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Senior Property Tax Consultant Credit List

The approved courses listed below are TDLR-approved for credits towards a Senior Property Tax Consultant License.

Per Section 1152.159(b) of the Property Tax Consultant Law, additional credits may be granted to an applicant for registration as a senior property tax consultant for successful completion of educational programs or courses on property taxation, the property tax system, property tax administration, ethical standards, general principles of appraisal, accounting, and law as they relate to property tax consulting services, completion of other educational programs or courses; or advanced or postgraduate educational achievement, occupational experience, professional licenses, or professional designations obtained from recognized associations, institutes, or organizations. Contact the Education and Examination division for determination.

Senior Property Tax Consultant Credit List

C.E.T.C. Unlimited, Inc.

Institute for Real Estate Professionals Inc

Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals (TAPTP)

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