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Electrician Continuing Education

Do I Need Continuing Education?

The following licensees are required to complete 4 hours of continuing education prior to each license renewal:

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Contractors and Residential Appliance Installers are not required to complete continuing education.

Continuing education courses must be completed within the term of the license being renewed. For example, if a license expires on January 1, 2021, the continuing education courses taken to renew that license must have been taken between January 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021.

Courses must be from a registered TDLR provider. Un-approved courses will not count toward your required hours for license renewal.

One hour of continuing education is equivalent to 50 minutes of actual instruction time.

Electrical Apprentices

Electrical apprentices and electrical sign apprentices must take four hours of continuing education, or be enrolled in a department-registered electrical apprenticeship training course for license renewal.

Multiple License Holders

If you hold multiple license types (e.g. you hold both a master electrician license and a journeyman electrician license), then you will only be required to complete a total of four hours of continuing education. However, the courses must be taken during the period of the license being renewed.

Instructors Seeking Credit

Continuing Education Instructors who are electrical licensees may arrange with the provider to get continuing education hours for that portion of the course which the instructor taught. However, if the instructor does not teach the entire course, the instructor must attend the remainder of the course to obtain credit for the whole course. No partial course credit is allowed.

Required Coursework

The required 4 hours of coursework must address the following:

You may not receive continuing education credit for attending the same course more than once.

TDLR does not accept partial completion of continuing education courses. However, a provider may allow you to finish the course at another time.

If you have already taken four hours of continuing education in the NEC only, you will be required to take an additional approved course in the law, rules, or safety from the NFPA 70E, which will be a minimum of one hour.

Completed Courses

When you complete a continuing education course, your provider will issue you a course completion certificate.

You must retain a copy of the certificate of completion for a course for one year after the date of completion. A TDLR inspector may request to see your records as part of an inspection or investigation.

Please note that the reporting of continuing education hours is the responsibility of the continuing education provider. If you do not receive your course completion certificate within 15 days from the end of your course, please check first with your provider. If you continue to have questions, please contact TDLR at 512-463-6599, or send a message.

Licensees may check their hours at the Continuing Education Courses Look Up. If the hours have not been reported, you should contact the provider first to ensure that the hours are reported. If the reporting issue is not resolved, you have the option of filing a complaint against the provider.

Help and Support

If you have questions, please contact the Education and Examination division.

You may also contact our customer service division by phone at (800) 803-9202 [in state only], or (512) 463-6599.