Sanitarians Penalties and Sanctions

Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1953
16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 119
Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 51
16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 60

Class A Violations

Penalty Range: $500 up to $2,000

Administrative Violations

Violation Rule/Statute

Failed to maintain certificates of completion for approved continuing education courses



Public Notice Violations

Violation Rule/Statute

Failed to display Department information as required



Class B Violations

Penalty Range: $1,000 to $3,500 and/or up to one-year full suspension

Unlicensed Activity

Violation Rule/Statute

Used the titles “sanitarian” or “sanitarian in training” while registration was expired



Class C Violations

Penalty Range: $2,000 to $5,000 plus one-year probated suspension up to revocation

Unlicensed Activity

Violation Rule/Statute

Claimed or used the title “sanitarian” before holding a valid registration



Standard of Conduct  

Violation Rule/Statute

Engaged in conduct that was unprofessional, constituted dishonesty, was negligent or considered misconduct in practice


Previously found guilty of conduct that was unprofessional, constituted dishonesty, was negligent or considered misconduct in practice




Violation Rule/Statute

Used false, misleading, or deceptive advertising


Used advertising that is not readily subject to verification


Used advertising that makes a material misrepresentation of fact


Used advertising that omitted a necessary fact


Advertising created an unjustified expectation of results from a service or procedure


Advertising compared services between professionals without factual substantiation


Advertising caused confusion as to credentials, education or registration of a professional


Advertising utilized a professional name, title, or identification expressly or commonly reserved by another profession or professional



Class D Violations

Penalty Range: $5,000 and/or Revocation

Violation Rule/Statute

Failed to obtain and show proof of completed continuing education hours for renewal

1953.106(a)(2); 119.27(a)

Failed to comply with previous order of Commission/Executive Director

51.353(a); 119.90

Engaged in fraud, deceit or false representation in obtaining certificate

1953.201(b)(1); 60.23(a)(1)

Cheated on an examination

1953.201(b)(1); 60.52(a)

Committed actions that were grossly negligent, incompetent, or considered misconduct in the practice of sanitation


Failed to pay the Department for a dishonored payment

60.82; 119.80(b)(7)