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The files are updated everyday and saved in CSV (Comma delimited) format. These files should be saved to your own computer. Due to the size of these files, it is not recommended to click on the links and read them in your browser window . Right click on the link and then choose "Save As..." or "Save Target As...". The files may be re-opened as ASCII text files, Excel files, or imported into most database tables.

File format

All Licenses (132.29 Mb)
Associate Auctioneers (14.66 Kb)
Auctioneers (0.27 Mb)
Airconditioning Contractors (2.81 Mb)

All A/C Technicians (7.00 Mb)
A/C Technician (Registered) (6.41 Mb)
A/C Technician (Certified) (0.60 Mb)

ACR Certification Training Program  (0.67 Kb)

All Barbers (3.81 Mb)
Class A Barbers (3.67 Mb)
Barber Manicurists (36.34 Kb)
Barber Technicians (1.97 Kb)
Barber Teachers (98.79 Kb)
All Barber Shops (0.95 Mb)
Barber Shops (Barber) (0.94 Mb)
Barber Shops (Manicurist) (9.00 Kb)
Barber Shops (Hair Weaving) (6.77 Kb)

Barber/Cosmetology Dual Shops (1.86 Mb)

Barber Mini Shops (0.29 Mb)
Barber/Cosmetology Dual Mini Shops (0.16 Mb)

All Barber Schools (99.17 Kb)

Behavior Analyst (0.93 Mb)

Combative Sports Contestants (0.31 Mb)
Combative Sports Event Coordinators (0.40 Kb)
Combative Sports Judges (13.89 Kb)
Combative Sports Managers (10.14 Kb)
Combative Sports Matchmakers (0.40 Kb)
Combative Sports Promoters (20.92 Kb)
Combative Sports Amateur Promoters (7.10 Kb)
Combative Sports Referees (12.71 Kb)
Combative Sports Seconds (0.40 Kb)

All Continuing Education Providers (0.17 Mb)
CE Providers for A/C Contractors (16.02 Kb)
CE Providers for Auctioneers (6.28 Kb)
CE Providers for Cosmetology (44.93 Kb)
CE Providers for Electricians (38.13 Kb)
CE Providers for Elevator Responsible Party (6.82 Kb)
CE Providers for Property Tax Consultants (6.41 Kb)
CE Providers for Property Tax Professionals (36.00 Kb)
CE Providers for Registered Accessibility Specialists (2.86 Kb)
CE Providers for Tow Operators (10.81 Kb)
CE Providers for Water Well Drillers/Pump Installers (6.82 Kb)

Property Tax Professional Core Education Providers (24.73 Kb)

All Cosmetologists (46.39 Mb)
Cosmetology Operators (27.76 Mb)
Cosmetology Operator Instructors (0.82 Mb)
Cosmetology Estheticians (6.01 Mb)
Cosmetology Esthetician Instructors (45.48 Kb)
Cosmetology Eyelash Extension Specialists (0.72 Mb)
Cosmetology Eyelash Extension Instructor (4.76 Kb)
Cosmetology Manicurists (9.20 Mb)
Cosmetology Manicurist Instructors (18.30 Kb)
Cosmetology Manicurist/Esthetician (1.78 Mb)
Cosmetology Manicurist/Esthetician Instructor (3.13 Kb)
Cosmetology Wig Specialists (1.32 Kb)
Cosmetology Wig Instructors (0.40 Kb)
All Cosmetology Salons (12.02 Mb)
Cosmetology Salons (Beauty) (8.49 Mb)
Cosmetology Salons (Manicure) (0.23 Mb)
Cosmetology Salons (Hair Weaving/Braiding) (21.86 Kb)
Cosmetology Salons (Facial) (1.05 Mb)
Cosmetology Salons (Facial/Manicure) (2.07 Mb)
Cosmetology Salons (Wig) (4.87 Kb)

Cosmetology Mini Salons (5.50 Mb)
Cosmetology/Barber Dual Mini Shops (0.16 Mb)

All Cosmetology Schools (0.19 Mb)
Cosmetology School - Junior College (17.19 Kb)
Cosmetology School - Private School (0.12 Mb)
Cosmetology School - Vocational/High School (62.40 Kb)

