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Alteration Inspections Information Packet

Alteration inspections are inspections performed of alterations to industrialized housing and permanent industrialized buildings after the housing or buildings are labeled for Texas and shipped by the manufacturer.

The forms and procedures described below do not apply to the following – local authorities shall be responsible for these inspections.

See recertification inspections for inspections performed of alterations to portable industrialized buildings.

List of third party inspectors and inspection agencies

The procedures and inspection forms necessary to perform these inspections follow.

Occupations Code, Chapter 1202, Industrialized Housing and Buildings Law

The Chapter 70 rules governing Industrialized Housing and Buildings

The "Alteration Procedures" – This document describes the procedures to be followed when altering an industrialized house or permanent industrialized building for the Texas IHB program. Reference section 70.72 of the rules governing industrialized housing and buildings.

Inspections may be documented on the following report forms and are available in both Word and Acrobat PDF formats.

Alteration Inspection Record Summary, Form #058ihb (Note that the alteration decal number requested by this form does not apply to these inspections)

Alteration Inspection Deviation Report Form, Form #059ihb