Sample Tow Tickets

In response to requests from towing and VSF licensees, TDLR has drafted samples of tow tickets. These samples demonstrate how to comply with the requirements for tow tickets. Additional information relevant to each sample is listed on the second page of each. The information on the second page of each sample does not need to be included on any actual tow ticket.

  • Sample 1 is a tow ticket that has only the minimum information that is required by Rule 86.709, which is summarized on the second page. This sample does not include the information that a tow company must keep in order to comply with Rule 86.705(k). Rule 86.705(k) lists additional information that must be kept by the tow company for each tow.

  • Sample 2 is a tow ticket that has all of the information of the Sample 1 tow ticket plus spaces to record all the additional information required by Rule 86.705(k).
  • Sample 3 has all the information required to be kept by a tow company and combines this space to list the VSF charges.

The formats for the samples are just examples. You may use another format as long as that format contains all of the information required by the rules. You may also include other information on the tickets such as an invoice/inventory number, billing or charge card information, or the name of the person who claims the vehicle.