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Architectural Barriers Forms

EAB Project Forms

Document Title Form Number
Inspection Response Form (PDF) EAB-229N
Notice of Substantial Compliance Request (PDF) EAB-246N
Owner Agent Designation Form (PDF) EAB-243N
Project Registration (PDF) EAB-205N
Proof of Inspection Form (PDF) EAB-244N
Proof of Submission Form (PDF) EAB-242N
Request For Inspection Form (PDF) EAB-241N
Special Registration Form (PDF) EAB-245N
Variance Application Form (PDF) EAB-213N

Help Sheets

Document Title Form Number
EAB Ownership Help Sheet (PDF) N/A
Registration Help Sheet (PDF) N/A
EAB Continuing Education Updates (PDF) N/A
EAB CAD Numbers Help Sheet (PDF) N/A
EAB Request for Inspection Form Help Sheet (PDF) N/A

State Lease

Document Title Form Number
State Lease Registration EAB-212N


Document Title Form Number
Order a Duplicate License Online N/A
Occupational License Application Claiming to Have No Social Security Number (PDF) GC001
Registered Accessibility Specialist License Application (PDF) RAS-LIC-001-E
Request to Executive Director for Expired License Renewal (PDF) LIC003


Document Title Form Number
Academy Registration (PDF) 010AB

TAS Manuals

Document Title Form Number
Texas Accessibility Standards Order Form (PDF) N/A


Document Title Form Number
Complaint Form 007All
Disciplinary Action Questionnaire LIC010
Complaints Sign LIC009

Criminal History

Document Title Form Number
Criminal History Evaluation Letter N/A
Criminal History Questionnaire (PDF) LIC002

Payee Identification Number

Document Title Form Number
Texas Application for Payee Identification Number AP-152


Document Title Form Number
Military Service Member, Military Veteran, or Military Spouse Supplemental Application (PDF) MIL001
TDLR Military Website N/A