TDLR Driving Safety File Upload Process

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TDLR - Driving File Upload Portal

Driving Safety Web Portal for Data Submission

Driving Safety Course Providers are responsible to report original and duplicate certificate data, by secure electronic transmission, to the department within five (5) days of issuance using guidelines established and provided by the department. The issue date indicated on the certificate shall be the date the course provider issues the certificate to the student as required by law. This web portal is provided by TDLR for electronic submission of that data.

File Contents: Files will contain confidential personal data for students who have completed a Driving Safety (6 hour), Specialized “seat belt” Driving Safety (6 hour), and/or Four-Hour Driving Safety course. Any of these types of completers may be contained together within the same file.

File Format: Submission files must be a comma separated value (CSV) text file. This is a common file format supported by most software and database systems for exporting data. Please follow the specifications defined in this PDF file for the correct data format:

Download file format instructions

Please send any issues with your file upload, questions about how the file should be upload, or information on form resubmission to

Templates to be used for Uploading Student Data (RECOMMENDED):

TDLR has created sample Microsoft Excel templates to help Course Providers and School Owners to easily enter Student Completion Data. These templates already have the correct data structure and input requirements built-in. Therefore, Course Providers can save a lot of time from having to refer to the File Format Instruction document. In addition, using these Excel templates can help reduce the chance of entering and uploading incorrect student data.

Simply download the required Excel Template, fill in the necessary student information, and save it with a unique filename and “.csv” extension. Afterwards, the file can be uploaded to our online portal.

There is a separate template for each type of certificate, as follows:

Certificate Type Type Template File Name
DS & S Certificates DES - Upload Template for DS and S Certificates
DS4 Certificate DES - Upload Template for DS4 Certificates