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Each Service Contract Provider who intends to use a reimbursement insurance policy to meet their financial security requirement must obtain a Texas endorsement. The endorsement must be filed with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) for approval. Once the endorsement has been approved, a copy of the approval letter from TDI must be submitted to the department before issuance of the license. The Texas endorsement is required for each policy.

Form #002 SCP, Service Contract Provider Registration Application (pdf)

Form #005 SCP, Sample Letter of Credit (pdf)

Form #007 SCP, Service Contract Provider Administrator Application(pdf)

Form #009 SCP, Service Contract Provider Personal Information Form (pdf)

Form #010 SCP, Identity Recovery Service Contract Quarterly Report (pdf)

Form #012 SCP, Funded Reserve and Security Deposit Financial Security Calculation Form (pdf)

Form #014 SCP, Service Contract Provider Transition Form (pdf)

Form #030 SCP, Texas Endorsement Form (pdf)

Occupational License Application Claiming to Have No Social Security Number(pdf)

Order a Duplicate License Online

Form #002 LIC, Criminal History Questionnaire (pdf)

Criminal History Evaluation Letter

Disciplinary Action Questionnaire (pdf)

Request to Executive Director for Expired License Renewal Form (pdf)

Military Service Member, Military Veteran, or Military Spouse Supplemental Application (pdf) - see Military Spouse Frequently Asked Questions

TDLR Complaint Sign (pdf)

Form AP-152, Texas Application for Payee Identification Number (pdf, will open in a new window)