All Electricians (39.54 Mb)
Master Electricians (2.72 Mb)
Journeyman Electricians (6.30 Mb)
Apprentice Electricians (25.18 Mb)
Master Sign Electricians (80.92 Kb)
Journeyman Sign Electricians (51.25 Kb)
Journeyman Industrial Electrician (0.12 Mb)
Maintenance Electricians (0.12 Mb)
Residential Wiremen (0.34 Mb)
Electrical Contractors (3.24 Mb)
Electrical Sign Contractors (0.16 Mb)
Residential Appliance Installers (0.35 Mb)
Residential Appliance Installation Contractors (0.21 Mb)

Elevator Inspectors (31.28 Kb)
Elevator Contractors (77.17 Kb)
Licensed Breeders (44.86 Kb)
'Armando for ticket on 9/28/2023: 79034 Property Tax Consultants (0.34 Mb)

All Motor Fuel Metering & Quality (2.62 Mb)
Motor Fuel Metering & Quality Device (2.39 Mb)
Motor Fuel Metering & Quality Distributor/Wholesaler (75.89 Kb)
Motor Fuel Metering & Quality Supplier (19.14 Kb)
Motor Fuel Metering and Quality Service Company (22.98 Kb)
Motor Fuel Metering & Quality Service Technician (0.12 Mb)

All Property Tax Professionals (0.73 Mb)
Property Tax Appraisers (0.59 Mb)
Property Tax Collectors (27.98 Kb)
Property Tax Assessors (0.11 Mb)

Registered Accessibility Specialists (0.16 Mb)
Service Contract Providers (0.15 Mb)

All Professional Employer Organization (0.14 Mb)
Professional Employer Organization (regular license) (0.12 Mb)
Professional Employer Organization (limited license) (17.38 Kb)

All Tow Truck Operators (3.57 Mb)
Tow Truck Operators - IM (2.24 Mb)
Tow Truck Operators - PP (71.60 Kb)
Tow Truck Operators - CT (1.25 Mb)

Used Auto Parts Recycler (0.19 Mb)

Vehicle Storage Facility Employees (0.50 Mb)

Water Well/Pump Installer Apprentices (0.25 Mb)
Water Well Drillers/Pump Installers (0.40 Mb)

File format

Tow Truck Companies (1.14 Mb)
Vehicle Storage Facilites (0.53 Mb)

Health Professions

File format

Alcohol Education Program For Minors (0.12 Kb)
Alcohol Education Program For Minors Instructors (86 Byte)
Athletic Trainers (0.43 Mb)
Audiologists (0.15 Mb)
Audiologist Assistants (6.48 Kb)
Coding Enforcement Officer (0.34 Mb)
Dietitians (0.80 Mb)
Drug Offender Education Program (0.12 Kb)
Drug Offender Education Program Instructors (86 Byte)
DWI Education Program (0.12 Kb)
DWI Education Program Instructors (86 Byte)
DWI Intervention Program (0.12 Kb)
DWI Intervention Program Instructors (86 Byte)
Dyslexia Practitioners (10.80 Kb)
Dyslexia Therapists (0.11 Mb)
Fitter Dispenser Of Hearing Instruments (0.11 Mb)
Fitter Dispenser Of Hearing Instruments CE Providers (3.76 Kb)
Laser Hair Facilities (59.40 Kb)
Laser Hair Professional (0.68 Mb)
Laser Hair Removal Training Providers (4.93 Kb)
Licensed Prosthetist Orthotists (80.09 Kb)
Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist Assistants (8.74 Kb)
Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist Facilities (54.61 Kb)
Massage Establishments (0.66 Mb)
Massage Instructors (0.19 Mb)
Massage Schools (13.41 Kb)
Massage Therapists (2.59 Mb)
Massage Therapy CE Providers (73.18 Kb)
Midwife Courses (0.92 Kb)
Midwives (35.03 Kb)
Mold Analysis Laboratories (9.86 Kb)
Mold Assessment Companies (30.63 Kb)
Mold Assessment Consultants (82.12 Kb)
Mold Assessment Technicians (26.29 Kb)
Mold Remediation Companies (66.38 Kb)
Mold Remediation Contractors (69.17 Kb)
Mold Remediation Workers (0.51 Mb)
Mold Training Providers (1.45 Kb)
Sanitarian Registration CE Providers (1.23 Kb)
Sanitarians (0.15 Mb)
Speech Language Pathologists (1.98 Mb)
Speech Language Pathologist Assistants (0.65 Mb)
Temp Traning Permits (48.76 Kb)

All Podiatrists (0.18 Mb)
Podiatric Physician (0.18 Mb)
Podiatric Voluntary Charity Care (1.00 Kb)
Podiatry - Temporary Residency License (0.43 Kb)

Transportation Network Company (4.41 Kb)