Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Workgroup Applications Available Now

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is seeking members for the new 5-member Electric Vehicle Charging Station Workgroup. The workgroup will provide input, advice and recommendations on the regulatory framework that TDLR will develop surrounding electric vehicle charging stations.

You can learn more about TDLR and the Electric Vehicle Charging Workgroup by watching this video.

Here are the types of members we’re seeking:

  • Representative of an electric vehicle supply equipment company
  • Representative from the motor fuel retail industry
  • Representative who installs or services electric vehicle supply equipment
  • Public member who drives an electric vehicle
  • Representative of a public utility provider

Apply Now

Important: when filling out the application, you must click on the "Save and Continue" button after you fill out your references. Then you will get the next page where you select the position you are applying for and you have to read the Occupations code and check the box and then sign and date and click the "Save and Review" button to review. Then you can click the "Save and Exit." You will get a message letting you know the application is complete and it will be sent to the Advisory Boards Staff. That's when you know the application was successfully completed.

The deadline for applying to be a member is October 1, 2023.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are Regulated by TDLR

TDLR is responsible for creating a regulatory framework for electric vehicle charging stations, making rules for the installation and operation of electric vehicle supply equipment, as well inspecting charging stations and administering consumer protections and consumer complaint procedures.

Senate Bill 1001 (88th Regular Session) became law on June 18, 2023. The law:

  • Allows TDLR to inspect EV supply equipment periodically or in response to a complaint;
  • Requires EV supply providers to register and maintain equipment according to rules;
  • Authorizes the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation to adopt fees and rules, consistent with national standards;
  • Requires electric vehicle charging station users to be provided a receipt of all commercial transactions;
  • Directs operators to remove and repair damaged equipment; and
  • Establishes standard regulatory authority for TDLR.

TDLR has until Dec. 1, 2024, to adopt rules governing the program.