Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Online Licensing Services

Notice: If you experience difficulty and are unable to apply/renew online, you must mail an application/renewal form and fee to TDLR

Credit Cards currently accepted:Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

License Renewal

Barber Hair Weaving Specialist Renewal 
Barber Hair Weaving Specialty Instructor Renewal 
Barber Instructor Renewal 
Barber Manicurist Instructor Renewal 
Barber Manicurist Renewal 
Barber Technician Instructor Renewal 
Barber Technician Renewal 
Barber Technician/Hair Weaving Instructor Renewal 
Barber Technician/Hair Weaving Specialist Renewal 
10 Barber Technician/Manicurist Renewal 
11 Barber Technician/Manicurist Specialty Instructor Renewal 
12 Class A Barber Renewal