TDLR Strategic Planning

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

TDLR 2019-2023 Strategic Plan: Seeing a Brighter Future with Common-Sense Solutions (PDF)

Supplemental Schedules (PDF)

Proposed Strategic Plan for New Licensing System - Executive Summary (PDF)

Licensing Business Process Summary (PDF)

Your Voice Matters

TDLR Executive Director Brian Francis leads a strategic planning session.We value your input in charting the course for TDLR’s future. TDLR held five Strategic Planning Sessions in April 2018 in Arlington, Austin, El Paso, Houston and McAllen. During each session participants were asked to respond to the following questions about TDLR:

  • What are we doing well?
  • If you were king or queen for a day, what changes would you make to TDLR’s laws, rules, or processes?
  • During the next five years, what major changes do you expect in your profession or industry, and in the state of Texas?
  • What changes should we make to prepare for the next catastrophic event, such as Hurricane Harvey?

We asked these same questions in an online survey for people who could not attend an in-person session. Participants shared their thoughts about how we’re doing and how we can improve.

Ideas and suggestions from these strategic planning efforts make a difference. We make process improvement and rule changes based on your feedback, and we share your feedback with state lawmakers. Your ideas create real change for Texas.