About the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Who We Are

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) provides oversight for a broad range of occupations, businesses, facilities, and equipment. We protect the health and safety of Texans and ensure they are served by qualified professionals. We foster a predictable regulatory climate by minimizing government interference. In our work, we:

  • are open and transparent;
  • apply clear, consistent, and commonsense standards;
  • keep costs low and efficiency high; and
  • deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Chapter 51 of the Texas Occupations Code establishes TDLR’s responsibilities. The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation is TDLR’s governing board and policymaking body. The Governor, with the consent of the Texas Senate, appoints the Commission’s seven public members to staggered six-year terms. The commissioners honor and respect the trust placed in them by the Governor and their fellow Texans, and they ensure that their decisions and actions are fair and transparent. By law, commission members cannot engage in any of the occupations or businesses that TDLR regulates.

TDLR’s Advisory Boards consist of licensees and include representatives from regulated businesses and industries, as well as public members and other professionals. Advisory board members provide important technical knowledge and industry expertise and give the Commission and TDLR staff real-world insight. Input from each advisory board is critical in helping TDLR effectively carry out our mission and achieve our vision. 31 of TDLR’s 39 programs now have advisory bodies.

See the complete list of TDLR's occupational and business licensing programs on the TDLR Programs page.


To earn the trust of Texans every day by providing innovative regulatory solutions for our licensees and those they serve.


To be the best at creating ‘next’ practices that deliver low-cost licensing and regulatory services and an exceptional customer experience.


To achieve smaller, smarter government, we:

  • Honor the public by being fair, transparent, and efficient;
  • Value our customers and coworkers by seeking and using their input;
  • Foster innovation and change by challenging the status quo;
  • Recruit, empower, and reward high-performing employees; and
  • Transform programs and improve services for customers.

Core Values

Accountable to Texans

Create an exceptional customer service experience

Integrity in all we do

Lead through innovation

Open and free communication

Respect for all

Teamwork built on individual strengths and ingenuity