facebook
Set Up A Quality System.  Plan-Do-Check-Act. Forces Risk Management Evaluation Facebook
A Listing Of Facilities Were People Can Go If They Are Homeless Because Of Destruction Facebook
Giving Time To Recover. Facebook
Nims Facebook
Voluntary To Help Out Facebook
Lol Anything Facebook
Have Certain Companies Trained And On Standby Facebook
Be More Assertive Getting People To Safely Facebook
You Should Have Give The Charge Free For Renew License For Massage Therapist Who Get Effect From The Disaster. Facebook
More Options For Funding And Help Groups Facebook
I Don'T No Facebook
Develop A Separate Fund For Those Events With A Potion Of The Fees For Licenses, Permits For Hair Shows, Etc. Facebook
Go With The Flow Facebook
Not Really Sure Facebook
N/A Facebook
No Idea Facebook
No Idea Facebook
Make All Construction Trades Employees Get License, For Example Dry Wall Guys Required To Be Licensed Facebook
Unknown Facebook
More Training. Facebook
None Facebook
Having A Better System Other Than Fema. Places To Shelter Victims That Have Food, Beds, Clothes, Showers, Restrooms, Toiletries, Baby Clothes, Baby Food, And Breast Milk Facebook
Not Sure Facebook
None Facebook
Watch Planned Auction And If Utilities May Go Out Have Generators Or Cancel Auction. Facebook
None Facebook
I Don'T Know. Facebook
Can'T Facebook
None Facebook
Elc- Make It A Temporary License. Say For A Month Or Two Just To Get The City Back On It'S Feet. Then Make Them Show Proof Of Residence To Obtain Normal Houston
Mld - Publish Consumer Information So That Consumers Know How To Deal With Catastrophic Event. Houston
Eab - Synchronize/Uniform Agency Response. Houston
Better Customer Service. Hold Times Way Too Long. Houston
Elc - Hotline To Call During This Time When Unlicensed/Poor Work Is Being Done. Houston
Better Oversight Of Out Of State Contractors/Unlicensed Activity. Houston
Mld - This Should Be For All Licenses, When Waiving Licenses For The Catastrophic Even - Make It Temporary. Houston
Mld - Make Sure That People Coming In From Out Of State, Need To Have Identify Themselves/Get Some Sort Of Verification From The Agency - Because Registering Alone Is Not Enough. Makes It Easier To Find People If They Leave And Do Bad Work. Houston
Follow Up With Schools After As A Check Up Houston
Thank You For How You Helped Us During Harvey. Maybe Uplevel Text Capabilities When Online/Phones Options Not Available Since Text Does Work Even In The Absence Houston
Have An Emergency Response Department Ready To Respond Immediately Houston
Make Sure You Have Flood Insurance. Houston
Continue Putting People And Their Hardships First. Well Done During Harvey! Houston
Of Other Technologies. Houston
For Schools Have Them Upload The Students Records In A Cloud Based Server In The  Event Schools Close Allowing The Student To Transfer Easily Houston
Get My License Emailed Houston
Des - Scanned/Electronic Version Of Licenses. Houston
Tow - Insurance Companies Brought Their Own Tow Trucks From Out Of State And Took Business Away From Local Businesses Houston
Des - Waive Requirement That There Needs To Be Displayed Licenses Houston
Ptp - There Is Push For Reappraisals After Catastrophic Event. Disregard Level Of Ptp Registrants So All Registrants Can Do The Work. Houston
Des - Remain Flexible And Compassionate Houston
Forms- Replace If Damaged Houston
Des - Allow For Temp Use Of Non-Licensed Facilities. Houston
Des - Tdlr App That Has License On It. Houston
Des - Create Options For Delayed Reporting Houston
Txaba Ppg (Bhv) - Commendable Job On All The Waiving Of Fees And Expiration Date Extension! Houston
Mid - Change Legislation So Midwives Can Help With Hospital Deliveries During/After Catastrophic Events. Houston
Yes Houston
Mass - Transfer Students To Another School So They Don'T Have To Start Over McAllen
Disaster/Emergency Communication System McAllen
Allow Schools To Merge In A Disaster Area, Two Schools Operating In Same Building McAllen
Post Salons Names Around It Close By Disaster Area Who Are Hiring For Those Who Lost Their Jobs McAllen
Process To Notify Licensees That Tdlr Will Be Enacting An Emergency Process McAllen
