Parent Taught Driver Education Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Parent Taught Driver Education?

Parent Taught Driver education is a driver education course where the parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, foster parents or legal guardians can teach their teenager how to drive.

2. How is the Parent Taught Driver Education different than taking driver education with a driver education school?

Parent Taught Driver Education has the same education and driving requirements as driver education taken through a licensed driver education school or public school.

3. How do I get started with the parent taught program?

4. I have more than one child, can I use the same Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide for them all?

No. You must purchase a separate Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide for each child.

5. Who can teach my son/daughter?

The following persons may instruct the Parent Taught program:

  • Parent
  • Stepparent
  • Grandparent
  • Step-grandparent
  • Foster Parent
  • Legal guardian

Additionally, a parent, legal guardian, or a judge of a court with jurisdiction over the student can designate a person to instruct the course who meet the following requirements:

  • Is at least 25 years old;
  • Does not charge a fee for conducting the course; and
  • Has at least seven years of driving experience

6. Can TDLR recommend a course?

No, TDLR is not allowed to recommend a course. You can search approved Parent Taught Driver Education courses on our website.

7. How much do these courses cost?

The courses range in price. Contact the approved Parent Taught Driver Education courses for specific pricing. Search for approved Parent Taught Driver Education courses

8. When can I start teaching my son/daughter the program?

You may begin teaching the course after you have received the Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide and the training material from an approved Parent Taught Course Provider.

9. When can my student take their written exam to get their Learner License?

  • A student must be 15 years of age;
  • Completed the first 6 hours of driver education (if concurrent method) or all 32 hours of classroom instruction (if block method); and
  • Has received a Texas driver education certificate of completion (DE-964)

10. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is requesting the affidavits out of my Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide. Where do I get these?

The affidavits were removed from the Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide in December 2017. If your child is being turned away because of this issue, please email with the full name of your child and the DPS location.

11. When my teenager has completed the 32 hours of classroom and the 14 hours of in-car instructional phases, is there anything else?

Yes, the law requires students enrolled into a teen driver education program to receive an additional 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice. The additional hours must include at least 10 hours driving at night. These hours may be taught by any individual, 21 years of age or older and has been licensed for at least a year, but are required to be certified by a parent or guardian. Once all instructional and practice hours are complete, the student will be eligible to test for their provisional license.

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Guide 30 Hours (861 KB PDF)
Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log 30 Hours (56 KB PDF)

12. My teenager has completed the classroom instruction at a driving school. What do I have to do to teach just the in-car instruction?

  • Contact the driver education school to transfer the classroom hours to you, the instructor of the parent-taught course.
  • Purchase a Parent Taught Driver Education In-car Only Course from any one of the Parent Taught course providers who offer that specific course.
  • Complete all 44 hours of driving requirements

Once the Parent Taught Driver Education course is complete, you will be issued a Texas driver education certificate of completion (DE-964). You must take the certificate to the Department of Public Safety along with the documentation transferred to you from the driver education school showing successful completion of the classroom phase.

13. Where do I get a Texas Driver Handbook?

The Texas Driver Handbook is available on DPS's web site.

14. What if my son/daughter is 18 or older?

They have the choice to take the complete minor driver education program with a professional driver education school, take a complete Parent Taught Driver Education course, or complete 6-hour adult driver education course.

15. The parent taught course provider will not provide me with my completion certificate what do I do?

Please send an email to with the full name of the student and the name of the parent taught course.