Providing Digitally Prearranged Services to Customers

If you hold a valid cosmetology or barbering license, Texas law allows you to provide a limited range of services to customers outside of a licensed salon/shop, provided that you meet certain requirements.

What is a Digitally Prearranged Remote Service?

Digitally prearranged remote services” are a limited range of barbering or cosmetology services that meet the following criteria:

  • The barbering or cosmetology services are not performed at a licensed salon, mobile salon, beauty/barber shop, beauty/barber school, or any other location permitted under Chapter 1601, 1602 or 1603. Examples may include your home or the client’s home.
  • Your customers prearrange their appointments using an app, a website, or another online-enabled system, such as social media or messaging apps.
  • You hold a current and valid license, a certificate of registration, or a permit under Chapter 1601, 1602 or 1603.
  • You received compensation for providing barbering or cosmetology services.

Who Can Perform These Services?

To offer digitally prearranged remote services, you must hold a valid and current Texas cosmetology or barbering license. Any services that you offer to customers must be within the scope of your license.

You may either choose to work with a third-party company for scheduling, or you may act as your own remote service business.

If you schedule appointments via social media, then you are effectively acting as your own remote service business. You must provide TDLR with a notice of intent to operate a remote service business and meet certain requirements to:

It is your responsibility to ensure that all implements and supplies have been cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized or sterilized in accordance with applicable laws and rules.

What Services Can I Provide?

Only specific cosmetology and barbering services are authorized as part of a digitally prearranged remote service.

Allowable Services

The following services may be performed, provided that you currently hold a license to perform these same activities in a licensed salon or barber shop:

  • Haircutting
  • Hairstyling
  • Wigs and artificial hairpieces
  • Weaving a person's hair by thread and needle or attaching by clamps or glue
  • Arranging, beautifying, shaving with a safety razor, styling, or trimming a person’s mustache or beard
  • Beautifying a person's face, neck, or arms using, antiseptic, tonic, lotion, powder, oil, clay, or cream
  • Removing superfluous hair on the face using tweezers
  • Massaging, cleansing and treating person’s hands or feet for polish change manicures and pedicures, and non-whirlpool foot basin pedicures only
  • Applying semi-permanent, thread-like extensions composed of single fibers to a person's eyelashes

Prohibited Services

The following services are NOT allowed to be offered or provided as a remote service:

  • Coloring
  • Processing
  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing
  • Tinting
  • Cosmetic preparations including, but limited to, depilatories, sugaring, and waxing
  • Portable whirlpool foot spa pedicures

Providing Services in Your Home

You may provide services in your home, if you hold a current and valid license, a certificate of registration, or a permit under Chapter 1601, 1602 or 1603, and you employ, contract with, or operate your own remote service business.

All remote services must be provided by a licensed individual, and the services that may be provided are limited. See 16 TAC 82.77 or 16 TAC 83.77 for more detail.