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Information for the Public About Ride-Sharing Companies

Using Ride-Sharing Services

Hailing a Ride-Share Service

Drivers may only accept passengers who have pre-arranged a ride via the app, website, or other system used by the company.

You cannot hail a ride-share driver on the street or walk up to a marked vehicle and request a ride.


Ride sharing services must provide you with the option to receive an estimated fare and provide you with the applicable rates as well as the method for calculating fares before you get into the vehicle.

Rates may increase at times of high demand or when a limited number of drivers are available. This is known as “surge pricing.” The practice is not prohibited.

Getting Into a Car

Before getting into a car, a ride-sharing service must show you the driver’s photo and first name, and the make, model and license plate number of the driver’s vehicle.

Additionally, some drivers may choose to display ‘trade dress’ that includes the use of logos, lights, stickers, or car decorations that prompt a passenger to quickly identify their driver.


Within a reasonable time following the completion of the ride, the ride sharing service must email or text a receipt to the passenger who requested the ride.

The receipt must include the origin and destination of the ride, the total time and distance of the ride, and an itemization of the total fare paid.

Ensuring Your Safety

Driver Training

Drivers must maintain a valid driver license to be logged into the company’s digital network and provide prearranged rides.

Any training of drivers is performed by the ride-sharing company.

Criminal History of Drivers

A ride-sharing company must perform criminal history and driving history checks at a minimum on all their drivers when the drivers are hired and again annually.

A ride-sharing company must perform annual sex offender checks on all their drivers.

Drugs and Alcohol

Ride-sharing services are required to maintain a policy that prohibits a driver who is logged in to the company’s digital network from any amount of intoxication.

The ride-sharing service must give passengers the ability to make a complaint against a driver who is suspected of violating this policy.

Companies are neither required nor prohibited from drug testing drivers.


Complaints About Drivers

Submit complaints about a driver directly to the ride-sharing company either through the company’s mobile app or web site.

Complaints About Ride-Sharing Companies

Complaints regarding a ride-sharing company itself can be sent to can be submitted online using our online complaint form or by phone at 800-803-9202.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

TDLR may suspend or revoke a ride-sharing company’s permit to operate in Texas if the company does not comply with Texas law or regulations.

Use of Your Personal Information

A ride-sharing company may share your name with a driver to facilitate identification of the passenger or to help communication between the passenger and the driver.

Your personal information may only be disclosed to a third party if you consent or if the ride-sharing company is required to release the information by a legal obligation or to investigate a violation.