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Continuing Education Requirements for Code Enforcement Officers

Registration Renewal Requirements

A code enforcement officer must complete a total of 12 hours continuing education within the 24 months preceding renewal of a registration, with at least one hour in legal or legislative issues.

A code enforcement officer in training must complete at least 6 continuing education hours within the 12 months preceding renewal of a registration, at least one hour of which must be in legal or legislative issues related to the profession of code enforcement

Approved Providers

Continuing education activities will be accepted for continuing education credit if the continuing education is provided by one of the following providers:

For information on how to become an approved continuing education provider, please see the Code Enforcement Officer Continuing Education Provider Approval page.

Non-Profit Providers

A list of approved non-profit education organizations is provided below:

Commercial Providers

A commercial education business can offer continuing education for registered code enforcement officers or officers in training if they have been approved by the department.

To obtain approval, submit a completed Commercial Education Business Continuing Education Provider Application (PDF).

A list of approved commercial education businesses is provided below:

Approved Subjects

Continuing education activities provided by an approved provider will be accepted if one of the following subjects is covered:

  1. Zoning and zoning ordinance enforcement
  2. Sign regulations
  3. Home occupations
  4. Housing codes and ordinances
  5. Building abatement
  6. Nuisance violations
  7. Abandoned vehicles
  8. Junk vehicles
  9. Health ordinances
  10. Basic processes of law related to code enforcement
  11. Professional, supervisory, or management training related to the profession of code enforcement
  12. Legislative or legal updates related to the profession of code enforcement
  13. Principles and procedures to be followed when possessing or carrying a bite stick
  14. Approved courses offered by another professional regulatory agency in the State of Texas which is acceptable continuing education for registration renewal

Acceptable Activities

Activities must be provided by an approved provider and cover one of the approved subjects.

Acceptable continuing education activities include, but not limited to, the following:

*Note: Initial certification in the 12 months preceding renewal will be accepted as proof of continuing education required for renewal if the certification is listed in Section 62.24 (o) (1-6).

Reporting Completed Courses

TDLR uses an audit system for continuing education reporting. Each code enforcement officer is responsible for maintaining a record of their continuing education experiences. The certificates, diplomas, or other documentation verifying continuing education hours should not be forwarded to TDLR at the time of renewal unless the registration has been selected for audit.

TDLR will select a random sample of registered code enforcement officers and officers in training for each renewal month. If selected for an audit, then you will be notified at the time of your renewal. You will be required to submit copies of certificates, transcripts or other documentation to verify attendance, participation and completion of continuing education requirements. Your registration will not be renewed until continuing education requirements have been met.

You are responsible for maintaining a record of your continuing education experiences or certificates. If you are selected for audit, then you will be notified and records will be required to be submitted to the department.