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Code Enforcement Continuing Education Provider Approval

Requirements for Approval

A commercial education business can offer continuing education for registered code enforcement officers or officers in training if they have been approved by the department.

To obtain approval, submit a completed Commercial Education Business Continuing Education Provider Application Form (PDF).

Non-Profit Providers and Municipal Code Enforcement agencies may be listed on this website by contacting the Education and Examination division.

Curriculum Requirements

Continuing education providers are required to provide courses based on relevant subject matters to keep registered code enforcement officers knowledgeable of current research, techniques, resources to improve skills, significant educational content and practical content to maintain competency.

Continuing education activities provided by an approved provider will be accepted if one of the following subjects is covered:

  1. Zoning and zoning ordinance enforcement
  2. Sign regulations
  3. Home occupations
  4. Housing codes and ordinances
  5. Building abatement
  6. Nuisance violations
  7. Abandoned vehicles
  8. Junk vehicles
  9. Health ordinances
  10. Basic processes of law related to code enforcement
  11. Professional, supervisory, or management training related to the profession of code enforcement
  12. Legislative or legal updates related to the profession of code enforcement
  13. Principles and procedures to be followed when possessing or carrying a bite stick
  14. Approved courses offered by another professional regulatory agency in the State of Texas which is acceptable continuing education for registration renewal

Courses must be at least 50 minutes in length of actual instruction time.

Providers must ensure that all continuing education instructors have the required credentials and knowledge to impart the educational information.

Record Keeping Requirements

Providers are required to keep documentation of continuing education activity for five years which includes a roster of participants and copies of program materials to sufficiently demonstrate compliance with the administrative rules of the code enforcement program. Providers must have procedures to verify participant attendance.

Issuance of Certificates

At the conclusion of all continuing education activities, you must provide certificates displaying:

The certificate shall include a breakdown of the hours earned on each topic.