Getting Started with Parent-Taught Driver Education

The parent taught program is complex and requires parents, guardians, and designees to work with multiple entities. The Driver Education Teen course consists of a minimum of 32 hours of classroom instruction, 7 hours of in-car observation, 7 hours of behind the wheel supervised instruction, and 30 additional hours of behind the wheel instruction.

Before beginning a parent taught course, thoroughly read all webpages to avoid unnecessary costs, delays, or invalidated training hours.

Step 1 Eligibility and Authorization

Both the parents and students must first verify their eligibility to participate in the program. Parents must then apply for authorization to perform the official duties of a driving instructor.

Becoming an Instructor

Step 2 Selecting a Classroom Course

You’ll need to purchase the classroom curriculum from a licensed parent-taught provider.

The classroom instruction page will help you to choose a course, learn about methods of instruction, and provide helpful info on taking the written exam.

Learn About Courses

Step 3 Learner License

After the student has completed sufficient classroom hours, they can apply for a learner license at the DPS driver license office.

The learner license page has information on when you can apply, and what you need to bring with you.

Get a Learner License

Step 4 Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction

The in-car instruction and practice phase consist of 44 hours of training. The 14 hours behind the wheel Instruction must not exceed two hours per day and the 30 additional hours may not exceed one hour per day and requires keeping a practice log.

Start Driving

Step 5 Provisional License

After the student has completed all instructional and practice hours, they are eligible to test for a provisional license.

If the student is under 18, they must have held a valid learner’s license for at least six months.

Get the License