Texas Weather Modification Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 10:00 a.m.
North Campus, 1st Floor Public Meeting Room
1106 Clayton Lane, Austin, Texas 78723


If you require auxiliary aids, services or materials in an alternate format contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation at least 5 working days prior to the meeting date. Phone: (512) 463-6599, FAX: (512) 475-2874, E-MAIL: open.meetings@tdlr.texas.gov, TDD/RELAY TEXAS: 1-800-relay-VV (for voice), 1-800-relay-TX (for TDD).

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A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call and Certification of Quorum

C. Approval of Minutes – Meeting of November 6, 2014

D. Public Comment

E. Staff Reports – Briefing from Staff and Discussion

1. Executive Office

a. Introduction of Commissioners

b. Recent developments

c. Legislative Update

2. General Counsel Office

a. Adoption of four-year rule review

3. Office of Innovation

a. Statistical analysis of 2014 cloud-seeding operations

b. Status of rainfall-enhancement projects for the 2015 cloud-seeding season

c. Cost-benefit analysis by TAES

d. Evaluation of Wyoming’s pilot program in winter precipitation augmentation

e. Summary review of the efficacy of cloud seeding—for the USBR

F. Field meteorologists’ report on planned weather modification activities in 2015

G. Consideration and possible recommendation on applications for amendments to weather modification licenses:  City of Wichita Falls, SOAR

H. Recommendations for agenda items for next meeting

I. Discussion of date, time, and location of next Committee meeting

J. Adjournment