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List of registered Continuing Education providers and courses for Property Tax Consultants

Property Tax Consultant licensees must complete 12 hours of continuing education in courses approved or recognized by the department. Except as provided in Texas Occupations Code, ยง1152.204(b), the continuing education hours must include the following:

  • Three hours of instruction in Texas state law and rules that regulate the conduct of registrants;
  • One hour of instruction in ethics;
  • Four hours of instruction in appraisal; and
  • Four hours of instruction in property tax consulting.

Continuing education courses must be completed within the term of the license being renewed. For example, if a license expires on December 1, 2013, the continuing education courses taken to renew that license must have been taken between December 1, 2012 and December 1, 2013.

For a late renewal, the continuing education courses must have been completed within the one year period immediately prior to the date of renewal.

A registrant may not receive continuing education credit for attending the same course more than once during the one-year period for which the course is approved.

A registrant shall retain a copy of the certificate of completion for a course for one year after the date of completion. In conducting any inspection or investigation of the registrant, the department may examine the registrant's records to determine compliance with this subsection.

Please note that the reporting of continuing education hours is the responsibility of the continuing education provider. Licensees may check their hours at the Continuing Education Courses Look Up. If the hours have not been reported, the licensee should contact the provider first to ensure that the hours are reported. If the reporting issue is not resolved, they have the option of filing a complaint.

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