Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors

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The Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors program registers and regulates companies and individuals who offer products to protect vehicles from theft or damage and who offer compensation to consumers for the loss or damage to those vehicles.

List of Registered Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors

Your Voice Matters: Feedback for TDLR's Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors Program

On November 21, 2013, the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation approved amendments to the Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors rules regarding fees, and lowered the application fees by 28-33% for most registrations. TDLR estimates this fee reduction will result in a savings for licensees of $11,250 annually, with an estimated five-year savings of $56,250. The justification for the adoption is online.

These amendments reduce fees effective January 1, 2014 for initial applications and February 1, 2014 for renewals:

  • Current Initial or Renewal License Fee (0-999 warranties): $350
  • NEW Initial or Renewal License Fee (0-999 warranties): $250
  • Savings: 28%
  • Current Initial or Renewal License Fee(1,000-1,999 warranties): $750
  • NEW Initial or Renewal License Fee (1,000-1,999 warranties): $500
  • Savings: 33%

“These savings result from the fee review we conduct each year, as part of our vision of ‘Smaller, Smarter Government’,” said TDLR Executive Director William Kuntz. “TDLR license fees must be reasonable and necessary only to cover the costs of administering its programs. With these fee reductions, our licensees and the public will receive the same high level of service but now at a lower cost.”

At their November 21st meeting, the Commission lowered fees for more than 400,000 TDLR licensees. TDLR estimates the total savings for all licensees will amount to nearly $6 million each year, with an estimated five-year savings of $29,661,245.

“I’m proud that TDLR is leading the way to lower economic barriers for entry into the Texas workforce while helping businesses grow and keep more money in their pockets,” said Commission Chairman Mike Arismendez. “With these fee reductions, TDLR licensees will save real money now and for years to come.”

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