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How to Become a Parent-Taught Driver Education Instructor

  1. Become an Instructor
  2. Classroom Instruction
  3. Learner License
  4. Behind the Wheel
  5. Provisional License

Be aware that parent-taught driver education is a commitment that will require at least 7 weeks of daily instruction with your student. Instructors must accompany students to the DPS office on two occassions.

Determine Your Eligibility

The first step you'll take is to verify that the instructor and student are both eligible to participate in the program.

Instructor Eligibility

There are specific requirements that instructors must meet, including having an excellent driving history and not being convicted of certain criminal offenses.

Verify Your Eligibility

An alternate instructor may be designated by a parent, legal guardian, or judge. The alternate instructor must meet the same qualifications as the parent and may not charge a fee.

Student Eligibility

Students under 18 years old who do not hold a high-school diploma or equivalent must meet one of the following conditions:

Students must be making satisfactory academic progress and meet attendance requirements of the school.

See the verification of enrollment page for details.

Get Your Driving Record (Optional)

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will verify the instructor’s driving record twice — once when the student’s applies for the learner license and again when the student applies for the provisional driver license.

If DPS determines at any time that the instructor's driving record disqualifies them from being an instructor, DPS will deny the student's license application and invalidate any of the instruction hours that occurred after the instructor became ineligible.

Although this step is optional, it is recommended for anyone who has received a moving violation or was involved in an accident during the past three years.

Purchase a Copy of Your Driving Record

Apply for Instructor Authorization

The next step is to request an authorization from TDLR for the parent-instructor to teach the student. The fee to apply is $20. All application fees are non-refundable.

This step allows one specific parent to teach one specific student. You must submit a separate application for each child you will be teaching.

The student’s legal name must be entered on the form exactly as it appears on the birth certificate and other documents you’ll present to DPS when it’s time for them to get the learner driver license and the provisional license at the end of the course.


If you are unable to apply online, you can use the paper form (PDF) to apply by mail.

If an alternate instructor is chosen, you must also include that person's information on the application form.

After you complete the application, you’ll receive an email link with additional information.

You are now ready to begin teaching your student!

Download the Guide

After applying for instructor authorization, you can return to the Parent Instructor Portal at any time to view your instructor status and download the program guide.

You should also receive the program guide by email.

Change of Instructor

If you need to change instructors at any point during the instruction, please contact customer service with following information: