Accessibility Pilot Programs

This page is provided as a courtesy. Read the full requirements of the accessibility pilot program and its reporting in Texas Occupations Code Chapter 2402, Section 2402.113 and 16 Texas Administrative Code, Section 95.50.

Requirement to Implement Pilot Program

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) are required to conduct an accessibility pilot program in one of the four largest markets in which the company operates in this state.

The pilot program must last for a period of two years, beginning no later than the 90th day after TDLR issues the TNC permit.

The accessibility program must offer services to disabled persons, including those using wheelchairs, regardless of whether the wheelchair folds for easy transportation. When TNCs are unable to provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles, referrals to alternate providers must be made.

Disability Compliance Report

TNCs must submit a report to TDLR demonstrating compliance with the required accessibility pilot program, no later than the 100th day after beginning the pilot program.

The report must include:

  • The criteria used for determining the four largest markets that the transportation company operates in this state
  • Services offered to passengers with disabilities, including passengers using a wheelchair
  • A step-by-step explanation of how passengers would join the program and request accessible ride-sharing services
  • A detailed plan of how referrals will be made to alternate providers when accessible ride-sharing services cannot be reasonably provided to customers – this must include:
    • Alternate Provider Information:
      • Justification for why the alternate providers will not cause unreasonable delays of service
      • The initial number of alternate providers
      • The average number of vehicles equipped to provide wheelchair-accessible ride-sharing services and the number made available to each alternate provider
      • The hours each alternate provider is available for service
      • Procedures to monitor and ensure that alternate providers meet and maintain service levels
    • Services Provided:
      • The number of vehicles equipped to accommodate wheelchair passengers that the TNC had available in the market
      • The number of requests made for wheelchair-accessible ride-sharing services
      • The number of rides provided to passengers using wheelchairs
      • The number of times a passenger using fixed-frame wheelchair was referred to an alternate provider because the passenger could not be accommodated
      • Average wait times for the Accessibility Pilot Program market area, including:
        • For passengers using a fixed-frame wheelchair
        • For passengers using fixed frame wheelchairs that were referred to an alternate provider
        • For non-wheelchair accessible requested rides

The report must contain a table of contents with each section marked to identify content cross-referenced to each paragraph and section of 16 TAC 95.50.

Reports to TDLR should be submitted via webform.

Accessibility Pilot Program Reporting

TNCs must also provide an accessibility pilot program report on the findings of the pilot program directly to the House Transportation Committee and the Senate Committee on Transportation. This report is due no later than 75 days after your pilot program ends. The report must include:

  • The number of vehicles equipped to accommodate passengers using fixed-frame wheelchairs that the TNC had available in the market at the time when the program ended
  • The average time that passengers requesting a fixed-frame wheelchair-accessible vehicle waited for a vehicle to arrive
  • The number of rides provided to passengers who requested fixed-frame wheelchair-accessible vehicles throughout the duration of the program
  • The number of times the company referred passengers to alternate providers of fixed-frame wheelchair-accessible vehicles because the company could not accommodate the passenger’s request for service.

TDLR will not submit this report to either committee on behalf of a TNC.

Compliance Assistance

Please contact our TNC program staff with any questions regarding reporting requirements.