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Exam Information

All persons seeking to become licensed as an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor or a Certified Technician must pass a licensing examination. The exam is administered by a third-party vendor, PSI, which has many locations throughout Texas.

The test you take will depend on the class of license that you are applying for as well as the endorsements that you have selected.

Exam Eligibility

After submitting your completed license application, required documentation and associated licensing fees, TDLR will approve your eligibility to take the exam.

Upon TDLR approval of eligibility, PSI will send you an email confirmation with instructions for scheduling an appointment to take the examination. (If an email address was not provided to TDLR at the time of application, you will receive a postcard via U.S. Mail from PSI with scheduling information).

Get a copy of the ACR Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) for detailed information about taking examinations at PSI:

This document is vital to your understanding of the examination process. It is available as an Adobe PDF file, suitable for printing. Acrobat Reader is necessary to view .pdf files. If you need to obtain a copy of this program, it is available as a free download for Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Applicants must file an application before becoming eligible to sit for the examination. Follow the instructions to file the application. Applicants will be notified by mail if their application is incomplete.

Once an applicant is eligible to sit for an examination, TDLR will notify PSI electronically. PSI will then send an eligibility email to the email address given on the application to notify the applicant of their eligibility. The email contains instructions for registering and scheduling examinations. The examination fee will be paid directly to PSI. Check the CIB for amounts and additional information.

Re-Taking an Exam

If you fail an exam, you may schedule a retake with PSI, within 24-48 hours of your failed exam.

You may continue to retake the written exam until your application expires (one year from date submitted). When your application expires, you will need to submit a new application before you can retake the exam.

Exam Pass/Fail Rates