Emergency/Disaster Hotline McAllen
Have A Group Of People Or A Branch That Have Been Trained To Enact What Has To Be Set Up For Floods Etc. McAllen
Extend Their License And Wave Fees For Victims, Mobile Tdlr Around Are McAllen
Area McAllen
Hot Line , Tdlr Notifications McAllen
If School Is Damaged Maybe The Closest School Can Help By Allowing Students To Continue Education McAllen
Reach Out To Schools McAllen
Grace Periods McAllen
A Tdlr "211" McAllen
A McAllen
Establish Emergency Plans For All Licensees McAllen
Ykcor McAllen
Instead Better Organization Within The Towers From Within The State. McAllen
Continue Sending Emails McAllen
Rescue Team McAllen
A McAllen
How Long Are These Exemptions For?  Put A Time Table On How Long After The Event Passes Before These Exemptions Expire McAllen
Have A Team Of Towing Companies Ready To Work Incase Of Flooding McAllen
Who Really Benefited From The Emergency Actions Taken By Tdlr?  Insurance Companies Did.  By Allowing Out Of State Towing Companies To Come In And Work W McAllen
Mid: Administrative Rules 115.70 1(J): Allow For A Designation Of A Temporary Emergency Birth Center During The Event, Without Normal Required Licensing. McAllen
At-Provide An Easy Online Way To Request Disaster Relief For A Licence (Ie, Extension, Renewal) McAllen
Bh- Continue Deferment Of Licensing Renewals And Waiving Late Fees. McAllen
Ensure Temporary Licensees Are Adequately Supervised. Rushing To Get Things Done Leaves A Vulnerable Population Subject To Unscrupulous Contractors. Website
Have Standard Operating Procedures In Place For Emergencies, Have Command Centers Ready To Be Dispatched, Have Staff Selected And Trained To Monitor And Assist In The Command Centers. Website
I Don'T K Is Website
Let Us Determine Our Own Routes Because We Know Our Areas And Know Where To Stay Away From When A Disaster Occurs. Website
Forget Austin, Forget Federal Government, Empower Citizens To Help Themselves Website
Have A List Of Organizations Such As Boat That Can Assist Local Governments Website
Better Networking With Cities Website
By Removing The Height Cap, The State Of Texas Will Have Many Modular Manufacturing Facilities Open In The State. More Capacity Will Create A Much Faster Modular Housing Response. Website
Allow Licensees A Reasonable Length Of Time To Re-Build. If They Fail To Meet Inspection Requirements In The Length Of Time Allotted The Licensee Shall Deal With The Consequences. However, Those Using The Mobi Software Will Encounter Problems. Website
Reciprocity For Coded / Inspected / Certified Industrialized Buildings Between Adjacent States. Would Allow For Faster Deployment Of Industrialized Buildings In Affected Areas. Website
Seemed Like Harvey Went Pretty Well.  It Will Take Years To Fully Recover.  Seems Like There Is A Gap Between Immediate Support And Sustained Support.  Licensing Concessions Were A Help. Website
Negotiate Reciprocal Agreements With Neighboring State Modular Programs To Allow Industry To Bring Temporary Buildings Reviewed And Approved By Other States For Faster Relief And Recovery Efforts. Website
These Things Happen And It Is Unfortunate, Giving Hours To Students That Were Not Earned Was Not The Solution. I Have Been In The Business For 40 Years And Weathered Many Storms. Tdlr Is One Agency That Should Not Be Involved. Let Fema And Sba Handle It Website
Review Current Policies Website
Not Sure Website
Box: N/A Website
Have More Training And Response Teams In Each County. Website
I Don'T Have That Knowledge To Impart. Website
Start A Food Drive Each Quarter Which Will Create A Storehouse. Website
Nothing You Won'T Exist Website
Reduce Red Tape To Allow Help To Flow Where Needed As Quickly As Possible Website
Seems On Track For Progression Website
Not Sure Website
Waive Late Fees For Renewals , Or Automatically Extend The Expiration Dates Of Licenses For At Least Six Months. Website
The Chain Of Information During And After The Event And An Efficient Water Pumping System. Website
Prepara Mejor A Los Cuerpos De Recate Website
Help More Website
I'M Not Sure Website
Keep Up The Good Work Website