Guidelines for Suppliers

Licensed Contractors

When selling supplies and equipment to persons who hold a valid Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors License, please observe the following:

  1. Require a copy of the 8-1/2 x 11 license for licenses issued before March 7, 2001, not the ID card, because the card did not show the company to which the license is assigned. Starting March 7, 2001, the wallet card is the actual license and has all pertinent information on it.
  2. Record the license number, company name (only one company on a license, although assumed names may be shown), and expiration date of the license
  3. Bill to the company, not an individual, unless the individual is the licensee and he is the company
  4. Cash sales of equipment and refrigerants made to individuals may be used for illegal jobs, which could possibly involve you in liability for jobs that go wrong
  5. Keep track of expiration dates. When the license is renewed, check the company name again to be sure the licensee is still with the same company.
  6. Check with the Department if something seems irregular


The following individuals are permitted by law to perform air conditioning and refreigeration work without holding a license:

  1. Homeowners are exempt from purchasing requirements of the state, but not from the EPA
  2. Persons working on automobile air conditioning
  3. Persons working for regulated utilities or heavy industry, but only when purchasing for their employer
  4. Persons who work on small appliances, as defined by the Clean Air Act