Verification of Enrollment and Attendance

Enrollment Requirements

Texas law requires that any person under 18 who applies for a learner license or provisional driver license and does not hold a high-school diploma or equivalent must meet one of the following requirments:

  • Be currently enrolled in public school, home school or private school and be able to prove attendance for the past 80 days
  • Be currently enrolled in a high school equivalency preparation program and be able to prove attendance for the past 45 days

Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form

The Verification of Enrollment Form (PDF) requires a signature from a school official (a stamped or computer-generated signature is acceptable), and is only valid for 30-days, or 90-days between the months of June – August.

Download the Form

If applying during the summer and the student is still enrolled in school, the last report card for the most recent school year can be used, provided that it has the student's full name, a list of absences, and a complete listing of grades.

Student Attendance and Grades

Public, Private, Charter, and Home Schools

Students who are currently enrolled in a public school, private school, charter school, or home school must meet the following requirements:

  • Meet minimum attendance for class credit (90 percent rule) in each class they were enrolled in the most recent semester, AND
  • Received credit for all courses taken in the previous semester, OR
  • Comply with the conditions established by the school to receive the verification
    • If the student was not awarded credit for each class the semester prior to application for the verification of enrollment, the school should examine attendance records for the semester prior to application and determine whether the student was present 90% of the time each class was offered. If so, the verification may be issued.
    • If the student did not receive credit and did not attend 90% of their classes, the school attendance committee and/or administration may approve a plan establishing conditions for the student to meet in order to receive a verification.

GED Programs

A student enrolled in a GED program must currently be meeting the attendance requirements of the program.

The stuent must be enrolled for no less than 45 calendar days.

Institutions of Higher Education

Students enrolled at higher education institutions must currently be meeting the attendance requirements of the school.

Note: Institutions can issue a letter signed by an official of the institution stating that (1) the student is currently enrolled and (2) the student is meeting the institution's attendance requirements instead of using the Verification of Enrollment form.

Establishment of School Policy

TDLR recommends that schools clearly outline all requirements for issuance of a verification of enrollment and establish a formal, published policy to support the requirements.