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REF Builder Information Packet

Effective January 1, 2010, relocatable educational facilities are regulated under Chapter 1202 of the Occupations Code relating to Industrialized Housing and Buildings. A relocatable educational facility, or REF, is a building used primarily as an educational facility for teaching curriculum required by Section 28.002 of the Education Code. Section 1202.004 of the Occupations Code requires that a REF purchased or leased on or after January 1, 2010 comply with all requirements of the IHB law, even if the facility is built from the ground up at the installation site. Historically, IHB law only covered housing and buildings that were constructed at a site other than the installation site. REFs constructed in a manufacturing facility and then moved to the installation site are already covered by the IHB law. The change to the Law now includes REFs built on site.

IHB Rule 70.10 defines a REF Builder as a person who constructs REF’s at the fist installation site. A person who assembles REFs constructed in a manufacturing facility is a manufacturer, not an REF builder.

The following documents and forms contain information that will assist a person who meets the above definition to apply for registration as an REF Builder and provide information about construction requirements for REFs. Documents may be copied as necessary.

Occupations Code, Chapter 1202, Industrialized Housing and Buildings

Chapter 70 rules governing Industrialized Housing and Buildings

Form #071ihb, Application for Registration as an REF Builder revised 08/2011

Relocatable Educational Facilities (REFs) Procedures

Lists of Council Approved Inspectors

Form #077ihb, REF Builder’s Request and Payment for Decals for New Construction of Site‐Built REFs

Information Packet for Inspections of Site-Built REFs

For more information regarding IHB law please contact the IHB department at or call 512-539-5735.